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  1. I love mine. I will sometimes wet the cigar to keep from some cracks, but it's so easy to use, I never have to screw with it, cut in the dark, you name it. Think I spent $20. After a PerfecDraw, it's the best cigar accessory I own.
  2. I've never had a good Cuban ROTT experience, so I've quit trying. For me they are substantially better with 60-90 days rest. Now that I have a few in the collection, there hasn't been a single CC that wasn't way better with years of rest on it. I tried to fight that as the consensus because it makes no sense to me, but it has become my reality.
  3. Lusitania from 2019 if I remember right. Smoked it a couple of weeks ago and it's the greatest cigar I've smoked in my life. Transcendent.
  4. Same. It makes me think I'm either picky or folks have a hard time admitting they got a crappy cigar in the Cuban Roulette. I'm not happy when I do, and before I realized how inconsistent they were I figured I must be missing something, but it seems like those who smoke CC and NC are more willing to be...sincere? with their criticism of both origins vs people who only smoke one or the other.
  5. Siglo II or RASS. Tried young, a couple years, four years. Each one is just a absolute coinflip. Really good, or really turd. Nothing in the middle.
  6. I smoked my first Lusi this week. I've never had a better constructed Cuban. It was probably the best cigar of my life actually.
  7. I've smoked about 15 of them from a '17 cab, and they're OK at best. I'll get a puff or two of a dry sweetness...fleeting caramel? Then promptly onto generic tobacco and bitterness. I have another cab just sleeping. Hibernating. They look the same, smell the same, but maybe I'll try one at the 7yr mark. A relatively inexpensive experiment, but count me in the don't get em for now.
  8. More labor for rolling cigars in about 20yrs! Who am I kidding. 6yrs max.
  9. Coffee. I love coffee. I roast my own, drink it black, light roasted. I wonder if people mean dark-roasted/burnt? Hard to tell. But I've never gotten it. For OP, white pepper (and black) can dominate in Nicaraguans IMO. Prensados, Oliva Serie V. I get it in both of those. Lots of leather too, moreso in Padrons to me.
  10. Stud: Connie A from 2018 Dud: QdO 50 from 2020. Worst cigar I've ever had. Bought a 10ct to join the hype train, won't buy any again.
  11. BBF, Connie A, Vegas Robaina, HdM Petit Robusto, and Party D5.
  12. I so look forward to your annual post. Eid mubarak akhi. The best 30 day cigar aging of the year God willing, your charities and actions taught to you by your father continue to reward him.
  13. But like, why wouldn't you want to clean the mold off? That's like dropping a cookie, seeing it now has pet hair on it, and eating the whole thing just because! Haha.
  14. I've yet to get stewed fruit, but admittedly about half of them have been frustratingly tight draws and turned bitter fast. Have sworn off trying another until the hit 3.5-4yrs. Haven't seen the magic of them yet. Cautiously optimistic

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