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  1. Opened up with amazing floral notes. Interesting 🤔 MSU NOV 18 These are just getting better and better. MSU was a great box code from my experience. These are some of the lighter wrapper P2s I have seen over past 3 years.
  2. I remember el prez commenting somewhere that he does enjoy a good cigar with dinner. Not something I've done before. This Lusitanias was sublime during a hot bowl of scratch chili and glass of French Rose. A symphony on the pallet. Makes me reflect on those great wines that pair so well with certain foods and can change the complexities. An aged Barolo comes to mind. What a treat.
  3. Happy New year to the OZ crew. These El Principes have a dusting of white pepper on the finish which I'm starting to enjoy more. A bit more bite than the MC#5 which have all gone "missing" from the humidor. 😝 My #4 are gone too for that matter. Time for a Coolidor dive. IMO a great cigar year quality wise.
  4. I really like the size of this vitola. I enjoyed the second third of this very much. I will rest them for a few months and revisit. The aroma of these were too much to ignore on arrival. I even got some grass and tea notes off the wrapper. 😳
  5. Prayers and condolences to the family. Rest In Peace Enzo.
  6. A Long time since the last Connie A. The Humidor rest has done wonders. These make a great extended morning C&C.
  7. RG Perlas. I love how this opens up with floral notes and nuts. Very unique. And after 12 hours of airport shuffle it's a great closer.
  8. Never had one of those sir. I can tell you that the Monte #5 gives me 30+min of cocoa, coffee, cream... not complex but a bit more intense than the the #4 which is also fantastic.
  9. RYJ ESL ABR 19 PSP.. Wow these are excellent. So I cut and lit this one and brought up the last 24:24 of the year and I'm an hour late... there they are still, a PSP box of maybe my all time favorite cigar. Now that's Christmas brothers and sisters. God bless us all everyone..

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