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  1. El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme 2018 (CDEFRW) Cold aroma: subtle hay, sweet barnyard on wrapper and foot. 1/3: Another single out of store. Opens up with earthiness, nuts, and leather with a touch of pepper. Construction was tight so the PD tool saves the day. Draw is firm but completely smokable. Flaky grey ash with black streaks. 2/3: medium bodied and some more roasted tobacco notes come to play. Not much transition here at halftime but still enjoyable. 3/3: The pepper fades away. Mostly earth and roasted tobacco now as we go into the band. This example didn’t have the tea tannins or honey / sugar sweetness I experienced in last example. So they have changed sitting in the humidor at 62%RH for several months. Burn was excellent and smoke volume quite adequate for a stick that needed some tooling applied. Interesting to note the last Choix I had was in high humidity drizzle and today we have good humidity here today at 66%. Overall a nice medium body at 89 puntas. Cheers
  2. Other than 60 days down in humidor, is there aging recommendations on these? Can they be enjoyed young? Got me a box but don’t know when I should pull one...
  3. Starting to enjoy the morning CC with A fine black coffee. Maybe once or twice a week, time permitting, I get a moment to light one. Usually a Minuto.
  4. This Cab is just getting better. PLPC PSP TOS MAR 17. Cheers
  5. Good travel find. 100 proof TN Whiskey. Dickel is solid.
  6. MC#4 PSP REG MAY 18. A bloody fine CC. These are really starting to shine after 6 months resting. cheers
  7. Damn good local Amber Ale. Malt bomb.
  8. @lovethehazeis doing Cab! What the hell is world coming to! Love it man. Love the grape 🍇.
  9. I buried a few 1926 deep in the humidor. Have not cut one yet. I’ve been busy tasting the CC library still. It’s a hell of a distraction.
  10. A great cigar week on the road. Visiting Cordova Cigars in Pensacola FL. Highly recommended. A solid humidor and I always pick one or two sticks to take home. These HUP Connie A have been excellent.

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