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  1. Email received. This is definitely improving my (Scrooge-like) attitude towards Christmas. 😉
  2. lol. I would message the individual person and explain why these are fakes. They have a right to know--without embarrassment. Then they can decide if they want to enlighten the rest of the group.
  3. Here in New England public policy follows the Puritan principle: We burn witches first, ask questions afterward. 😞
  4. The Quintero panatelas are my favorite of the Quinteros, but they are so cheap you can try different vitolas and see what works for you.
  5. Selpultura--Chaos AD. Heavy metal stuff--best enjoyed with headphones.
  6. All the Vegueros "new" releases (2014+) have been in sixteen count tin or cardboard boxes. I have smoked through a box of the Tapados and they are a completely different (and much better) experience as they age. I enjoy the 2015s, and I think they will get even better with a couple more years under their belt. I have a tin of the centrofinos resting--don't plan on trying them for a couple of years (unless someone here convinces me it is a good idea). 😉
  7. My PCC aged d4s had one cigar with more mold than any other--my solution--smoke it immediately! It was very good. I am confident the rest of the smokes will be even better.
  8. Books--more than the local library in my small town--collected over many years. Most of them are science fiction books from the fifties to the present day, also UFO and conspiracy stuff. Many of them are long out of print or hard to find in any form.
  9. Or--have they already gotten the chop--and are you just seeking confirmation?
  10. Other codes shown for this box seem to be UGO--but it looks like UBO to me--thinking of that old Woody Allen movie where he walks up to a bank teller and announces: "I have a gub". 😉
  11. Kelly pitched one brilliant (ninth) inning for the Dodgers, so they decided to bring him back out for the next (tenth) inning. Walks the leadoff man. Gives up double to Rendon. Intentional walk to next hitter. Then the Kendrick grand slam. Oops.

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