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  1. JL 2 BOR DIC 15 if I recall correctly...this box is incredible...wish the younger ones could be like these
  2. I think Halfwheel did a review and we’re not overly impressed by performance...though it’s apparently nice workmanship.
  3. That’s just one of my Siberian “alien” cats caught with a cool flash angle.
  4. CIA has identified the UFO pilot in latest encounters. He’s friendly, only wants salmon.
  5. I have a 2017 box of Unicos that tasted like dirt when i got them. I forgot about them for 2 years and now they are as good as the Famosos (one of my favorites). I usually find a bad cigar is a bad cigar and time won't change this sad fact. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the Unicos.
  6. these have been tasty these are getting better....worth $65/stick? Not in my opinion but nevertheless tasty
  7. Hogan’s ‘Five Lessons’ in an original edition
  8. I have a box of 2016 Trinidad Coloniales that have been very bland....haven’t smoked one in a couple years....maybe need to try another.
  9. Good book! They threw the author in jail for a spell too, in return for his long loyalty to Castro.
  10. Hey why don’t you try living in a place the size of Montana and cramming 130 million people into it. You’d come up with a lot of innovative stuff as well!
  11. Buckingham....what a guitarist and what an awful vocalist.
  12. I’ve been making mahogany screen doors this month. Hated to paint one of them black, but needed to match it. Also carved this one.
  13. 2014 Genios- nice not spectacular. Lots of mocha.

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