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  1. Lost track of the code on this MC#2 PSP 6er from our host circa 2020. Confirming the magic on these young guns. Excellent full bodied smoke with layers of chocolatey goodness. JL#2 ATE MAY 18 PSP darkest wrapper in humidor winner. i thinks these will age decades but enjoying the bite right now. Construction and draw excellente on this one too.
  2. Morning C&C Time with the D4. The MC#4 was a plugged affair that was abandoned. Good tobacco though.
  3. Lets keep rolling out the Partagas! The No.2 is smoking excellent. MSU NOV 18 from da host. Prayers to the peoples of Cuba. For their liberation. For their Freedom.
  4. These MC#1s have been excellent. a perfect draw to boot here. BOE DIC 18 PSP 12er from the host.
  5. thats turning into an excellent box for me. i think they have serious legs but wont last in my humi at there present excellence
  6. Trying a DIP#2 in 100% humidity a la Florida pan handle. Wonderful dippity do dad flav o flavors. Hope she can go the distance... First third has been brilliant.
  7. Home craft beer night. The RG Perlas have been a welcomed addition to the rotation. A unique flavor profile for me. The Upmann #2 has been excellent with a bit of aging, BRE DIC 18 PSP from our host.
  8. some magic in the second third of this MC#2. paired with a Copperworks 029 Batch Whiskey
  9. D4 LMB OCT 18 have been smoking really well. These were a PHQ mix from our host. Partagas has been a consistent Marca for me and i can see why the D4 is a forum favorite.
  10. This RASS was excellent from a PSP 6er last year. I hope my aging stock can step up to this level.
  11. LMB OCT 18 D4 is getting better with age no doubt. Turning into an excellent C&C Time @Raskol
  12. La Fuerza morning. Excellent all the way down.
  13. Morning MC#4 with BRCC MO blend. Tainos and some Dark Rye. Cheers
  14. JL#1 morning. a light fill on this one but flavors are still ok. cheers

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