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  1. I’m a bistro guy. Haute bistro cuisine. I want a starter, main and maybe a dessert. I love dual sauces that meld together…ducasse chicken with a reduced jus and a creamy lemony morel ragout. I can’t handle the tasting menus with one sip of wine for each course.
  2. Always good to have a lap rocket when it’s cold out…I have a couple fatties.
  3. My latest box of esplendidos is 2016…some are good but mostly meh. Maybe I need to spring for a 2021 box. Thanks for heads up.
  4. Mid to late 1990s RyJ Churchill was my favorite cigar…full bodied, delicious. Couldn’t agree more with above comments about its death and rebirth. I also remember 90s bolivar as stronger with a real barnyard twang that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. And maybe it’s just me, but 90s cohiba used to have a distinct flavor that made them special and unique. I don’t really detect that anymore.
  5. SLR Regios has been super consistent for me from late 1990s to present. Some bad rolls in years, but flavor hasn’t changed….probably my favorite overall flavor-wise
  6. Was that made by Partagas as a cabinet to ship large numbers of cigars to distributors? Or was it made for the end-user as a humidor/piece of furniture. Or both? That would be pretty intricate inlay, hinging, etc for only distribution purposes.
  7. I’ve recently become more of a JL fan. They tend to be pretty rustic for my palate but I enjoy the flavor. but I also have a box of JL2 BOR DIC 2015….these are like no other JL I’ve smoked….they are dense, rich chocolate bombs and they are amazing. Totally different character to every other box of JL I own. Sadly I only have a few sticks left. DO any FOH have this same year/code? If so, have you noticed this difference?
  8. Bet he uses more than gourmet for his Demi glacé. probably the roasted chicken stock …..if he even sauces his meats
  9. Scottish golf writer, television broadcaster. Giant of the golf world. Used to love watching euro tour when he was commentating.
  10. Huge diminishing marginal returns to all cigar, wine and spirit related vices. I grew up in a wine importing business and have tasted stuff from 1940s to present vintages. I love finding wines in the $20-30/btl price range…they are really good. I did have a magnificent 2005 Pape Clement last week that made me reminisce. But I find 20-30/btl in still wines, 30-50/btl in whiskey and cognac provides huge flavor/experience for the price. Still fun to drink a pappy once in a while, though I prefer the antique 107 usually. I’m also lucky in that I prefer bourbon over scotch….much less expensive for the fancy stuff.
  11. Is it just me or is everything consumer-related Rolls Royce kind of tacky? I’m thinking Bentley SUVs, sedans….maybe I’m just jealous.
  12. Ellie Bleu makes beautiful stuff. I own an EB amboyna burl humidor that holds about 100-150 sticks…think I paid about $1800 on sale back in 1996. But I’d still rather have $24K of RASS.
  13. 1996 HDM DC this was medium bodied and quite tasty. I have a couple 2014-2016 cabs that are not anywhere near this good.
  14. we had a nice Dunhill shop in Boston in the 1990s. Lovely place, but the cigars were pretty bad. I think the transition from cuban to NC was tough on Dunhill and Davidoff. Kelner solved the problem for Davidoff. I don't think Dunhill ever "figured" it out.
  15. I’ve brought cigars through Boston since the 1990s. Never declared. Never had an issue, though a friend once did. Used to be sketchier. Now I don’t think they are even worried about cigars. Bigger fish to fry.
  16. You guys are being pretty harsh to each other. Rob created a land of the misfit plants display…..basically took in some stray cats and dogs. He should be celebrated.

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