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  1. @JohnS I'm a bit surprised at the text in English printed on the box itself. Is this present on other cigars and I'm just not paying close enough attention? I'd assume Spanish is prevalent on boxes, and I know the insert in each box is in both languages, but I assumed that might vary geographically. Printing on a wooden box though, that seems unique and probably lacks an ability to translate per region.
  2. Siglo II. Young, but what a cigar. I've avoided Cohiba - it elicits so many emotions here that I didn't want to fall in love with an expensive cigar or end up frustrated with an expensive cigar. Unfortunately for my wallet, it's the former.
  3. RyJ Mille Fleur? You're a saint for maintaining this thread.
  4. This was the second from a 6 pack from our host. A March 2017 code from 24:24, so this is relatively well aged with over 100 days in the humidor and about 10 days dry box. I wanted to revisit this cigar as a great deal came up on 24:24 recently and I'm still trying to hone in on a few PC's to go deep on. I recall the first one being solid, but nothing special. This one, however, knocked down this cigar a few pegs. Won't be able to rank in thirds as I only made it a third of the way before burn issues and poor flavors led to me giving up. Cold draw was nice. Barnyard was prevalent, leathery. At this point it was actually incredibly fragrant and intoxicating and I was excited to dive in. Initial draws after lighting have that not so pleasant ashtray flavor going on. It persisted until I put it down, but dissipated as it progressed. Leather, tobacco, but not enough to keep me interested as the burn wouldn't hold. I've had a few perlas that were excellent and I recall the first PC being better than I thought it would be, but I don't believe this Marca is resonating with me to this point. Not giving up, but Upmann, Bolivar, and Monte are consistently hitting home runs for me. I went and grabbed a RyJ Petit Churchill - BRO MAR 18 - to cleanse my palate and immediately could tell it was underfilled. Argg! That said, it was excellent. Cherry, rosewater, hints of chocolate, copious smoke. Did the trick for me in spite of having to ditch it about halfway through when Daddy duty called. If it wasn't underfilled I believe it would have stepped up the darker notes and made the cigar even better. Glad I've got a box to keep plugging away at. RG PC - Incomplete RyJ PC - 91
  5. PLPC 2018. Ballsy when young. Starting to think I prefer the MC over the PC. Weather is perfect for watching the game on the projector outside. Thank goodness we weren't swept by the stinking Mets!
  6. Mag 46. Woah. This joins the HUHC and Connie A at the top of my list. 6 months into the world of CC and I think the German banker is becoming my favorite. Nuts, coffee, at one point it was like tiramisu but with bourbon instead of amaretto.
  7. Monte 4. OBM MAY 16. More vegetal and leathery with hints of woodiness than the cocoa hit I'm used to from this Marca. Construction and burn were excellent.
  8. Great reading on this string. Thanks everyone for sharing. My story is a simple one. I started as an 18 year old kid in restaurants who'd bum a cigarette every few weeks because it pissed me off that smokers got breaks like 12 times a shift when I got none! Never bought any myself, but it wasn't as terrible as the world made it seem. As for cigars, fast forward about 7 years later and my honeymoon took me to St.Lucia. I wanted to have a cigar. Why? I don't know, something about my first cigar being a CC romanticized the idea for me. A Monte 5, on the patio of our suite overlooking the ocean on a beautiful evening. It was magical. Then, back home and 10+ years of NC's because that's what I had access to! My NC journey was pretty stereotypical I believe. Started with Baccarat's, moved to Rocky and whatever was pushed by the guys at the store, then I got serious. As someone who went from poor to not so poor, I decided to stop being cheap and buy cigars that I knew I'd like. Padron, My Father, Tatuaje. Some more Tatuaje. At the tail end of 2017, the cigars I always liked just didn't appeal anymore. It felt like everything was a pepper and spice bomb. I purchased a Tatuaje Cabaiguan on a whim and it roped me back in. It was an incredible blend and helped me realize that I was no longer interested in fat, long, Maduro, heavy, spice and pepper bombs. In early 2018, I visited a small shop in Edmonton while on business. I actually saw some CC in the duty free over the years and thought - why not give it a shot. I walked in, saw the prices, and damn near collapsed. To our Canadian BOTL - sorry! That said, shop owner was a very cool dude and pointed to a box at the very bottom shelf - JL#2. Never heard it, I said, and thought to myself - great, fakes. Bought it because it was halfway reasonably priced, sat down, lit it up, and boom. Ever since then, I'm hooked. The flavors were just so unique, so different than anything I knew and I wanted more. It's a bit unfair that these 2 have set the bar for today, but most CC's haven't disappointed. Today, I still average about 1-2 cigars a week. I discovered FOH about 6 months back and have been pretty much exclusive to CC's since that point. I'm doing my best to accumulate a small amount of a wide range of Marca and vitola. My hope is that in 2 years or so I'll narrow in on 1-2 cigars each in the skinny range, 40-44 rg, 44-50 rg, and then 50+ that I'll settle on and buy more stock on. Advice to newbies is simple. 1. Learn how to store, dry box, and smoke slow. This is critical. I ruined many CC's before doing my due diligence here. I've also had others whose opinion has done a full 180 after listening to me rant on this one. 2. Resist the urge to buy boxes. Buy PSP 6 packs. Learn what YOU like. 3. Have patience. If you're a NC smoker, the burn and construction issues will drive you insane quickly. It just seems to me to be part of the territory.
