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  1. Hollywood Ninja

    Baby names help

    Robusto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’ve got a long but narrow cooler that’s practically worthless for beverages - long term aging box it will become! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm on a campanas kit lately and these are some of the only ones I don't have. Will need to track down some singles and give them a try... or hell, just buy a box like I normally do.
  4. Hollywood Ninja

    Why do we keep cigar bands?

    I'm relatively new to smoking cigars, so I keep my bands in a journal where I document what I smoked, when I smoked it, where I smoked it and just a couple tasting notes. It's been helpful to see how a cigar progresses especially as I'm now completely obsessed with aging Cubans. Some folks I know rip the band off before they even smoke the cigar which for me seems to diminish part of the fun. Aside from wrapper and wrap quality, there are no identifying markers on these products, so to form strong associations with palette and brand, I feel like keeping the band on (until it's just about to burn off) is key for me at least.
  5. A box of BCJs from earlier this month. Have never had one — looking forward to one soon. Just had a kid, so short smokes are a must have! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hollywood Ninja

    New wineador set-up help?

    I've got a Whynter 251 using it for boxes with 4 x 320g at 65%RH Boveda and it works fine and dandy. Drain hole plugged, no pooling or condensation issues. Although I likely only have about 350 sticks in mine at the moment. I haven't tried a CPU fan yet, but mine certainly seems to exhibit the whole humid air rises phenomenon. Doesn't bother me too much as there's only a registered couple % difference between the top and bottom.
  7. Congrats -- new around these parts, but these seem like really cool contests!
  8. Hollywood Ninja

    Whynter CWC351-DD

    What were you using for humidification? I know this can be a problem if one is not using 2-way humidification. Unlike a wooden humidor, extra humidity has no where to go and condensation can easily occur when the temperature difference between the inside and the out of the unit is too great.
  9. Hollywood Ninja

    Whynter CWC351-DD

    Excellent advice. I actually use a kitchen "breader bowl" -- you can put your DW in the bottom and set the boveda on the rack above, seal it up and wait for 'em to plump back up. If I set it on the window ledge when it's sunny out, seems to take a few less days.
  10. I'm going to 2nd (or 3rd or 4th, I don't know, I lost count) the BBF. The size is right on for a medium length smoke, longer if you take your time of course and not so long that if you have to put it down after 50 minutes you won't feel guilty which is a plus. Obviously there are other smokes in this vitola too.
  11. Early birthday present from my wife...
  12. I won't pretend to drive an EV because I'm trying to save anything ($$ or the environment), but my car is fast and fun to drive and I dig waking up every morning with a full "tank". Nearly zero maintenance as others have mentioned. Haven't even changed the brakes in over 125k miles. With all that being said, the car's soul feels different and I do miss working on my own vehicle. I don't like that there is virtually no where to get my car serviced except the already completely over-worked service center (which there are only 2 of where I am). You know how your phone feels obsolete after a year, well, the same sort of holds true for how computerized some of these EVs are, although I suppose that could also apply to how computerized CE vehicles in general are nowadays too.
  13. Hollywood Ninja

    Howdy From the PNW!

    Howdy Folks, All around noob here -- been in the hobby for about 9 months now and like most new hobbies I get in to I'm totally obsessed. I'm a musician by trade both as a player, educator and audio engineer. Attended the University of Michigan where I got a degree in music performance many many moons ago (GO BLUE!). I'm currently rocking a Whynter 251 that my lovely wife got me for Christmas (along with several boxes of Cubans). I'm at around 50/50 CC to NC at the moment. First born son arrived March 9th of this year so have been mostly interested in exploring smokes on the shorter side (cremas and minutos being the most common size I'm collecting) due to lack of time to get into 90+ minute smoking sessions (but expect to get back to that some day!). I do frequent other cigar forums, but am interesting more in the CC side of things, so am here to soak in as much as I can!
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