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  1. Reddit's Cuban cigar discussion these days is more shell shocked than anything else. Most posts are pointing at wild new prices with a "can you top this one" thing going on.
  2. There is a wide variety of boutique NCs these days--some are very strong and some are not. Your question was addressed in more detail in a recent thread:
  3. If I owned one of those large gray market vendors I would be crunching the numbers to figure out a way to close the business. They have had a great run--gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.
  4. My "statement" is that I stocked up when prices were reasonable. 😀
  5. Excellent point. The gray market is also telling us that the supply is ridiculously low. I am confident that when the supply gets back to normal (who knows when that will be) the gray market pricing will adjust, regardless of "official" prices elsewhere.
  6. I am working my way through a wonderful 2017 box, and fortunately I have gone very deep on these--started to hit its stride at the four year mark.
  7. Your time might be better spent trying to get senior management to fire them before they cause real damage. Sometimes that actually works. 😀
  8. I have a lot of very old NCs--and the 1959 is one of those that has aged well over the years--some are a decade old and have not lost a thing....
  9. When the #1s are on, they are better imho--but the #2s are very consistent--so I find myself reaching for the #2s more often....
  10. I have been reading more about this--and there is a lot of speculation and secrecy surrounding it. US embassies in Havana, Vienna, Bogota, Hanoi, Berlin, "Other European countries", "Russia", "China" were affected. The most plausible explanation I have heard is that it is the combination of foreign espionage "listening" technology and US counter-espionage "anti-listening" technology that has interacted in weird ways. The reason I am convinced it is the combination is because of the secrecy surrounding the subject. It looks like the US .gov does not want to share the details of their "anti-listening" technology and does not want to abandon it.
  11. In the US both parties have a simple rule for public policy--if/when it fails, double down!
  12. I agree--to a point. There is also just old fashioned momentum. It takes more power/clout to create a change than to just hold the status quo. In practical terms that would mean there would need to be a concerted lobbying effort to change the policy. US cigar smokers who order Cubans online benefit from the embargo--legal Cubans would probably be taxed insane amounts.
  13. The article did not mention that some other US embassies in other countries had experienced this as well--here is an article about Vienna: It looks like a lot more work needs to be done to figure out what is happening.
  14. I had a tooth extraction and implant and the surgeon gave me a piece of paper that said "no smoking for four months". I didn't debate the point. However, what I did was get on the Internet and read dozens of articles, opinions, debates--anything that mentioned cigars and implants. Some were fanatically anti-cigar, some said it had almost no effect, and there were a wide range of opinions in between. This stuff is not easy to figure out..... I paid particular attention to articles/opinions that discussed mitigation--this was information I could use. So--I did not hold out for the full four months, but the rules I decided on were: --Hold off for two months--that seemed to be the critical time for the implant to take--and tobacco/nicotine would have some negative effect. --When I restarted stuck to small cigars (petite coronas)--less was better than more--just one PC per day. --I also found out that I did not smoke on the side of the mouth where the implant was--that was a mitigating factor as well. The approach worked--the implant "took". These days you just have to do your own research--and mitigation is an option--everything does not have to be just "yes" or "no".
  15. The Favoritos are the best when they are on, but they have been hit and miss for me. The Tubulares are the most consistent performers imho. (That said--I have not tried either the LE or Nacionales.)
  16. The FAA and FCC should have negotiated this years ago--so I blame .gov and not the airlines. The problem (imho) is that both agencies have "regulatory capture" by their industries, so they had no interest in taking the "high road" and negotiating a solution for the public good.
  17. Back in the old days Philip K. Dick would debate all comers and argued that Australia did not exist at all--and that people who claimed they were from there were all liars. To the folks from that imaginary place that have mailed me such wonderful smokes in the past few years--I just say "thank you", whoever and wherever you might be!
  18. Agreed. The Taino head is way off center. The band is fake for sure. 😀
  19. Omg that is hilarious. The only thing that I could think of is that the writer got lost in the forum here:
  20. I did not vote since I view politics through an authoritarian/libertarian perspective and reject the left/right paradigm. But, I can't resist the old joke: "Q. What do you call a centrist who is middle of the road. A. Road kill." 😉
  21. A couple of comments on the list: --Highclere Castle Victorian--a truly complex non-Cuban, true quality--corona size is a good place to start. --HVC--these are among the best non Cuban maduros out there imho--including more well known ones that cost twice as much. The Hot Cakes are another good HVC choice. --La Familia Robaina Ilegal--These are on my "definitely try" list because the related HR blends have been solid. The HR cigars can be a bit overpowering, and the reviews warn that these may be as well.
  22. That is my experience as well. The recently released "Top 25" list that I have used in the past is this one--this only includes non-Cubans--I have only tried a few so far since I smoke a lot of Cubans:
  23. Good review. I stocked up on these when they were available. I have a 2017 box I am working on--only had one with the caramel taste I was hoping for...but with these you never know--the next one could be a winner.
  24. What is unique about now is that when this thing crashes the whole world gets clobbered together. That is also my view about investment classes--I think they will all crash together, though timing is way above my pay grade. There are no more safe harbors imho.
  25. Those are my friends. It makes it easy. The only Cubans they ever see from me are Vegueros Tapados which I offer as I take one for myself out of the cardboard package. I always plead poverty--my (well to do, btw 🙂 ) parents lectured me ad nauseum on that topic as I was growing up..... The Tapados are good enough that they will smoke them, but not good enough to make them want to abandon NCs and chase Cubans.

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