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  1. I use coolidor(s) with tupperware inside and Boveda 65s in each. The Bovedas last a long time with this set up. I will typically pull out a stick an hour or two before I light it.
  2. When the retailer asks what I am looking for and/or like to smoke, and then tries to sell me the direct opposite.
  3. UB83


  4. I have never seen that before. Some unravel from a bad cut or have splits, but not a burst!
  5. I always avoided the gym and kept to a simple routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and run. A few free weights thrown in for fun when I had time. About 6 months ago I moved back to where I grew up and talked with an acquaintance who owns a strength gym about getting serious. He has put me on 3 different 8 week programs so far, working out for ~60 minutes Mon-Fri. I have been in the best shape in years. I am happy to share those plans and have attached them to this message. Feel free to ask, as some of the exercise names probably make no sense. STRENGTH & CARDIO CIRCUIT.xlsx STRENGT
  6. So how common are beetles? I have yet to experience them in 10 years of novice to intermediate cigar smoking/collecting/keeping. I just recently got into cubans and only currently have about 50 Cubans and 30 NC between two coolidor/tuppadors. I keep each box or pack in separate tuppadors with two tuppadors for singles.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. I will have to play some this evening.
  8. I am working through a box of ABR 16 Monte #5s. Smoking great. No issues with the quality through 3 of smokes over the past couple weeks.
  9. If doing a date/event based meetings start with the furthest out event as it is less likely to be fully planned and work backwards. The event that is coming up next will have the most detail and require the most attention so finish with that, or you will never make it to the next event
  10. My thoughts FWIW. I thought this last episode was a good episode, but it has been a bad season all together. I agree the season has moved quickly and has been an overall let down. I will say this seems to happen with all shows once the characters and situations become played out. I am glad they are ending it, but could have been executed (no pun intended) better.
  11. Thanks. That is what I have been doing, however, it seems that in the cut- throat world of 24:24 I may not have the time.

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