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  1. Just joined and also from the PNW. I'm out of Everett/Mill Creek in Washington. New to CC game and a longtime NC guy. CC seem to be a bit more conducive to my cigar buying addiction though.
  2. Thanks for the info, excited to try them once they've rested a bit.
  3. *Warning--pictures of cigar butchery Once in a while I get free cigars from folks who stopped smoking or received them as gifts a "while ago". Usually all of them are NC and need varying stages of recovery, today was a bit different. My neighborhood has an annual garage sale and I usually wander around at the crack of 11am to look for trinkets. This time I was at my neighbors place eyeing a $5 kitchen gadget, after deciding to purchase it I talked to my him about actually participating one of these years and thought it would be funny to sit out front and sell cigars. The idea of sitting out in the driveway making an makeshift "patio lounge" for those obligated to frequent garage sales all day sounded amusing. My neighbor definitely thought I was joking. He mentioned he had some cigars he's had forever and stopped smoking a while ago. I visibly winced as he pulled the bundle of ziploc bags out of the refrigerator. I was surprised to see CC in the mix and asked him a bit about them. He didn't have much to offer other than getting them from various places or friends--the usual vague answers when you get free sticks. I mentioned they look a bit dry and I could put them in my humidor and try to breathe some life into these tortured souls. He gave them to me after paying the full $5 price tag for the mandoline and joking about how I'm going to lose my fingers cutting vegetables. Since I'm a bit new to the CC game just wondering if anybody has any insight on these sticks or maybe a rough idea how old some of these are? Also if I should give any of them an honorable death?

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