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  1. I also had to google it! Now I don’t feel so bad
  2. Can’t wait to see how this develops. Take many pics!
  3. So how much for the cigars alone worth? I’ll store them in my tupidor and with the extra $$$$$ I’ll buy even more!!
  4. When I smoke NC It feels like I licked the ashtray. I Mainly stick to Cubans.... no more ashtray mouth
  5. I don’t hear much about them, compared to the other sizes. Good review. Definitely need to try them
  6. So has there ever been pictures of the Inside of the warehouse itself????
  7. I had the same question. I would think so since they will undergo temperature fluctuations.
  8. i can't wait to try the one from my xmas sampler!
  9. I completely agree! I’ll stick with the bourbon and let it be.
  10. It’s crazy that someone would jeopardize their Buisness in the open, by trying to sell “Cubans”, and scam customers with fakes. Out of curiosity, who regulates at this level? ATF? What are possible sanctions?
  11. I don’t have any stake in this. I would hate for them to get in trouble....
  12. So today I went to the liquor store to get some bourbon. I walked by their humidor and peeked inside. I usually don’t pay any attention since they over humidify, and not interested much in NC at this time. I saw they had Cohiba Siglo 6 for sale. I’m in the US. So out of curiosity I had to go in! The box was from 2008 and selling for $40 a stick. The caps didn’t look right, colors not uniform and not really sure on the bands since the bottom squares were cut off and I don’t know if those bands were out in 2008 for the siglo 6. My dilemma is this: I have a good relationship with the managers and they take care of me with my bourbon needs. Should I have asked them more about the authenticity? Or if it was illegal to sell Cubans in the US? I don’t want to cut off the hand that feeds me! BTW, didn’t want to spend too much time inspecting them and took only 1 pic
  13. I’ll pay $10 and add a Bruce Springsteen retro T-shirt....
  14. So how long does it take for the new cigars To be distributed, once they’re presented at the Habanos Festival?
  15. Who would of thought??? I’m intrigued on the reasoning of these.
  16. Too bad. I Have a 1935 sampler from our host, and Hoped they would be a flavor bomb compared to regular production....specially for that price
  17. I Have been getting Serrano whole beans from Cuba, but not available lately. Was looking for a replacement. I’ll have to try it. Thanks for the recommendation

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