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  1. Some PSP Rio Secos from our host. 😁 Really looking forward to these a bit down the road.
  2. Onboard here as well. Great idea. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  3. I have two of them. They need to be calibrated around the rh level and temp you are trying to maintain, however. I've found that the calibration process is not linear. But once you have them dialed-in, they're solid.
  4. The Post Office won't help you. They're being sent back. You'll need to have them re-sent as I think the issue now has been sorted out.
  5. Watching college and American football, along with consuming copious amounts of alcohol and a few cigars -- all while pondering whether to accept a new job offer. Been with the same company 15 years and I'm now 48 years old, so it's hard to think of doing something else at this juncture.
  6. Thanks Pres. Looks like Monte's inconsistency problems are alive and well unfortunately.
  7. Nice! How much age do you like on your Medio Siglos? I have a box resting and am getting tempted.
  8. As others have noted, I too find it helpful in certain circumstances, particularly where a cigar is turning harsh or having trouble staying lit.
  9. It took him an hour and half to smoke it. Pretty sure that's slow enough for a cigar of this size.
  10. This is a first from a box of QDO 50s that have been resting at 62% rh for about 4 months. It was dry boxed for 2 days at about 50% rh. Pre-light draw: The draw was a bit on the firm side, but figured I would wait to see how things go before breaking out the PerfectDraw. Not getting much flavor wise, a bit of sweet hay and leather. 1st third: Caramel right off the bat. This was odd because I usually needs few puffs to start noticing the flavors. The tight draw is making me work for it, so I decide to cave and use the PerfectDraw. Draw is better now, but I’m not getting a ton of smoke. The burn is a little uneven initially, but not enough to touch it up yet. Now getting a fair amount of sweet grass and hay. Medium-light at this point. The burn doesn’t even out, so I decide to touch it up. Almost immediately I get the caramel back, now with some cocoa and a bit of spice. As a recent point of comparison, I had a Vigia last night but am enjoying this much more flavor-wise. About halfway through the 1st third, the burn worsens and starts canoeing badly. It also seems to be a bit on the fire-proof side. After another touch-up, we’re back in business. Lots of nice white smoke now! But before the end of the 1st third full blown re-light is required . . . 2nd third: Burn is starting to even out. Not much change flavor-wise. A tad spicier, perhaps from the re-light and touch-ups. More nice, white smoke, but the draw is still on the firm side so I decide to break out the PerfectDraw again. Another re-light required . . . Continuing in the 2nd third, the flavor is very consistent even after the re-lights. It never gets edgy, which is impressive. But, unbelievably, we’re back to canoeing! Another touch-up required. This one is stubborn. It still doesn’t want to stay lit, as if I’m smoking too slowly, but I don’t think I am. Really making me work for this one. Final third: Here we get more of the same. A very ‘clean’ flavor profile, mild to mild-medium now, but it just doesn’t want to stay lit. I never get back that initial caramel flavor, unfortunately. Mostly sweet hay and grass, with a bit of cream. I’m really torn on a grade here. The taste and flavor profile would warrant an 87, but the burn issues warrant a failing grade. Overall, I’ll give it a 75 and call it a day. This one took a lot work. I’m exhausted.
  11. When answering this question, I think you have to consider the marca. Is it a marca known for its consistency? Is it a marca known to generally improve with age? If yes to both, then I go with age. If no to both, then I go grade. If yes to one and no to the other, then reasonable minds can differ.
  12. Through all of the hustle and bustle of life and the infinite distractions and annoyances, there is literally nothing that comes close to the importance of our children. Congrats to you on what will be an amazing and unique journey that makes all else insignificant by comparison! Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  13. Won a couple of boxes on the auction. But I only have 4 left. 😕

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