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  1. Perhaps operations were condensed due to COVID?
  2. Not confident in either one of these being a star for 2021? If you're doing the reviews, might as well enter into the contest! In all seriousness, thanks for these reviews! I'm glad to hear your experience and I'll likely grab a few tins to try now!
  3. Just had a 5205 yesterday - it was excellent. I'm relatively sure the single sat in my local B&M for a bit, but this was an incredibly complex and enjoyable long and skinny. Raspberry, butter, cookie, bread, chocolate, coffee, nuts, cinnamon. Warped also has this chalky like consistency in their flavor delivery and I got that here and there with this stick. That's been unique to them in my experience. Buy with confidence based on this fine example!
  4. I've tried for a bit of time and I'll clearly state that there is not an equal counterpart in my mind. That said, I've found 2 smaller sticks that are very, very close in my mind. Xhaxhi Bobi Hermano Casdagli Cabinet Selection Rosetta I'm not a fan of pepper, so that eliminates a fair amount of NC for me. In a slightly different but similar vitola, I've found i very much enjoy the Warped La Relatos. I've also had a good experience with the new Crowned Heads Mil Dias line and they recently released a traditional Mareva that I have yet to try but trust will be good.
  5. I'm on a self imposed buying freeze and that picture of the open box is killing me right now! Beautiful! Excellent review. We're fortunate that Cuba seems to really know how to blend a 42 RG cigar. There's so many great ones, including my personal favorite - Monte 3.
  6. My disclaimer - Limited sample size for me. Construction and quality, zero difference. Flavor is where I have noticed a difference whereas the non-El Laguito are like D4 and Lusi but smooth as can be. The El Laguna are the opposite - incredibly strong and in need of some serious down time. At least I hope that's a cure for them to this point. I taste the potential for sure, but they're incredibly potent.
  7. Personally, I dry box almost all my cigars for at least 5-7 days and rarely, if ever, do I deal with the type of issues you describe. Let them sit for a little while and I'm sure you'll have a better experience. I find most CC perform best when they're a bit more dry. Also, what's your temperature in your humidor?
  8. Everyone's palate is different, but Ramon Allones Superiores has that berry for me.
  9. LMB AGO 18. Box of 10. First three prior have been good, this one is a notch above.
  10. Consistent Smoking Enjoyment. 1. HdM Epicure 1 2. PSD4 3. Monte 3 Best value (bang for buck) 1. Party Short 2. PLPC 3. HdM Du Depute Your best smoking experience of 2020 1. RA Superiores 2018 2. Monte 3 2019 3. Punch Punch 2019
  11. I'll be the crazy guy that says Cohiba Short. I suppose my expectations are always super high when I smoke a Cohiba, but I've not had one that really wowed me like other marca have. The CoSho hits the classic Cohiba flavors almost every time for me and does so in a very flavor forward manner. If you're like me and you want those classic flavors and you don't want to buy a lottery ticket on an expensive stick with seemingly the same level of consistency as all CC in general, go Cohiba Short.
  12. I'd say the water drop is much like anything else in this hobby- there's no blanket method or strategy that works for us all. Mine ended up proving that I prefer my sticks more dry than not, but also showed me when it might be beneficial to give it a run under the faucet. Fun experiment!

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