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  1. Why a nemesis? A few reasons: 1. Bought one of these in Edmonton before I knew what dry boxing was and how to store CC's. Needless to say it was a poor experience and soured me on CC's for a while. 2. After 6+ months of smoking CC, I've landed on a few cigars to go deep on, but no Robusto. For some odd reason, all the flavors folks mention for D4, JL2, RASS, etc. simply don't pan out for me. I hope the BRC does it for me, as I really have loved the BBF but reviews lead me to believe the flavor profiles are slightly different. First third: burn and construction are top notch. Hay, honey, and what I'd call Guiness Light. Earthy as well. Second third: Same flavors, but a bit more sweetness. I really am leaning on this being a floral, lighter version of BBF. Final third: Chocolate and licorice jump in here. Nubbed this one - darn good cigar. I'm mixed here. It's not quite a BBF. I love that cigar. That said, it adds floral elements that are unique and interesting and might get better with age. Score: 91/100. I don't think this cigar is going to end up being my preferred Robusto but I'll happily age and enjoy the rest of the 6 pack.
  2. Monte 5 Party Short PLPC BBF Connie A And just because I'm not able to leave them out - honorable mention goes to PLMC and RyJ Petit Churchill
  3. I've had them with 1-2 years and just got a May 19 cab I won't hesitate to try shortly. Also have had 3 or 4 MC LGR AGO 18. I've really enjoyed all but 1 of 10+. My thoughts... 1. Expectations can be killer, but when I'm spending 4 bucks a stick I don't mind the occasional rough drag or 2. 2. Dry box, dry box, dry box. Especially with the skinnies - a minimum of 7 days with closer to 10+ days is preferred. 3. I'm a slow smoker, but these guys require a slow smoke with a light/medium drag so they don't get hot. 2 and 3 are my MO with cigars, so it doesn't bother me, nor is it a change from the norm, but I can imagine that being annoying if it's not your preferred style. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing!
  4. Exact same experience with what I believe is the same 6 pack order. My sincere hope is that it needs a few years down time because my experience and the rave reviews here just didn't add up. Heck, even CA in their most recent issue gave it a 94. That was a 4 year old box code, so my hope was to leave my last 4 until 2-4 years as well. Good luck, and nice review!
  5. After 6+ months of trying different CC, I can safely say that the BBF is one of my favorites. It's a ballsy cigar without being a pepper bomb, essentially what I loved about NC but without the rough crap. I acquired this box about 21 days ago and went against all knowledge and experience and pulled one for dryboxing immediately. The burn issues I suffered can likely be attributed to this, but I didn't care. Only my second cigar in over a month with a newborn in the house and all of sudden you get wayyyy less picky. Onto the cigar. 1/3: Classic Boli. Earthy, mushroom, hint of Guiness sweetness 2/3: Burn issues wreaking havoc but the flavors are so good, I don't even care. Same flavors with an interesting similarity to a Connie A flavor that I can't quite identify. Final third: couldn't get too far into this final section as the cold weather and burn issues forced me into hyper puff. Grade: Solid 88/100. Easily will be a 92+ once I treat them right. Glad I tasted this first one as I will eagerly anticipate the rest. Box worthy for sure. @crking3g3, how is my cut?!?! LOL
  6. I've had multiple Monte 5 from an EPM ENE 18 box that have been decadent chocolate with occasional blasts of bourbon(vanilla/cinnamon but alcohol) that hit the dessert profile for me. ERDM Choix also hit dessert notes, but at the opposite end of the spectrum. More fruity, angel food cake type notes.
  7. Thanks. If I gave up on Mag 46 and Punch after just one, I'd hold them nowhere near as high in regard as I do. I'll make sure to have another - perhaps starting with a younger one.
  8. Are your JL1 aged significantly, or no? I'm only 6 months or so into this, but I'm noticing that lighter bodied cigars with any kind of wood flavors just don't appeal to me. I didn't love a young QdO 50, much prefer a Siglo II vs. a CCE, etc. I won't write anything off, but it's helping me with buying decisions here in the early going. I moved away from NC because I was tired of the pepper bombs but in the CC realm I'm drawn to the darker/spicier end of the flavor spectrum - Party short, Monte 5, BBF, Connie A, PLMC. It's quite the journey!
  9. Acquired in a trade with @MigsG. Thanks, buddy! Juan Lopez was the first cigar of my reintroduction to CC, a No.2 enjoyed at a cool little shop in Edmonton. Since joining FOH and acquiring a 6 pack of JL2, I've not replicated that incredible experience in the 2 or 3 I've had so far. My recollection of the appearance of that initial one is long gone, but the 6 pack was dark and oily and left me to believe that some aging was necessary. When the opportunity to pick up an aged JL1 in a trade arose, I was excited to jump on it. Aroma is pleasing. Nothing jumps out at me outside of just a nice perfume of quality tobacco. Cold draw is much the same, light, a bit looser than I typically like, but not cumbersome at all. Flavors also touch on tea, floral type flavors. Construction and burn were excellent throughout, not a single touch-up needed. First third: Pretty straight forward. One puff with citrusy like flavor, but mostly light tobacco taste. Second third: Pretty much the same as the first. Final third: I'm at the point where I am coming to the conclusion that this will be a 60 minute or so cigar that just doesn't do it for me. The strength and flavor pick up just a bit towards the end, but no real discernable flavors outside of pencil sharpenings are evident. Overall, I remember that JL2 being a roller coaster of flavors. I'm disappointed that I haven't been able to replicate that and hoped the JL1 might do it for me. I'm not willing to close the book on this Marca, but this particular vitola may just be pulled from rotation consideration. Mag 46 and Punch Punch have been winners in the Corona Gorda arena for me and I'm looking forward to trying a Siglo IV, so the JL1 will take the back seat to these cigars. Score: 86/100. Scores are very much subjective, but this one just doesn't do it for me. Woody, almost cheap tasting tobacco can't overcome an A+ burn and construction.
  10. BBF or Connie A. I love those cigars and would take it nice and slow and give them the 90+ minutes they deserve.
  11. UME ABR 14 JL 1. More details in the upcoming review weekend post.

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