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  1. Maybe I'm just confused, everywhere I go there's plenty of at least 10 other Montecristo vitolas I've never heard about nor have I an interest in trying... but this classic cigar I'm on the lookout for is eluding me.
  2. As title says: What's the deal with Montecristo A? Are they still being produced? When I was in Cuba 5+ years ago there were plenty to go around so I bought a single to try (being such a risky investment for a cigar that size). Go forward to last summer I couldn't find any when I was back there and it's bothered me ever since. The only one I smoked was an A+() spring/early summer smoke and I've wanted to add a fiver to my collection ever since. I've seen them pop up once on 24:24 but I was too late, other than that every vendor seems to be out of stock...
  3. And the retailers probably won't get compensated... unlike other protected markets cherished by our Canadian pols (meat and dairy comes to mind) where they would never let new legislation affect the producer's bottom line in fear of media backlash.
  4. I wish you luck trying to find a real CC in Panama, I was in Panama City in the summer of 2015, couldn't find a trustworthy store in the whole capital city. After asking around for cigars stores at my hotel, the two most recommended stores I went in had what seemed at the time to be a mixture of "definitely fakes" and "maybe fakes". I ended up buying nothing there.
  5. Hello, I have heard this is the best place for cigar discussion on the all of the internets! So I thought I'd come here every now and then to talk about one of my hobbies as an occasional smoker (15-20 a year, but I like to collect). I have attached a picture of my humble collection stored in a nice TEC fridge, I figured it would be nice to share (unmarked box is Monte Dantez). Jay Jay

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