  9. Sound and video are much improved. Had a hard time staying into videos previously, so much thanks for addressing that. I'm a big fan of Monte and have yet to try the 1 and 3. A 6'er of threes are on the way and I'll jump at the next chance to try a 1 when they pop up on 24:24. I think you get a true indication of how good these are, or at least why I believe they are, at the 8:37 mark. Rob's retro is insane. Now maybe it's just my level of expertise, but I had to rewind to make sure I saw what I saw. I only can retro like that when I know I'll get zero harshness. Keep them coming!
  10. Wouldn't call myself a loyalist to the 3, but certainly to the Marca. To take it one step further, I tend to lean towards siding with Rob's PSP grading and his description of the boxes up for sale on 24:24 as heavily as a particular Marca or vitola. Those boxes up yesterday had a passionate blessing and when you can get that with a product as varied from batch to batch as CC's, I think the difference in length becomes negligible. So in my mind, you got a box at a killer price and it's as close to a sure thing as possible - money well spent! I stuck with a 6'er as I am still new and rarely do I buy boxes. That said, I've learned over the past few months that PSP/HQ is a must in a 6 pack in order to accurately assess a cigar and it's prospects for investment. Investment solely meaning buying more than a few to smoke because I've got no patience for long term aging - yet.
  11. HUHC. Single from our host. Color me impressed. Coffee, donut, nutty, citrus. 50 minutes for me and I didn't nub it. Had a easy draw which slowed me down too. I like this one - a lot.
  12. TBH, I'm still new so a 12 pack of the PC without a code and a box of MC from AGO 18 are the extent of my experience. That said, both have shown it. Again, detracts from the cigar in almost no way and I'd imagine age would weaken the glue somewhat and make removal without damaging the wrapper easier.
  13. I've actually debated starting a thread on my experience with Por Larranaga bands, so this thread will serve that purpose for me. The PLPC and PLMC that I've enjoyed have all been excellent, but have one small annoyance in common. Each and every band looks like it was glued on by a 3 year old using 18 times more glue than is necessary. The consistency of this is uncanny and I often get glue on the wrapper around the band as well. I've hypothesised that PL cigars are labeled by folks on their first day out of training before they're sent along to other factories when their skills have improved. Smoke experience is impacted about 50/50 as these are usually so good I like to nub them but removing the band can break the wrapper, regardless of how surgical I am in it's removal. A minor wart on an otherwise spectacular marca!
  14. In my eyes, this cigar is a legend. My experience with CC's is limited, but I've always been aware of the Lusi because of Hamlet. He's spoken fondly of it in articles I've read and reviews generally praise its performance. This cigar looks and feels like a 10. Construction and burn were perfect for over 2 hours. My experience? A tale of 2 cigars. First half: Flavors all over the spectrum. Charred bell pepper, bell pepper, butter, coffee cake, peppercorn, cedar, pencil shavings - all in that progressive order. A solid Medium cigar with great flavors. Second half: this is at the 90 minute mark and doing great, but then it gets harsh. I hung in another 45 minutes but it never really turned back. There would be occasional bits of French roast like flavors, but it was mostly aggressive mongrel. Score: The first half was a solid 96, but I ended up stopping with about 2 inches left as I just couldn't stick with it. Overall a good 92, with loads of potential if some more aging can smooth it out. 41 days in the humidor, 6 days dry box. I can't imagine grabbing another one any time soon as the stars aligned this weekend with the family and my smoke style would put this cigar at close to 3 hours. That said, I am thrilled to have a 10 box that I can pull 1 a year from for the next decade. Highly recommend the Lusi!

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