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  1. Just smoked a 'crackin'' - as they say in your part of the world - Partagas Serie P No. 2 torpedo (I'd rate it a 95-96). Would welcome a whole humidor full of them. More on the way?
  2. Yes. But the question is “what is in the pipeline?” (ie, “are there more coming?”). Not what has already been done. Also interested in Sir Winston.
  3. Not political - just a fact - tourism drastically down in Cuba after U.S. Sanctions. Sad for the people of Cuba.
  4. Montecristo Especiale No. 1 1997 Pre-light – beautiful construction. Colorado shade wrapper. Nice pigtail cap. Firmly packed. Prelight draw demonstrated that this was really well packed, with a slight concern it might be just a tad too tight. First light – nope. Not too tight. Just right. Initial impressions of aged milk chocolate. Great start. 1st Third – Took time to light the cigar with torch. Not burning the end like most do. Keeping end of cigar just outside of flame and slowly toast the entire end. When I take the time to do this, the burn is usually razor sharp. That was the case here too. Body is mild to medium, as may be expected with a skinny over 20 years old. This cigar reminds me that you don’t always need a fat cigar to have good flavor and a good smoking experience. I’m getting nutmeg and a less intense nutty flavor – like cashew. I’m drinking this with morning coffee – with sugar and cream – so that may influence some of the taste. 2d Third – Predominantly vintage leather, nutmeg, and almond milk. Final Third- Nicotine hitting hard. Despite a medium-body, hits like a full body smoke. Not too much further development. Leather. Dry spice. Not peppery; more herbal. Summary – not very complicated. Just a pleasant vintage smoke. 91-92/100.
  5. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing pics. When I packed my Aristocrat to the gills, the humidifier couldn't distribute humidity properly. The hygrometer was reading much lower RH than was the case near the humidifier. As such, bottom section was over-humidified! I had to remove numerous boxes to allow more air flow.
  6. Facebook can always stamp out a user. Or a group. Or a post. That is why it is always important to have and own your own media platform.
  7. I’m sure this topic has been discussed in the past, but looking to update the thought pattern. What is your current favorite cigar? Mine right now is CoRo.
  8. We are on vacation in Colorado Rocky mountains. We live at sea level. We are about 8150 feet above sea level. Cigars I brought are not packing as much flavor as normal. Anyone else experience a bit of blandness at altitude?
  9. Thanks for the tip. Do you think some of these extend back into 2d half of 2018?
  10. Looks great. Seems like you could integrate the bottle opener into the cigar stand as well!

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