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  1. Punch Punch SOP NOV 19. Just pure Punch goodness. This box continues to impress. Sweet, spice, easy, smooth. Perfect! Also, Warped La Hacienda Robusto. This cigar was awesome. Best NC I've had in a long time. Ran the gamut of flavors and never got peppery or harsh.
  2. Clearance box. First box I purchased so unfortunately I can't help with the other question!
  3. BOP AGO 19. First 5 from the box have had this spiced cream in spades. Spectacular cigar when it's on. Good luck!
  4. Incredibly flavorful with slight pepper only on the retro. An absolute steal at under 6 a stick for 6x44.
  5. HUPC courtesy of @MigsG. Excellent example of beauty in simplicity.
  6. I'd say the softer, more subtle flavors of an HUHC are your best bet to complement your morning coffee. I'd also recommend trying the Hoyo Du Depute. I don't see that little guy get much love but what a fantastic little can be! It certainly is a morning coffee companion in my mind.
  7. I may be coming back after a 2 week flirtation with NC. This one is good, but at the same price point I'd gladly take a Party Short,BCJ, or PLPC. In the same vitola, Monte 3 is worth the small premium over this. There's something about the delivery in most NC that just seems to overwhelm the senses, whereas a CC allows you to slowly decode what the blend is to you.
  8. Ventured to the dark side today. Glad I did - solid 94 point smoke.
  9. SOP NOV 19 Punch Punch. Wow. Solid 92+.
  10. Partagas D4 BOP - AGO 19 Hoyo Du Depute - TOU JUL 17 PLMC - LGR AGO 18
  11. Makes sense! My experience with 19 stock is still relatively limited, but the Rio Seco have been spectacular!
  12. Acquired as part of a Tubo 3 pack, so no box date. Burn/Construction: Pretty solid, but oddly underfilled only in the middle third. First third: Pretty average. I'm a victim of high expectations I'm sure, but just normal run of the mill tobacco, coffee like flavors. Middle third: Harsh. I feel the cigar and it's like a mushy carrot. I press on because it seems the last third is pretty heavy and should change course. Final third: Wow! Here it is, rich, sweet, honey, classy Cohiba flavors that are nubbed with delight. Overall: it was cold, too cold, a freak snowstorm accompanied the second third, so on the whole a memorable cigar! 91/100. Food: Nothing too crazy, but a local favorite. Roast Pork, Garlicky spinach, sharp provolone on a sesame seed roll. On request from my wife for mother's day and there was enough to last the weekend!
  13. EPM ENE 18 Monte 5. Old reliable, always a 9/10.

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