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  1. Those are truly awful cigars imho and are not a fair representation of NCs. I smoke mostly Cubans these days. But--if you want to give NCs a fair shake Foundation is making quality smokes. (Highclere Victorian and Tabernacle Havana Seed #142 are two examples). HVC, Warped and Illusiones (especially the Epernay series) are worth sampling to see if they fit your palate. Because NCs tend to be a bit "in your face" and strong I prefer to give them some down-time--an extra year or so of rest suits my taste.
  2. For a minute there I thought I had a senior moment and clicked on Reddit by mistake. 😀
  3. I hope so mi amigo, years ago I found them too strong and to be pepper bombs. I have several ten year plus old Opus Xs, and they are still strong pepper bombs--way over-hyped and overrated imho--especially after you get in the habit of regularly smoking Cubans. If I (rarely) smoke a Fuente my choice would be any Anejo or the Sun Grown Cuban Belicoso.
  4. Bland usually means it just needs more time--some boxes are great immediately, and others seem to take years to show their stuff. Hide the box for another year--it still may get there for you.
  5. I have been watching baseball for more decades than I would care to admit, and I had never seen this in real time. It required the perfect combination of a left-handed pitcher (who could not see third base during his delivery) with a long slow windup, a shift that kept the third baseman far away from the base, a super-fast runner, and a batter alert enough to back away and not swing at the pitch.
  6. I would encourage you to practice the fine art of humility. History has not been very kind to "scientific certainty" of past ages. A great book to read on this topic:
  7. Just bought some more Foundation Highclere Castle Victorian coronas. A lot of NCs claim to be complex--these are the real deal. With the rising prices of Habanos, these don't seem that expensive anymore. 😀
  8. The old Camachos (c. 2000, especially the Corojos) were so good--of course new owners, new blenders etc--and now they are mediocre at best. I feel bad for newbies who have heard about the reputation and then find out they have been baited and switched.
  9. We Americans are busybodies--part of our legacy from the Puritans. 😀
  10. I got the same year--cheap ($100) from a gray market vendor. They are the worst Cuban box I own--by far! I smoked five of them over the course of a year and every one tasted I have hidden them away, far away--the remainder of the box will probably not see the light of day for another decade....gonna take a miracle to turn these around.... 😀
  11. My former workplace was interesting (now retired)--almost everyone was very vocal about political stuff, and they were totally opposed to my point of view on just about every topic. But--we all got along great--for one simple reason--I kept my big mouth shut! (My mom gets the credit--she always said "never discuss religion or politics with strangers".) I agree with Ken's initial thought--the ad was a waste of time--and in the real world things could have gotten ugly...
  12. Great story. When you get older you will find that very often gremlins will visit your house and take stuff--and then it will reappear when you least expect it. (Well, that is my explanation and I am sticking to it.) 😀
  13. The conventional wisdom around here and elsewhere was not to "overdo" it in the early years of buying Cubans--and try to figure out your taste preferences. I did not follow that path because I was totally paranoid that future taxes, regulations, supply chain disruptions, inflation etc. would kick in at some point. The rule I followed was "buy what you can when you can". If I saw a great price for regular production I jumped on it. I believe I made the right choice. There are only a couple of (cheap and not so cheerful) boxes that have not aged well--a small percentage of my
  14. Lol--I live in CT, own an insane amount of cigars, Cuban and non-Cuban and have never paid a CT tax or been affected by these "strict laws" and "high taxes" in any way. Sometimes the headline is not the real story....some of us cats just won't be herded...

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