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  1. Indian casinos are fine for indoor smoking here in New England, USA.
  2. This website is the place for those who want to get into the weeds on the FDA rules: I have no clue where the NC industry is going at this point.
  3. There are a lot of vitola choices with the Quintero marca. I agree that the Panatelas and the thinner ring guages are more reliable. I have found the Favoritos very inconsistent--ranging from the occasional Partagas-like flavor bombs to tasteless duds (and most somewhere in between) in the same box.
  4. My story--many years ago--this very nasty boss fired me--I hated him--he hated me... A year later I have another job and there I met the woman who became my wife--married twenty years now.... It turned out the nasty boss did me a great favor... P.S. Our host here will be amused that the nasty boss messed up after that and his punishment was to be sent to the corporate version of purgatory--Australia!
  5. I have had some luck smoking already aged (from boxes with date codes three years + in the past) sticks right OTT. My hypothesis is that they have stabilized for so long that a week or two in transit is unable to change them for the worse.
  6. Cairo


    I found some KDTs on sale at one vendor and bought some 2015s--tasty little smoke to start the day with morning coffee. Thanks to folks on this thread for showing me the way to these.
  7. In a similar vein, I really enjoyed one of your reviews which compared a fresh version with an aged version of the same cigar--would like to see more of those (or a discussion of some examples).
  8. I have smoked one out of a box of 2018s and I thought it was overpowering and (as you say) harsh and needed some serious down time.
  9. The bands look legit--which means they had a supplier of legit bands. I noticed a well known gray market vendor just received lanceros (which they _never_ have)--makes you wonder if they are legit. I am definitely buying Cohibas here and nowhere else.
  10. Time for math. Take the number of years you have left on the planet (best estimate) and divide that by how long it took you to fill up that tupperdor. Round up. That is how many tupperdors you need to buy. 😉
  11. On the one example where you can see the face it seems to be missing a white boundary (upper right quadrant) when it should be perfectly centered. Maybe more pictures of individual sticks (with the face showing) would indicate if this is an issue on the other sticks.
  12. Generic suggestion--when on no smoking properties I always walk up to the security guards and ask them where they smoke. 🙂
  13. Machine made is your best bet--

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