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  1. Haha a weaponized wig that allows him to empathize with the enemy. Seriously, they said he’s constantly griping on set. I’m thinking “ dude you’re bond! This is a privilege and duty to keep this franchise alive!”
  2. After Craig got his nads destroyed in the most ridiculous scene in casino royale he’s gonna come back as gender fluid trans bond In a couple of years😂
  3. Pretty much all the NCs I have left. Trying to clear out space and give my ccs more aging time so I smoked a liga uf-13 and a nc monte 80th tonight and just can’t really enjoy them anymore. Also the word “mansplaining”
  4. If you’re gonna keep adding to your collection steadily in the next month then I would smoke one or 2 in a few days just to celebrate and just get an extra quarter box to replace them, those rass look tasty
  5. I don’t go to many in the states anymore except for xikar warranty service since I’ve switched to CC, but every other store seemed to have someone who didn’t really want to be there and would just try and sell $30 Ashton singles to make their numbers jump for the day. I don’t mind the upsell but at least throw in a good recommendation for an everyday $8-15 stick too buddy😂
  6. I ordered a box of these during the year end clearance and can’t wait to get them in. It’s a shame that we need to burn one before they’ve matured in order to get a baseline but I see why it’s recommended now. Nice review!
  7. Wow great review! Can’t wait to try one, I think I have 6 months left to hit that 2 year window! Awesome breakdown of the grass and hay elements.
  8. Today I decided to review a 5 year old Allones Superiores. The wrapper and pre draw aromas were very mellow with a general sweetbread and honey scent. I have the feeling that it would have been more fragrant a few years ago. Construction was good minus a tiny imperfection in the wrapper which I’m hoping is not a beetle hole. The draw wasn’t affected at all by it so I’m guessing it’s not. First third was light to medium body with hints of leather, mild pepper and a light floral scent. It’s not a complex flavor bomb but more of a consistent and pleasantly mild smoke with light creaminess. 2nd third definitely had an increase of pepper and spice to it with earthy barnyard and soil flavors coming through. There was a background of sweetness also that I can’t quite put my finger on. More baking sweetness than fruit for me. Final third started to feel like more of a medium body cigar and a little strength crept in. I’m admittedly not great at picking exact fruit flavors yet but cherry comes to mind. Tobacco flavors started to become more apparent and it stayed pleasantly mellow with creamy abundant smoke through the entire cigar. This smoke didn’t have a ton of changes and complexity but it embodies the very flavors and body that made me switch primarily to CCs a few years ago. It didn’t really blow my skirt up but I have 19 more to smoke over the next 5-10 years so I’m sure I’ll find some gems hidden in there. Burn was great and the ash fell a bit too easily for my liking but not a big deal. It got very windy outside after I lit it up so I’m sure that played a role in muting some of the flavors and scents. I’m really digging this 46ish RG and can’t wait to try the magnum 46 I’ve got resting. I would rate this an 88 because it was good but I have to admit I was expecting a little more from a $12-14 range stick. Happy smoking and have a good Sunday!
  9. I just joined FOH this month learning a lot from everyone on here and finally opened this box and got to try a D6 after patiently waiting 4 years. I’m learning about dry boxing finally but didn’t have time on this one. Instead I took Rob’s advice and popped it in the fridge after cutting for 2 hrs prior to ignition. It seemed to work pretty well. The filler made a slight crackle sound when rolled in hand and the band was moveable. This Marca seemed light and underfilled but construction was nice. The wrapper had a nice medium brown color with oily sheen with leaf veins visible. Wrapper smelled light, floral and sweet. The foot smelled like raisins and tobacco. Cold draw had notes of sweet fruit like apricots and tobacco mixed. First third had leather, pepper, wood, acidity like a dark berry and a creaminess with abundant smoke. I tried to smoke it slowly to avoid ruining the flavors and had to relight . Burn was slightly uneven but manageable. Medium gray ash fell off easily and it reminded me of a Short with an extra dimension of creaminess and flavor. Medium body 2nd third had pepper, cedar/wood, creaminess was toning down but it started to burn and smoke better. Citrus, acidic notes and retrohale is still smooth. Final third had the creaminess leaving with strong salt and pepper blast with that signature Partagas flavor alongside that Cuban twang. Strong acidic berry flavor, toasted bread notes and retrohale still smooth. I paired it with a tangy radler that really worked with the acidic flavors or the d6 and coconut water is my new go to for non alcoholic pairing. The oil in the water gives a great compliment to the smoke and texture of CC for me. Final rating for me is an 89 for Partagas brand (comparing within brand) and 87 compared to similar sized competitors like Upmann half Coronas. 1hr burn time. Thanks to everyone on here for all the knowledge and looking forward to sharing future reviews on here with y’all. Happy smoking!
  10. Yeah it’s definitely comical but great because they have several sauces to try with it and you’ll have awesome leftovers for 2 more meals haha!
  11. Jambo’s in Arlington and Burleson Texas (DFW area) has this 6 meat sandwich for $15. It has ribs, fried bologna, chicken, pork, sausage and brisket. Not for the timid haha. Most memorable bbq sandwich I’ve had.

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