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  1. RASS. mY second one this week. the first one from 18 and this one from a newer batch w darker wrappers.
  2. how are they smoking? my box is aging a couple years now. first one was Strong Nico hit. oliva being a favorite NC for me
  3. MC#4 RUB AGO 18 ROTT. Nice pepper blast off the beautiful wrapper. Then cocoa and cream.
  4. Hoyo Epicure No 1 from our host. Excellent so far.
  5. It's been a long time between Esplendidos. This one was off the 2019 Christmas sampler. Fantastic
  6. C&C Partagas E2 UEB MAR 19. A fine smoke no doubt. A long rest in the Humidor has served it well.
  7. Late night working with Bolivar BBF. Fantastic MSU MAY 19 PSP Box.
  8. El Prez included them with boxes on 24:24 last year as well.
  9. Getting some sunlit vitamin D after a 32F morning. The Reyes is brilliant.
  10. Bolivar PC MSU JUL 19 from a PSP 12er last year. These just consistently set a high bar. The Basil Hayden Rye is turning out to be a perfect cold weather pairing at 40% served neat.
  11. Nice Spread Bro. I see you are chipping away at the NCs too. I cant fault them at all. The last few i have had were Excellent. So little time.

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