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  1. I am sitting on this box code too. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Morning C&C with Mr. Partagas. RUM OCT 18. Turning out to be an excellent box. Inadvertently dry boxed for a week since it was in a travel case. Not an edge on it and under medium. Construction spot on. Interestingly, the lightest wrapper shade in my humidor. Cheers and happy birthday @MrT
  3. Its been a while since i cut a BBF. Excellent construction on this one. Big flavor smacking my grill. Perfect CC night 55F no wind and dry. Cheers
  4. First Punch 48 from LGR JUL 19. An excellent morning C&C. It lives up to its nutty galore reputation. 😝
  5. love these MC when they are rolled this way. Fantastic blend. Perfect draw. The DIPA is an 11% malt bomb that balances the massive hop load.
  6. BBF MSU MAY 19 smoking big and ballz out still. A great post dinner cigar
  7. A solid day of house work, and now for something completely different. Esplendidos and Albarino. Neanderthal style of course.
  8. Cigar of the month hands down. 😮 Another miracle 6er UEB MAR 19. Bloody clearance offering?
  9. The MC#2 have been excellent as el prez has noted many times. i have been cutting these young and no regrets. fantastic tobacco imo.
  10. MC#1 GEL OCT 20 HQ 12 pack from our host. These are box pressed and ROTT. What a nice salty hit on the start. i couldn’t resist after the sniff test. a perfect draw and excellent burn on this one.
  11. coming right back at @Hotboxxand concur on non suckage. wow 😯 At some point last year i was able to get a 6er?

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