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  1. Agreed. The number of times I hear someone complain throughout a whole review of how flat, young, or just not good the cigar is, then give it an 89 is wild to me. If something was barely more than rolled tobacco leaves, that's like, a 40 on my scale. A 90 is a "get at least a couple boxes of these" cigar for me.
  2. is there any general wisdom with respect to rest time on these? I have a box of January 20, and a big part of me wants to sample the first from it
  3. I find them ok. The petit robusto is sensational though IMO.
  4. Not my favorite ring gauge either, and after smoking a couple that were about a year old, I set the rest aside. At 2 years they are vastly superior IMO. I've actually fought almost every Monte 2 I've ever tried they taste somewhere between wet ashtray and swamp mud. I'm at like 0/5 at this point I think. So I've set those aside too and will revisit at the 3-4 year point.
  5. Cinnamon was a prominent flavor I got. Add me to the list of people who have loved these young!
  6. I'm burning a 1926 that's a couple years old and it's light leather, a cocoa bomb, and less pepper. I adore the natural for 26 and Maduro for 64
  7. I too have a box of Vigia's that I assume to be unbelievably underfilled. I don't intentionally purchase cigars of that ring gauge, but I suspect we may have sourced ours the same way. Having said that, the first half of the three cigars I've smoked have been phenomenal, then I have to pinch it a bit to tighten the draw which starts to heat it up more than I want, but the flavor has been incredible!
  8. Completely and totally have shutoff broadcast news. I still read the paper of my choice because I can pick and choose, but my life is so much better shutting the other crap out. For me, the late night shows that used to aim for comedy have just become political rants for an hour. I'm pretty middle of the road politically and if a joke is funny, I'll laugh, but they're not even trying to do comedy anymore.
  9. The regular V with a couple years on it loses some aggressive pepper and really shines with chocolate and leather. The Melanios I greatly prefer younger. I had some older ones that are good, but they do seem a little flat. The Master Blend is a surprisingly nice option too. The other Oliva lines don't do much for me though. But Melanio and Serie V? Really great sticks.
  10. I've got a few tent peg Punch Punch that work out to be a great monetary value. They're about 3lbs each and are unsmokeable, but by God, price per gram is amazing!
  11. FWIW, I don't think Ken was commenting on my post, it was another poster. Having said that, I was sarcastically saying I don't tend to notice off the wall notes. If I truly got no meaningful flavor out of cigars, I wouldn't keep dropping coin on more, so I get that point. I roast my own coffee and do pretty well with it, but if I could enjoy Folgers instead, I doubt I'd roast. Wouldn't be worth my time. Anyhoo, as you all were
  12. I'm usually blessed with a palate that detects flavors ranging from "smoky tobacco" all the way to "charred tobacco". I kid...a little, but trying to detect mild flavors is a work in progress for me. Having said that, I got hints of...frankincense in a couple year old Bolivar BF tonight. It wasn't for more than a couple puffs, but it was full on, crystallized, burn in an incense pot frankincense. It was actually really pleasant. This whole cigar has been. Probably the best BBF I've had. What's one of the strangest flavors you've picked up, that you still found to be a nice addition?
  13. From Him we belong, and to Him we return. Thinking about you and the family. ❤️
  14. Picking up Twilio for $30/share has worked out pretty well for me

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