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    Slow women, charas, psychedelia, chess, and too much rum.

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  1. Pommy Puffer

    London Smoke - Saturday 8th of June

    Would love to come for my first herf, but can't give an answer until next week.
  2. Pommy Puffer

    Would you rather...............

    Cheapie any day. I'm not a fan of the perfect draw, I've found it makes the cigar tunnel, I would rather keep smoking and sometimes if your lucky the plug slowly goes away.
  3. The Petit tubos is in my humi now, but as you may see from these photos, the other 2 are brittle and disintegrating. Forgot to turn the Monte A around so you could see the wrapper beginning to unravel. A B C D
  4. Right guess, wrong answer. I think that what preserved the cigar was the type of tube that was used🔨
  5. I must have been very tired the other night, because I was set on putting them in at 60rh, I forgot about my 'Cuban use now' humi at 65rh which has room for them. So open them up I did, unfortunately only 1 was salvageable. It felt hard and dry, no aroma, but at least it had a bit of a sheen to it, and the band was loose but not loose enough to slip over the head. I have now put it in at 65rh. Bet you can't guess which one it is, I think it may be worthy of a poll? I will get a photo done tomorrow after the holiday, and post here straight away.
  6. Ken, it is a gift if she is trying to get in my pants! Anyway, I was about to open the Monte A last night just as I realised there is no room in my humidors because of my recent shopping trip to Amsterdam 3 weeks ago. And because most of them are new to the humidor, it is going to take longer for them to be ready to smoke. So will have to leave them for now, and will post on this this thread when ready. Sorry about the lack of pictures, I must get a camera.
  7. I'm inclined to agree, I'll drink to that with a shot of Doorly's XO Rum!
  8. Bloody hell, you're right there mate. I could've contaminated my full humidor!
  9. Cheers Shelby, Can beetle eggs survive for 16 years?
  10. I mentioned to a friend last week that I'd just returned from Amsterdam with a lot of cigars, and she told me that she went on a cigar factory tour in Havana while on holiday back in 2003. She left with a few tubos, got home, put them in the wardrobe and forgot about them. She has just gifted me an RyJ Churchill, Monte Petit Tubo, and a Monte A in a varnished slide box. They have never been opened, and the caps are screwed tight. I'm thinking of unscrewing them a few turns then put them in at 60 rh for a few months, then 65 for a few, then take the caps off for a few, then finally taking them out of the tubes for a few more months. With the Monte A, I will just have to take it out the box and straight into the 60 rh humidor. I am quite new to cigars, am I going about it the right way?
  11. Back in November I was in Amsterdam (cigars are far too expensive here in the u.k), before leaving for the airport I stopped for a beer in this bar where everyone was smoking skunk. While I was rolling a cigarette the barmaid pointed at a 'no tobacco allowed' sign, so I had to sit outside. I was back there a few weeks ago and took my beer outside, sat down, and while rolling my cigarette I noticed that there were no ashtrays, and a sign saying 'no smoking! As I was about to light up, the barmaid (a different one), pointed at the sign on the window, so I had to smoke it inside!🙄
  12. I read somewhere that Winston Churchill spent a day in Cuba smoking cigars and eating oranges, so must be something there! For me it's gotta be a nice smooth aged rum from Barbados (Mount Gay XO, Doorly's XO, Doorly's 12, Rum Sixty Six), or St Lucia (Chairmans Reserve, Admiral Rodney). But mostly I reach for Doorly's XO.
  13. Pommy Puffer

    FOH Weekend Play List

    What the f is Vevo? Sorry guys but I don't have a camera yet (old school) especially me ol' school kneecaps. Captain Beefheart's Safe as milk is going down well with a nice Himalayan ............ now on track 12 and ready to let rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  14. Pommy Puffer

    Distilled or Deionised?

    Thanks guys, bless you.
  15. Pommy Puffer

    Distilled or Deionised?

    I appreciate all your meaningful, and helpful solutions , but no one has addressed the original question here. What happens to the equation when there is no humidifier present?

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