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  1. cigarzfan


    Can anyone share why the QDOs are so popular and go so fast?
  2. That's just it. There is only one review of the Project Carbon case online!
  3. Ha. Just had same issue with a RyJ Petit Churchill!
  4. cigarzfan

    SensorPush vs Wireless Sensor Tag

    What is the range of the gateway? (i.e., can it pick up devices across the house?). Thanks!
  5. Same boat. Would love to see something with a little age on them for more immediate consumption. Besides that - Cohiba Esplendidos and Siglo VI. 🤣
  6. cigarzfan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Anybody remember El Dentes? I’m pretty sure it is a VI. Cannot for life of me remember name of source!
  7. Throw away the box and have less stress in your life!!
  8. Wow. From 1,000 years in the future!
  9. How do you use them? For travel, I see the durability of a Xikar hard case. With a leather case, I'd be afraid of movement and breakage. In other words, I see appearance over function with the Leather Case but function over appearance with $20 Xikar hard case.
  10. "Peter James cigar case". Wow. $400. That ain't no joke!
  11. I took a long hiatus from smoking cigars and am glad to be back in it. V-Cuts just didn't seem as prevalent 10 years ago. However, I noticed that many people were using Colibri V-Cut. So I bought one myself to try out. It was instantly my new favorite way to cut!

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