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  1. Yeah--I saw that--and could not figure out if they had just failed to update the information or if it was accurate as written. I am confident the folks here have their sources and will let us know. 🙂
  2. I was researching info on this cigar--and still don't know for sure if they are long filler--and they were gone....
  3. I always keep plenty of Cohiba Shorts, Trini Shorts and Partagas Chicos on hand for short smoke breaks. Can't go wrong with any of the three imho.
  4. I smoke a variety of Quinteros, but I did not have a chance to try a tubulares until today. I was very pleasantly surprised. They are very good. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. That is where the rubber meets the road. There is no "right answer" on what to cover--so that is where the biases of the owners/managers/producers of the publication/broadcast/website are on full display. We all have very complex cultural biases--some embedded so deeply we have no clue they exist. As an old timer my approach is to learn something new every day--something _really_ new, something I knew _nothing_ about the day before, and to read multiple articles (making sure that at least some of the sources think the other sources are crazy). That way I make my "news" _new_.
  6. That is because the world is way more complicated than "two sides". Accurate journalism requires a level of expertise that is often impossible to achieve in a timely manner. As a result they quote "experts" who often have a vested interest/axe to grind. As Terence Mckenna used to say (approximately): "There is no rule of nature that states we apes are entitled to know the truth." You can test this by looking at coverage in an industry/area where you have professional expertise--you will easily identify a mushy combination of fallacies, half truths, myths, and downright non
  7. All of these are so inexpensive they are worth sampling to see what works for you. The Cohiba and Trini Shorts and the Partagas Chicos have their place in my rotation--when I have just a short period of time available and don't want to waste it on a larger smoke. The Quinteros (hand made mixed filler) are generally better than the JLP imho--when they are on they smoke way above their pay grade, and when they are off you remember why you paid so little for them. 🙂
  8. Too funny. When I was hired for the job that became my career, the big boss took a look at my (very good, if anything over-qualified) resume, stared me straight in the eye, and said "We can hire you, but you need to know we have some really stupid people working here. How do you feel about that?" I was in dire financial straights at the time, and really needed the job, so I lied: "It won't be a problem. I can work with anyone." The big boss was telling me the truth--there were some stunningly stupid people there....and almost every day I wanted to punch one or more of the
  9. Pointing out that the emperor has no clothes is just mean--that was the point of that child-hood story, right?
  10. I am a _lot_ older than you, and I plan to age some boxes a long time. When you get to be my age, you need at least one hobby that makes you demand a tomorrow. I have tasted the "caramel" on one humble four year old PL Panatela, and it totally blew me away--totally worth the wait imho.
  11. Please save this post, and see what you think in a couple of years. 🙂
  12. I have smoked a lot of NCs for many years (before starting with CCs) and this is my take as well. I trust my own tastebuds--couldn't care less what the NC "experts" say on this subject. Most B & Ms and Internet sellers who sell NCs have them way over-humidified for my taste, and I have to stabilize them for months to get them where I want them.
  13. Agreed. I have been pleasantly surprised by a variety of the "lesser" Partagas. They seem to age really well and there are subtle differences between the different offerings if you pay attention. I am currently working through a box of Habaneros (2017) and Corona Juniors (2014)--they have been solid winter smokes.
  14. When I see the crazy priced smokes, I just keep thinking about how many regular production outstanding cigars I could have for the price of one of these "special" smokes. It is a marginal utility issue. Is this smoke three or four times as good as a SW, six or seven times as good as a HU46 or Connie 1? The question answers itself--particularly when the reviews on-line indicate they have zero additional marginal utility over regular production--at best.
  15. You can get the whole series on DVD--inexpensive complete set--don't know if any specific video service has it.

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