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  1. Is there anyone willing to PM me, as I have a couple questions about the site. I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Haha I hope so, maybe 2/3 will be put the side in the future. Thank you for the welcoming words!
  3. Hello friends, I have been smoking cigars for about 2 years now. I smoke one a week, every Saturday, and enjoy it to the fullest. I like to just keep it as a little treat once a week. So I end up putting a lot of thought into what I am smoking each time. I haven’t purchased in awhile as I have have been trying to clear out a 1/3 of my humidor for CC instead of NC’s. It’s been a slow go, and I started off smoking Gurkhas and Vegas 5’s from “deals” and have slowly worked my way up the nicer NC’s, which I throughly enjoy. Its now time to move to the next level and hopefully meet some cool friends in the process. Its nice to say hello to everyone! I’m MalabarMan, and I’m glad to be here. Below is a pic of my humidor as of 2 months ago.

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