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  1. I have not tried the Super Partagas. My ranking of the other three: (1) Aristocrats--about the same strength as the Habaneros but a little smoother imho (2) Habaneros--great Partagas kick in a small format, would not hesitate to buy if the Aristocrats were not available (3) Mille Fleurs--just don't do it for me
  2. Good review--these are considered the "mild" LFDs. The ligeros and double ligeros are really: The chisel vitola steps the intensity up another notch. 🙂
  3. Everything on the OP list has been available here in the past year.
  4. Wife: Did I get fat during the quarantine? Husband: You really weren't skinny to begin with. Time of death: 11:00 PM Cause of death: COVID 🙂
  5. Here is an old thread on "grey market vendors"--good info:
  6. I am an old timer--even more primitive than that. I have a well worn 2005 copy of Perelman's Pocket Encyclopedia of Havana Cigars and I mark off each entry as I buy them and use tick marks for multiple boxes and delete a mark after I finish a box. (Of course I have to add entries for all vitolas added since 2005.) Then there are lots of random scribblings and comments (boxes of 10, cabs, etc.) A total mess--newbies do not do what I did. 🙂
  7. True statement. However, we US (and I would argue all) cigar smokers are getting a major benefit from it. If Habanos were legal in the US they would probably be brutally taxed, the prices of the smokes would probably be driven up worldwide (supply vs demand) and/or the quality of production would probably suffer if Cuba tried to ramp up to meet worldwide demand. Sometimes my political views are in conflict with my self-interest. 🙂
  8. I have some 2017 boxes that are just wonderful: --Bolivar PC ETP ABR 17 --Monte Media Corona UEB AGO 17 --Connie A BRE AGO 17
  9. We married in our 30s and were both established in our professions with our own incomes. We had separate accounts and credit cards and kept it that way. We set up an arrangement where each of us is responsible for our own credit card bills and we identified who would pay which household and other bill. This has worked well for more than twenty years--as long as all the bills get paid everything is good. We also have our own retirement accounts. She has her "hobbies" and I have mine--no issue there. We have one other key "trick" that makes it all work. We have c
  10. You gave me the opening to tell a grandfather story. My grandfather founded and ran a construction business whose largest customer was the state government. When I was sixteen my summer job was as his chauffeur--he was grooming me to take over the business (which I later refused to do--for reasons you will see soon 🙂 ). He always made broad claims that "all politicians are corrupt" but it was late in the summer when he decided to get into the real details. Normally he would take me to eat lunch at a very fancy restaurant (because he was a gourmet and was trying to teach me that
  11. I find the whole discussion mildly irritating--I judge people by the entirety of their actions, day after day. Do they keep their word? Do they treat people with respect? etc etc I have found no correlation between either good or bad people and mask wearing. I just follow the old "when in Rome do as the Romans do" rule. It is getting more difficult since some of the Romans are wearing masks and some are not..... 😉
  12. I tried a couple young and did not like them so I hid them away for a while. I tried one from a 2017 box earlier this week and it was excellent--but still very strong. I am thinking these will continue to improve with age--hopefully some of the veterans here can comment on how older boxes are doing.
  13. I have not decided yet what to smoke this morning, but great post. I retired recently, but before I retired there was a lady friend whose job it was to kick me in the leg when I fell asleep during boring meetings. I had to retire to let my leg heal. 🙂
  14. I have a lot (too many) old (er well aged 🙂 ) NCs. The VSGs do not age well in my experience. The ten year plus Padron 000 series is hit or miss (weird for a brand known for its consistency). Maybe half of them are as you described. The "sleeper" NC imho is El Rico Habano--that powerhouse seems to have legs that will outlive me for sure....also my ten year plus Olivas (any of them) are doing very well. That said--the NCs are not even in the same league as the four year old Connie A I am smoking now....

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