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  1. Yes I did read the dirt thread. None here on this or the few others from this MUP box. I previously went through a 6er of PSP Reyes last year and I am finding these very consistent in notes with those beautiful wrappers el prez favors on that grading level. This is just an impression on less than a dozen cigars.
  2. Reyes MUP MAY 19 For review. No dirt here. Wonderful.
  3. Trinidad Reyes MUP MAY 19 (S46RW) Construction is typical excellent or Trinidad. I find the Reyes is a level above on this vitola size compared to similar sized Marcas. Hence the premium price but worth every puff. The wrappers on this clearance box are interesting and have almost a yellowish green hue to the light Colorado brown. At 110x40mm it's quite a nice short stick. 1/2: Opens up with that delicious coffee, sweet tobacco, almond paste. Medium strength and ample smoke every draw. There is a slight twang or saltines underneath that also adds to the complexity. All class. 2/2: Coffee flavor is a bit more intense and that almond paste cake thing remains underneath. Strength of flavors goes to medium + as the label comes off. Ash is grey white and flaky as it falls of at 1/2 inch intervals. The tobacco sweetness remains throughout and no heat or bitterness at all at the end. A great little afternoon smoke. An easy 92 for this one. Cheers
  4. Wow. Some technical issues on that cart! Too slow won't go! Lost them at the checkout. Beauty sticks El Prez!
  5. RYJ Churchill 2019. Starts out with strong coffee, nougat, cream. Wow 😳. Excellent construction.
  6. I didn't expect this 2003 to still have legs but I was wrong again. Showing excellent with fine tannins on finish.
  7. Another big Bolivar. As @lovethehazesays, these have been Money. Cheers FOH
  8. Bolivar PC and Florida's finest from concentrate. Excellente
  9. I have not had a proper pint of Guinness in a long time. It looked like a hell of a day! Cheers
  10. That's good news, I'm sitting on a TOS MAR 17 I haven't looked at in a year. I will have to dig a few out. Thanks for post.
  11. U. Upmann Sir Winston RUM MAY 19 Construction feels solid and draw is firm. I pondered wether or not to utilize the trites PD tool but decided to smoke as is. 1/3: Bang in my face coffee, nuts, leather, fine tobacco and tea bisquits... what am I saying? Maybe a touch of unsweetened cream but some baking spice or herbs on the edges. Draw is FIRM meaning at the edge of too much resistance but the smoke production is good. This starts out right at medium, all in. As a side note, I am enjoying this after 12 hours of airports, mask on, breathing my own fowl CO2, shoulder to shoulder on AA where they won't even serve you a freaking soda for your troubles. I am finally sitting outside on the hotel patio after Hurricane Sally did her worst here last week. So it's damp outside with on-off rain, it's dark and my ass is wet. Truth be told I don't give a shit about any of that now with this fine cigar wafting in my face. This third is brilliant and it took me 30 years to figure out a fine cigar and whiskey are big medicine to combat jet lag. Smoke volume is excellent at 2 puffs. I am concerned it's 100% humidity and whether the excellent burn will go the distance. 2/3: Leather, some wood, coffee, fine tobacco and some white pepper on the retro hale. A delicious blend. There is still some biscuity tea cookie thing going on that really impress the palate. Very unique. At the half pole strength remains at medium. Humidity is starting to effect the wrapper burn a little so I'm doing some light touch ups. 3/3: Strength goes up to medium -full and this cigar is burning slow like molasses in winter time then all hell breaks loose. The cigar just goes out and my travel lighter fails, no ignition. WTF?! No soft flame backup? Two is One, One is None... I just violated the SEAL teams creed. What an amateur! I found a slow pull on the lighter trigger occasionally gets me a spark. And Flame. Game on and flavors all there. The burn is getting sketch now and I'm forced to increase my draw frequency. Not a good combo as flavor gets a bit too strong. I terminated this wonderful Marca early but this beauty gets an easy 94 despite the humidity battle. I'll save the next one for better conditions.
  12. Another epic MSU BOLIVAR RC. A 12 pack PSP AGO 19 picked up several months ago. Hard to pick between this and the BBF as king 👑. The PC has been excellent as well. What a Marca.

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