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  1. If the humidity is not exceeding 70RH for a continued basis then there will be no mould.
  2. Greetings everyone, I've got 30ish boxes of cigars in my home stash and storage is becoming a problem. Should I just borrow a small room and stick a humidifier in there and thus make a walk-in humidor, or buy one of those massive deluxe humidors? Temperature isn't a bother because I'm UK based.
  3. Soberanos are also low in number. Tacos more of them around. But Propios? Not even a stick has emerged on the scene....
  4. I agree with el Presidente about the 2018 batches, excellent smokes.
  5. If you can age them, do it, because with some years on them they're absolute stunners! Not sure if they're worth the price though....
  6. Serious shortage of these. Managed to bag a box but they're safely resting for a better day.

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