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  1. My needs are met, too, but my wants are insatiable. 👍🏽 Went with the Regios and punch as well. Been wanting to try the short Punch. That’s the best price on Regios in ages.
  2. A disease that rewards you with boxes of Cubans in the mail. I hope they never find a cure.
  3. 2002/2003 Especiales No 2. Saw them up on BR and dug through the humi to find this. Damn good cigar. Floral/citrus and a subtle spiciness in the background. Aged beautifully.
  4. I believe this is what they refer to as "your life is complete". Ha! Solid lineup.
  5. I’m a sucker for them as well. Those are going to treat you well. Might as well add Unicos to your stock...your future self will appreciate it. 😉
  6. Have to acquire all the favorites in 2020 box codes for the humidors while the getting is good.
  7. Looks similar to one I picked up and gifted. You’re good. I carried 4 of these back with a bunch of cigars and said I’ll never do that again. They weigh a ton.
  8. Bond Roberts about 6 months ago. I regret not plugging a higher bid on Vegas Robaina 5th Avenue 15th Anniv Edition from Germany. I was tied up and lost the auction in the last 5 minutes by $5 and I’ll probably never see those again. Still hurts.
  9. Aged: LGC Tainos ‘01 (courtesy of @Bucky McSwensen). May be the best cigar in the last year. Wish I had 1,000 of these. Young: Punch ManTua. This is going to be a stunner.
  10. Wanted to give a shout out to @NYgarman for this 2010 ERDM Choix Supreme. He saw my shout box asking where all the Choix had gone and sent a PM. These aren’t his favorite so we’ve worked out a trade and I’m the proud new owner of several. It’s brilliant and I’m enjoying every second. Thank you, sir. Yours will go out to you this week. 👍🏽
  11. Merry Christmas to our friends down under. Saw a few of these posts and had a laugh. Merry Christmas to the FOH crew and its members.

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