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  1. Much respect for the baby monitor photo bomb. Good review!
  2. TTP21

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    NC. TAA Exclusive Lancero.
  3. JL2, RGPC, RGP 6'ers from our host. In a few weeks time, the 6 packs have given me an opportunity to test out 13 marca across 6 or so sizes. Now to continue holding out on the recommended 30-60 day rest period! Looking forward to sampling and aging them all!
  4. TTP21


    Found out I'll actually be in Zug for the week. Do you know the name of the store you're referring to?
  5. TTP21


    I'll be spending a week in Zurich for work without much free time. Is it worth it to make the time to get down to Geneva for Gesto or - assuming you're aware - can I do just as well in Zurich? Thanks!
  6. Found what I referred to above from 2005....
  7. A good portion of the 24:24 descriptions seem to be replicated in the store and Rob is usually pretty detailed on how long it needs aging if it indeed does. I use it as my reference point along with the daily smoke notes here as people generally add box codes with some brief comments. As alluded to above, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each box of cigars, even within the same vitola, is different. I believe there is an older string somewhere with aging guidelines per marca, but would assume Rob's notes to be more representative of current production. Best of luck!
  8. I've not had any success using the forum search engine for box codes/dates. I.e. when I input - SEP 16 - I get no results regardless of how I alter the criteria for the search or whether I put it in quotes or not. Has this been disabled, or am I just not figuring out the right method? Thanks!
  9. Sometimes life forces it, usually ending up in a less than enjoyable experience. That said, I had to do this with an SCDLH El Principe and it actually seemed to help strengthen the pancake, syrupy flavor upon relight 30 minutes or so later.
  10. My desktop humi has turned into 2 tupperdors and a travel humi in the 45 days or so since I've joined FOH. By buying smaller tupperdors I'm attempting to impose storage restrictions so I'll buy less. Exercise in futility.....
  11. TTP21

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Happy birthday! What's your bourbon of choice?
  12. Great review. Only had one before and it closely mirrors your review. One of the true gems of CC's in my, albeit limited, experience.
  13. Couple of 6'ers from our host. Excited that 3 of the RASS are light and 3 are dark - assuming there's a difference between them!
  14. TTP21

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte 5. EPM ENE 18. ROTT. Needs some down time, but looking forward to it. Good flavors, but hidden behind some harshness and burn issues.
  15. TTP21

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    5 days ROTT. Awesome smoke. At 24:24 price, just an absolutely incredible value. Regretting my decision to only get 1/4 and not the 50 cab.

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