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  1. Thirds

    Hey y'all from NC

    Small world! I graduated from Rockhurst as well...2002. I live a little north of KC near Kearney, MO. My mother likes to refer to my Rockhurst education as the most expensive cover charge in history....I enjoyed my time there.
  2. Thirds

    Hey y'all from NC

    Your mentor is a wise individual. Must’ve met him in KC (that’s where I’m from). Enjoy the cigar experience and welcome to FOH.
  3. Nice review! I’m excited to get my hands on the 04. What is ideal aging time for LGC? There are some on the auction now from 2016 and the ones from the auction a couple weeks ago were 2014 (I paid too much but I can’t wait to get my hands on them.). Is it ok to dive right in to the 2014s?
  4. That sounds like a real treat! Burn line razor sharp. 👍🏽
  5. Thirds

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RASS UBM JUL 18 Simply delicious right out of the gate. Setting phone down to enjoy. Subtle sweetness, fruity, and leathery wood/tobacco. I detect this wonderful hint of almond that shows itself sporadically. I like a cigar that offers surprises. This was a great smoke. Stout in the final third but I enjoyed it to the nub. The pepper on the retrohale singed the nose just right.
  6. Picked it up tonight. Quality construction and humidity control fires right up. I’ll have to do some tear he on what it takes to add the temp control. Good luck on your project.
  7. Struck a deal to buy a used Vigilant Reliance 1000 End Table (all wood) Analog humidification system for $600 (retail new $2700). On the surface this seems like a no-brainer. Am I missing something with regards to the analog system? Seller assured me it works like a charm he just gave up the hobby. It also comes with all his gear - lighters, cutters, travel packs for lighters, ash tray, etc. I don’t know much about cooling and humidification systems but I’m assuming I can retrofit an analog system with an upgraded combo cooling/humidification system, right? When it seems too good to be true I hesitate. Any advice/input is appreciated -Thirds
  8. With age comes wisdom. Yes, we’re getting older but more importantly, wiser. I enjoy the birds as well.
  9. I find a sense of awe any time I put on a backpack and head out in to nature. As I’ve gotten older I realize it’s the little things that stir the most wonder; simple things that didn’t come in to focus because I was too busy to notice. In a world of constant innovation and dizzying pace of technological advancements, the peace comes by unplugging and tuning out the noise. The social media world likes to talk a great deal but if you listen, you realize it has nothing to say! I hope future generations learn to slow down a bit and smell the proverbial rose. With that being said, I wonder what will be on tomorrow’s 24:24 sale? 😉
  10. Just received a box of JLS2 UTL Jul 18...looks like I still have some waiting to do to get that experience. If this box pans out anything like yours I’ll be pleased.
  11. These arrived yesterday and are now taking a rest. Thanks to the FOH team for giving us reasons to log back in every day. Great site and service all around.
  12. Congrats, @CaptainQuintero Well deserved.
  13. Thank you @Elpresidente and the FOH crew. They arrived today and will take the mandatory rest. Much appreciated. 👍🏽 -Thirds
  14. Thirds

    Got milk?

    Liquor salesman to the miners: Urine luck, fellas. Buy 100 bottles and get the 101st for free.

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