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  1. You will want to bookmark this website--has all the details you need:
  2. Correct. Right now Cuban cigars are a very low priority. Of course that is no guarantee of future customs policy.
  3. For folks interested in raw data, here is the latest seizure report from our friends in US Customs: I don't see any cigars listed for Boston during the reporting period.
  4. Thanks for the update and keeping us well informed.
  5. It is called price discovery. Most likely lower supply = significantly higher prices. Some other vendors are already testing the waters with crazy high prices...
  6. My favorite quote during such times: "Those who know are not talking, and those who are talking don't know..."
  7. If you follow the Reddit discussions it becomes clear that a large number of victims of fakes are Americans on vacation in Mexico or the Caribbean or cruises to those places. They are usually bought by friends/relatives who know nothing about cigars (never heard of fakes) and think they will be a great surprise gift to the one cigar smoker in the family who is back in the states. Many of the other purchasers are young Americans going south to partee who have no clue about anything.... This whole thing kinda reminds me of one of my other hobbies, science fiction books. Th
  8. I have seen fake "samplers" that included H. Upmanns, usually in a non-existent size. 😀
  9. I normally share Vegueros Tapados with total newbies--easy on the budget, qualifies as their first Cuban, small enough that if they toss it after a few puffs no big deal, and most like it. My other little trick--I smoke a well aged (five years plus) one--the newbies get ones from the newest tin....all Tapados are not created equal. 😀
  10. Tough question--since most of the folks celebrating wouldn't know an outstanding smoke from a dog rocket.... I would probably go with a NC, Fuente Anejos. Those are very consistent, are high quality with a good reputation, and are likely to be enjoyed by newer smokers.
  11. I have enough for this lifetime unless they invent some serious life extension tech. My only buying these days is here from time to time--just in case....😀
  12. Racist and sexist rocket--Bezos has really done it this time....
  13. I think you meant Upmann #2 based on the shape of the smoke..... The Connie 2 is a 2020 release:
  14. I have tried it--and the folks simply do not believe me and start getting bent out of shape, so I drop it. My fallback position (which seems to have worked) is to tell folks I have too many cigars and I do not want any more as gifts. This is most effective with my wife by my side--she will quickly chime in with "you can say that not give him any more cigars!" 😀
  15. Karl: That happens to me from time to time. I would definitely recommend taking a day or two off from smoking. Then try restarting with just a petite corona a day until the palette gets back.

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