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  1. Smoking 2014 JLPCs that are just killer. Bring back the JLPC and put it in a 50 cab.
  2. Good to know. Hadn’t seen any 19s anywhere. Now I’ll be on the hunt. I appreciate the feedback.
  3. I got to the Punch and saw Double Corona was a clear leader. Has anyone seen 2019 Double Corona regular production? I’d love to stumble on some of they are out there. It seems people are voting their favorite vitola and not favorite 2019 produced vitola.
  4. The VR is just a dud of a release in my book. The flavor dissipated almost instantly in the mouth...just too light for my liking. They can’t all be winners, I guess. One left and they won’t be missed. But the Partagas more than made up for it. Thanks @Bucky McSwensen Excellent cigar.
  5. Scored this in a trade with @lovethehaze and I’m pretty certain after smoking this cigar I got the better end of the deal. Fantastic Nicaraguan puro. Gorgeous wrapper, perfect construction, complex blend of flavors that weave in and out. Can’t ask for more in a cigar.
  6. Those crook are pretty darn good. Found another that I like - Lavida Habana Toro Maduro. I’ve only had two Partagas Maduros but neither hit home for me. I buried the boxes and will revisit another day. I need to dry box them more...flavors were muted in my samples. Hopefully they were just duds.
  7. Magicos from ‘18 and an Illusione Singulare from @lovethehaze Both good cigars.
  8. Been a nice Thursday - Sunday stretch. Stepped on the Lancero unfortunately but it burned fine (eventually). Have to say the JL2 (‘14) was the star of the show followed by the Unicos (‘16). Punch Punch never disappoints and I question why I don’t reach for them more often. The Coloniales was the first from a ‘16 box and it set the tone for something special.
  9. Had my first last week and wanted to see if it was a fluke or if they really are that good. Great initial experience.

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