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  1. C&C Time hat 🎩 tip @Raskol MSU JUL 19 from our host.
  2. interesting observation since the last Lusi i had was outstanding as well. Definitely a great blend and a high bar to meet.
  3. Nice morning Habanos and coffee. i have not cut a lot of Trinidads but they have been outstanding. Construction always a level above imo.
  4. Connie Fat Boy smoking well. LMB SEP 18 PSP from our host. These wrappers were noticeably oily and toothy when received and are benefiting from the aging. crazy 😜 sheen and color in the sunlight
  5. EL Principe LGR DIC 17. nice and spicy on this one.
  6. Killing a 12 hr travel day. perfect night and an MC#5. Home is good
  7. This is pairing great with some Sonnys BBQ sweet tea. On point
  8. Right on. i had to hide some boxes of MSU deep in the coolidor. Now the BRCs are taking fire 🔥
  9. this particular box was not smokeable when i first tried it. very acrid although construction was very good. so age definitely helped these but i consider it an outlier. i tried a 6-er of RASS from 2020 and they smoke nice young.
  10. RASS EOS DIC 18 doing my six month check on this difficult box. This example being very enjoyable so i hope the rest were tempered with age as well.
  11. TOS MAR 17 starting to turn a bit more into its carmello phase. This one a lose fill but the OJ is compensating with added creaminess. its bloody good.
  12. Running low on these JL#1 for good reasons. This one a bit too lose a fill but the blend is sublime. This is the wrapper i’m looking for.
  13. a fantastic MC#1 and then it started raining, a lot. i got wet even though the nearest tree provided some cover. Rain Slicker tonight
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