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  1. Are those the Paraiso Caribbean Regional Edition?
  2. Amazon reviews look pretty spotty for the Calibri. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  3. That's it! You pushed me over the edge. I'm breaking one out this weekend. 😀
  4. I would be interested in more views about the temperature side of this equation. It seems there is a strong consensus (or at least majority view) on RH. However, what about temp? Do others think 65-70 F is materially different say than 70-75 F (assuming product has been frozen)?
  5. I too was lucky enough to grab a box of the 14 BPCs, but have not tried one yet. Trying to make sure they're acclimated first. But would also love to hear if anyone else has opened them up.
  6. Well I for one am anxiously awaiting this after being sniped in the auction. I have a fair amount of young boxes from here and elsewhere, but not much in the way of aged. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you. Perfectly said. I'm half Cuban myself, but was raised by my grandfather who was also thrown in a concentration camp before finally being able to leave once he refused to join the communist. Same with my uncle. Unfortunately, both are no longer alive. It's all perspective.
  8. I respectfully disagree. I get none of this. It's cherry and cream throughout.
  9. I have one and have used crypto for a few things over the years, but I'm not a fan.
  10. Same here - tried once and it was just gross.
  11. One thing that confuses me is that there seems to be a tension between the tube slowing down aging vs. adding to the flavor and richness of the cigar. From what I understand, the "normal" aging process tends to bring out the flavor of the cigar and add smoothness (maybe that's not entirely accurate, but that's what I've gathered from reading through the various threads here). If we slow that down by leaving the cigar in the tube, it seems counter productive to leave them in (outside the situation where super long term aging is desired I suppose). On the other hand, it sounds like the tube is adding its own "aging" effect, so maybe the two cancel out? Or are they different "aging" effects completely?
  12. Thanks for all of the replies! I think I have a pretty good setup now thanks entirely to all of you and this amazing forum. With that, and based on the comments here, I'm leaning towards opening them up, checking for mold, and leaving them open for a month or so to acclimate. I may even leave one or two open permanently to compare down the line how the aging process differs.
  13. Hi all - with the 24:24 dedicated to tubos today, I can't help but wonder if there is a consensus (or at least a majority opinion) on whether to store cigars in or out of their tubes for aging purposes. I've searched the forum but have not been able to decipher if it really is better to open them up and let them breath long term or not. Thanks in advance.
  14. My goodness that looks amazing!

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