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  1. Started with a JL2. Second from a 6 pack and much like the first it just didn't offer much. The start had the faint citrus, chocolate type notes, but it quickly went harsh. 60 days rest and an early 18 box code so I'm not sure rest is the issue, but the remaining 4 will sit for a year or so. After about 40 minutes or so I stopped and moved to a Monte 5. Perfect! EPM ENE 18. Third from the box and they've all been absolute perfection.
  2. The smoker was running all day long so the rare opportunity for 2 cigars in a day presented itself on a hot, steamy day. First up was a Punch Punch, UBM AGO 18 from a 6 pack. Cigar was excellent. The first I had was a bit one dimensional, so the evolution of multiple flavors was a pleasant surprise. First Third: Mellow, cinnamon, tobacco, a perfect start to the morning type of cigar. Second third: a bit of the same, with some clove shining through too. Final third: strength picks up significantly and the flavors above are accompanied by more strength and smoke. Score : 94/100. Burn, construction, flavors were all excellent. The drink: I've avoided coffee and cigars in recent years as I've come to enjoy medium roast espresso and the nuanced flavors are tough to pick up with a cigar. Turned it into an Americano with some Irish cream and it was almost the perfect compliment. I called it Irish-ish because I wasn't going to add whiskey when I needed to be outside all day in the summer sun! The PSD4 and Porch Rocker were a perfect pair as well. The cigar was also my second after a disappointing first one and it too shined. I'm not a sweet beer can, but 10 hours in the sun changed my mind on that one. Wasn't overly fake sweet, Sam Adams makes good beer and this Radler fits that bill. Excellent - 92/100.
  3. RyJ Mille Fleur. UEB JUN 17. This cigar was excellent. Wood, toasted tobacco, nougat, notes of tea. Perhaps the price point lowered my expectations, but the flavors from this guy were just well executed with hardly any harshness. Mild to Medium, perfect cigar for a walk.
  4. 24:24 masterfully leverages supply and demand and provides newbies like me with an opportunity to test the marcas and vitolas at a reasonable price. The very nature of that supply and demand, however, dictates that some cigars simply don't show up as often. Layer in the supplier of the cigars and the challenges that provides and you end up with a situation where your favorite may not have a chance to dance at the ball very often. This begs the question... What cigar is your FOH 24:24 Cinderella? Mine would be the PSD5. I had the chance to enjoy a PSD5 a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was somewhat ironic in that I thought initially it was a PSD4 just based on a quick glance - the PSD4 being somewhat of a 24:24 regular. I was prompted to post this when I saw the request for 50 Cab of RASS and realized maybe I'm not the only one who thought about this one.
  5. Reviews like this one make me regret not jumping on the EOFY sale box of these guys at 249 and just letting it sit. You live, you learn. Great review, thanks!
  6. No Cohiba in my collection, so a SLR Regio will suffice. Slightly underfilled, but hits all the classic flavors. Felt much more like a Christmas cake than my experience with RASS to this point. LAT DIC 18.
  7. BBF - UER NOV 18. HQ. What a spectacular cigar. My first and I now understand the forum love for them.
  8. BRO MAR 18. 3rd from the box at 71 days in the humi. First 2 were duds, not this guy. Happy 4th!
  9. I enjoy sharing the hobby with others. In a social situation like a party/gathering, I bring extra NC's that don't break the bank but that I know are good. As an example, I recently scored a killer deal on Herrera Esteli Norteno Belicoso at less than 3 bucks a piece. Great cigar, but I paid less than what a decent beer would cost to entertain a prospective cigar smoker and I don't feel bad about the quality of the cigar either. If I know of experienced smokers, I bring them one stick of a higher quality that fits their profile. Also, my better half tends to not glare at me as much while enjoying a cigar with friends and family as opposed to when I'm alone as our kids tend to ramp up their antics when I light up! Happy 4th!
  10. PSD4. 6 pack from our host with LMB OCT 18 Mostly and PSP/HQ. Draw, construction, burn were all spot on. Flavors were harsh all the way through. Thought it may have been the V cut at first so I flattened it out with a straight cut, no better. 32 days down, 7 days dry box. I guess I just got a dud. Almost like an IPA where the brewer wanted to make the drinker pucker from the bitterness. A shame, because a PSD5 I had recently in Switzerland was amazing and I hoped for the same here. That was straight out of a small humidor with NC and CC at a tiny bar - makes me chuckle at how much effort went into this guy on my behalf. I've learned enough to know the next PSD4 will likely be the best CC I've ever had!
  11. Well done. Do you keep a database of some sort with your value ratio? It's a unique way of rating and I'd be curious to see the evolution of certain cigars and the comparison between marcas and vitola.
  12. Nice review. Cigars are so personal - the cigar itself is only one piece of the experience. Your memories, setting, how you light, draw, cut, etc. play such an integral role in the final verdict and your review highlights that perfectly. Best of luck with the newborn!
  13. Nice review. I had a D5 recently and it was spectacular. Haven't had a D4 just yet, but one is sitting in the dry box to hopefully be smoked later today. Monte 5 is my go to shortie but I've yet to get my hands on one of these guys. Looking forward to it!
  14. I was excited to read recently that the prez felt these guys hit their stride at the 3 year mark. I was fortunate enough to pick up a 10 box a few days later while in Switzerland for work. Only about 10 days of rest on this guy, but I was anxious to try it out. First third: started out just slightly harsh, but that dissipated quickly. Cocoa, coffee, biscuit - this cigar is tasty and damn smooth. Second third: slight harshness is back, but the flavors mentioned before are still prominent. Construction on this thing is beautiful. First CC of my last 10 or so that was completely self sufficient in the burn department. Final third: I've bought too much Monte. My goal as a newbie is to try a bit of it all to attempt to land at a sweet spot with a few favorites. Montes are just hitting that spot for me really early on. I just picked up a 6'er of Medio Corona and this cigar just took it to a new level at that mark or thereabouts. Same flavors, just magnified. Overall: not incredibly dynamic or complex like I felt the PLPC is, not a crazy flavor bomb like a SCDH Principe, but far more consistent and full of class than those. Score: 90 of 100

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