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  1. Yup, Naturally Speaking. I kinda think MS ended up acquiring them though. That's the one I know of and have heard good things about.
  2. QdO 50. It must have been missing 30% of the filler. Seriously. It made me wonder if an entire leaf bunch didn't make it in. I pinched it down to less than a half inch hoping it would do something, but it was just a joke of a cigar.
  3. In the evening, a Turkish coffee. Pairs incredible. Afternoon, root beer or cream soda. I don't drink alcohol, so another favorite is black tea with a bit of milk and sugar, and fresh mint. All three are winners.
  4. It's getting close for me. It has definitely slowed my buying down. I'm often griping about that famous Cuban "consistency" so if they get too spendy, and quality doesn't match (it never will) then I just can't justify it. Like, I can afford it, but can't justify it.
  5. Lebowski and The Jerk are my two favorite comedies of all-time. Since you went there, I'll go with this scene from The Jerk. I re-worded a few parts, but used the general speech in my proposal to my wife. Been married for almost 20yrs.
  6. Boy, that subject line just does NOT translate well into "American"! Haha
  7. Well what the hell else do you get for your 5th grader for graduating elementary school? My 10yro really enjoys the Bolivar line. His 4yro sister likes a good petit corona. Monte 4.
  8. Well, I suppose technically speaking is a cigar. I charred a 50 to about halfway before I decided I would get more out of searching for nude photos of Rosie O'Donnell. The cigar was severely underfilled, started out at paper-bag with mild tobacco flavor, then opened up to bitter paper bag. I had to double check that there was no cedar sleeve that I had accidentally been smoking instead of a cigar. It was dreadful, and by feel, 7-8 more if them from the box are missing half the tobacco. I won't be buying anymore. The hype intrigued me, the reality infuriated me.
  9. I'm pretty much a CC, Padron, Fuente, and Oliva guy. In a box it's pretty unusual to have foot cracks in those NC's. It can happen, but it's very likely the whole box won't have one. Consistently I'll have small tears or cracks in boxes Cubans, but it seems like it's mostly due to the wrapper being much thinner. They all burn just the same, so It's not negative commentary, they're just different. But if you compared a natural NC wrapper to a natural CC wrapper, do the NCs seem consistently thicker to you?
  10. I've yet to have a cigar ROTT that was better than one 90 days after receipt. I wanted to stubbornly believe everyone else was wrong and I'd be right...but...90 days rest for me. I wasted too many cigars through lack of willpower.
  11. Not to get too political, but what an amazing time to be alive. People living under dictatorial communism for 2 generations are willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom, while in the States we have people running for (and winning) political office as self-proclaimed communists. Maybe they should have to live under it before they try to impose it. Might change their views quite a bit.
  12. Wow, add me to the RASS group. Desirable box codes, a year old, 3yrs. Just a bunch of poor construction and little smoking enjoyment. I have a 2017 box of Siglo II's that have all been harsh. I keep pretending another 4 years will magically make them good. Not holding out hope.
  13. I'm definitely a slow smoker. Maybe 2-3 re-lights? I'm also weird in the sense that I fairly regularly will set a cigar down with a quarter left. Only a handful are truly nub-worthy. To me the others become too bitter and astringent, and I end up purging every 4-5 puffs to get 1-2 pleasant ones.
  14. No way I'd smoke that crap. The second from the left is clearly a fake. But the rest? I can almost smell the musty feet and 4 day old, room temperature cheese that all those crystalized oils are given off!
  15. These guys seem like refined cigar pros. I'd listen. Anytime I smoke more than half or so it gets really harsh and papery. It gets better once the band is done burning, but whenever I remember, I stop smoking just before it. Much better experience!

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