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  1. Merry Christmas to our friends down under. Saw a few of these posts and had a laugh. Merry Christmas to the FOH crew and its members.
  2. I’ve found shoes for her help. Ha. Loving the rural living but having easy access to countless amenities also has its perks. OP is a great city. Enjoy the hobby!
  3. Shout out to @lovethehaze for this enjoyable RA. Thanks, man.
  4. Welcome. I see you and your wife have had the requisite discussions pertaining to your collection and as such, you’re officially a member here. Give it time...she’ll eventually stop questioning the daily postal visits and she won’t think much about the daily 24:24 alarm on your phone after a year or so. I’m north of the river just outside of Kearney. Used to live in OP but decided to give country living a go.
  5. I had the pleasure of touring his Studio in January and bought some prints. He was a gracious host and offered us cigars, rum and coffee. Just messaged him on Facebook asking if he still had one that I loved but was short on cash due to my CAD. He still has it and is reserving it for when Havana opens back up. I agree completely, his work is amazing up close. 👍🏽
  6. Awesome. Thanks @lovethehaze Didn’t make it to the Robaina farm in January but it will absolutely be on the itinerary next trip (whenever that is). I was hoping for January 2021 but that’s looking iffy.
  7. First (but not the last) Esmerelda. The last 3rd showed a little youth but the first 2 were excellent.
  8. It couldn’t have smoked any better; utterly satisfying with every draw/retrohale. It’s the kind of cigar you look upon fondly after each puff and say “thank you for being you, little buddy”. Excellent. 👍🏽🌟
  9. This is why I love cuban cigars so much. Excellent from start to finish. Courtesy of @lovethehaze from 2015.
  10. Stumbled on your review here. No need to reply back from my question last night. Thanks.
  11. In talks with vigilant now regarding a custom build. Did you order the temp and RH system? I’m struggling to find many reviews on the quality of the RH/Temp control system. I have no doubt the cabinet will be exceptionally built I’d love some honest feedback from a current owner. Thank you.
  12. Hoping to get back in January but not looking promising. Disappointing indeed.

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