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  1. Due to travel I had to smoke and submit my pick for No 3. Needless to say I was flying blind. Had to submit a pick for a cigar I don’t think I’ve had before but I think I recognized some characteristics that assigned it to a marca. Whatever it was, this cigar was a great smoke and I’m buying a box of whatever it turns out to be. Good luck.
  2. And the rest is history. Congrats!
  3. HURR BRE JUN 17 very tasty cigar. It has some evolution and some distinguishable, honey sweetness, bread and a nice spice on the retrohale. Courtesy of @MigsG Thank you, friend. A good Upmann for sure.
  4. Smooth, mild, woodsy but very pleasant. Thanks @Bucky McSwensen
  5. I actually tasted the cigar and I’ve never been able to taste Upmann! I’m totally floored.
  6. Dropbox has been useful for our team. My company operates out of 5 office locations and we have some roaming project managers that travel all over the US. The shared folder ability for people in varying locations has proven useful and it’s relatively inexpensive. I have moved most of my own folders on to Dropbox and in terms of looking at blue prints and referencing prior bids/estimates from the field or project site has proven invaluable.
  7. You can give your wife my info and I’ll fairly value the whole lot of VR and wipe it out in one go. I’ll pay my respects at the visitation on the way out of town. Ha! Let me know if I need a truck and/or trailer! Hope to smoke a VR with you soon! Early November is my goal.
  8. Can only speak to Cohiba Secretos and Magicos but I really enjoy them. It brings a different flavor profile to the mix and I’m in the market for a box of each.
  9. In honor of 24:24 slow emails and missed opportunities...
  10. Thanks, Wookie. Initially I did get hints of the citrus/grassiness typical of the Cohiba but it was a distant second to the Maduro wrapper. It was unlike any other Cohiba that I’ve had. There was something I really liked about it but certainly not for the reasons I like other Cohibas. Maybe young is where it’s at so you can still get subtle notes of the Cohiba DNA.
  11. Magicos today. This Maduro line is climbing in my rankings. The Secretos is a fantastic cigar and this was up there. This is presumably a 2018 single from the store. Does anyone have experience with older box codes on these...say 2014/2015? I’m interested to know if time helps or hurts these given they already have 5 year old wrappers.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Headed there in January if it’s still legal! The power/fuel rationing will add to the experience.
  13. Love them both but have to lean beef for the steak and hamburgers it delivers and brisket done well is the holy grail. I would choose beef if I had only one but saying goodbye to bacon would be a tearful departure. I had to ponder on this one for a bit. Harder than I thought!

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