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  1. Partagas Series D No.4 LMB OCT 18 (PAWRC) Draw nice and easy, Construction very good, smooth Colorado wrapper 1/3: Starts off with spice and wood with an initial nutty edge. Spice is dominating on finish. Excellent smoke volume. Minor burn corrections. After a dry start getting a bit of sweet cream on finish as spice fades a little. Just under medium. More burn issues mostly staying lit. Should have dry boxed longer. 2/3: Flavors intensity goes up to medium + With woody creamy texture dominating. Still a touch of black pepper on finish. Burn issues continue as I’m fighting 100% ignition of the blend. It’s not helping flavors at this point. 3/3: This third just started burning normal as you can see the black ash changed to a nice whitish grey. A true Jekyl and Hyde smoke. Fairly disappointing in fact. Overall The crappy burn created some harsh flavors not typical of this box. All the while I’m thinking of that excellent Party Short last night. Scores an 80 only because I did get some moments of this marcas DNA. Truth be told if I had time I would have pitched it and grabbed another. Cheers
  2. It was a bit tight with acidity in the foreground. I expected the 2003 to be a bit fruit forward as an outlier with that hot vintage. The nose was classic Bordeaux. I am going to get another full glass off that bottle tonight so I can see how it is evolving. I would decant this at least an hour prior to tasting although the nose is very inviting. They have been in my chiller at 57F for 14 yrs so the aging has been slow. I am going to wait another year or two until I open another.
  3. My first box of PSP Connie A off 24:24 was packed real tight like the box is too small but found a few FAT rolls on top. You can see #5 on top right is smashed oval, with #2 mashed to a lesser degree. Of course i pulled it, with a few others, and did a little massaging then in to the humidor for a few weeks. It was the first one i lit up and was fantastic. But it certainly wasn't round. The new WIDE Connie-A
  4. And I have been throwing out all my FOH packing peanuts... Got Milk?
  5. Finishing off a great week. Still loving the minuto. This Part Short has yet to disappoint. Great for night time yard work. It doesn’t go out if I ignore it a bit. The finish is long and really pleasant.
  6. Going deeper into the cellar. Man this still is tight with initial acidity and tannins unexpected for 2003 which was an extremely hot year in Bordeaux. Saving a glass for tomorrow or @Ken Gargett, whichever shows up first. Still a fine Cos D’Estournel. Cheers
  7. Grilling Duck Breast to 120F and rendering the fat a bit. A fine Bordeaux for our guest. A good night. Maybe a CC later I hopes. Cheers Finishing with a Horse Soldier Whiskey and a bloody cracker of a Party Short. This marca really delivers the flavor package for me. Thanks FOH for that.
  8. You got a smoking cat too? Damn, I had me two about 10 years ago. My current one is incorrigible.
  9. SW the original which took SciFi movies to a whole different level on the big screen. I am more of a Trekie though and will still watch the original tv series reruns late night.
  10. Partagas SP2 MSU NOV 18. A lot going on here and think that’s why I like this marca. Nuts, Creaminess, spice blend, dry toast to start. Cheers Followed with a Dutch Indonesian Oud Kampen Corona. 10 yr old stock I re hydrated over 6 months. Wood, earth, tea notes. Very unique

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