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  1. Picking up Twilio for $30/share has worked out pretty well for me
  2. Which dev (if you don't mind me asking, or feel more comfortable with a DM)? I used to work with a bunch at my previous job.
  3. I think the HdM's are incredible, especially young. One of my favorites.
  4. ...but why? Haha. I've desperately searched for those stewed fruit flavors from a RASS but so far have only found "smoldering, bitter, tentpeg" notes. Half a box. But after forgetting about this cigar for a week at about 50% drybox, the second, perfect resistance draw, and it's dancing on my tongue (in the most appropriate way possible). I store at 64/65, but what a difference this is. But why on earth are Cubans such better performers at lower rH compared to...anything else? I'm an inquisitive guy and hate "just because" as an answer, unless it's me talking to my kids after the 11th straight follow-up question about why they can't have ice cream for breakfast. Long story short - RASS lovers, I finally get you.
  5. I would second a fat Magnum. They strike me as pretty mild, so a little youth gives me a nice bit of oomph.
  6. We bought our house from a Sales Manager of a Willamette Valley vineyard. Enola or Eola something. For 13.5yrs I worked in motion capture (easiest way to describe it is those behind the scenes videos from movies where people are running around in black suits with ping pong balls all over them. We made that stuff). Recently I started working for a test lab that does materials tests for temperature and/or humidity changes. Once I've been here a bit I'm going to see if they'd run any tests on cigars to answer some of the questions like the impact of dryboxing, moisture loss (or gain) at various temps and rH, and the like. They're one of the more respected labs in moisture expansion in the country actually. Oh, about 1000 cigars, 60/40 NC/CC
  7. I'm totally the Goldilocks of cigars. I always want juuuust right. It seemed early on I was getting tight/plugged smokes more often. Then as I quit bitching about that, I was getting underfilled instead. I can smoke an underfill and be happy. The part that just poops in my Cheerios though is when it's poorly bunched. Like when you can find an entire area the length of the cigar, or most of the length of the cigar where it's quite soft and squishy. If the whole thing is loose, I can just pinch the cap a bit to create more resistance (or punch cut, or a variety of other fixes). When it's just part of the cigar that's loose, that side tends to go out frequently requiring a ton of touch ups, which then either leads to, or exacerbates the impending bitterness. Having said all that - I've been on an incredible run of great smokes lately. Don't know if ambient temps and humidity is to thank, or just the angel of Uncle Fidel is looking over me. Either way, I'll take it!
  8. I have an uptick in the summers for sure, in large part due to the extra daylight, and also company more interested in joining for a firepit session, but with wet and cold...Fall-Spring where I am, in the summer I'm probably a 4-5 a week guy. In the winter, it drops to 1-2. Each year I take about a month off from smoking. When that month was in the middle of summer it was a slight bummer, but now that it's into late Spring I don't feel like I'm missing out on the "season of smoking"
  9. About 14yrs ago I was working a job I hated in the San Francisco area and doing stand up comedy on the side. I had to choose between that and moving to a community with a fairly nonexistent comedy seen. Chose to move, and humility aside, ended up making a great career that paid faaar better than I could have imagined and became a bit of a fixture in a niche industry. In about a week I am leaving that career to start a new one in a new industry and it's scary and exciting all over again. But a part of me always wonders what if I stuck with comedy. A couple of acquaintances made it pretty big. TV, movies, taped comedy specials.
  10. You definitely like darker roasts than I do What do you roast with? I have used the popcorn crank poppers, then eventually bought a Behmor. I'm finally hitting my stride with it and really hitting consistency and roast levels that nail my tastes perfectly. Sweet Maria's has been a great resource, then I have also purchased from TheCoffeeProject. They have a Costa Rican I adore, along with a really nice Brazil. They used to be one of the best sources for Yemen too. Fun hobby that complements cigars very nicely!
  11. I absolutely love those. I think the box is 1.5yrs old or so, and I'd say the second one I had at 6mos in my possession was outstanding. I should revisit them for sure. But I got plenty of transitions, found the smoke to be about the most viscous I've had, and to be honest, found the whole smoke to be a fun adventure. I wonder if 5yrs age has muted much of what makes them interesting.
  12. I've got a 2018 box, and I love the profile. Had a few more relights than I'd prefer, and in large part I could tell bunching was a little inconsistent (underfilled), but flavortown was a hit. As someone who smokes a lot of NC's too, I see it as a bit of a crossover stick. Fuller bodied, dark leather, and drop dead sexy to look at.
  13. I'm a newb, so I'm not seeing it like you are, as far as the wrappers being inside out. I see some pretty wrappers, some ugly wrappers, but admittedly, from a layman's perspective.
  14. Yah, well, so do my state and federal taxes (totally not political, totally not political, totally....)

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