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  1. We are a second-tier sub in the commercial world and we’ve saved tens of thousands in lift rentals by borrowing a lift in exchange for a case of beer. 😂 I know what you mean!
  2. The wrappers and construction look pretty good as far as I can tell from the picture. If they charged $5 and called it a custom with no bands I probably wouldn’t be disappointed in the experience.
  3. Nice. A cheap and cheerful that I would keep on your radar is the RGPC. I enjoy every one and feel they have solid value. Are you in the US? Have a mailing address? Send me a PM and I’ll put a little something together for you. Cubans only or are you open to some Non-cuban selections? Consider this a thank you for your service from a “young” BOTL who never wore the uniform. Thanks.
  4. I picked an opportune time to start reading “The Devil and Karl Marx” by Paul Kengor. This was taken from the preface. I pray for the Cuban people.
  5. You nailed it on the humidification being suspect. I had the same complaint. The bar had a pretty good whiskey/bourbon/scotch selection. Maybe our paths will cross on one of your future excursions.
  6. Havana Garage is associated with the tobacconist right around the corner from them (sounds like you found them on your trip). I learned this the hard way myself after a few disappointing trips to HG’s humidor. They usually have several TAA releases to try and their house cigar is an above average NC cigar. I don’t live there but get to Omaha regularly for business. Hope to meet up on a future trip.
  7. What will Cuba discontinue to make room for the larger ring gauge cigars? If they don’t have enough tobacco now for their catalog something must be cut to make room for tobacco gobbling large RGs.
  8. “We even sometimes run out of José L. Piedras or Quinteros!” - marketing director, Cubacigar The quote makes me think even he was surprised by this. Ha. Demand is strong.
  9. Those RAs are tasty little sticks. Based on how they were ROTT I had to load up on them with more inbound. Don’t care what the secondary will be as I intend to smoke these myself. And the box is nice to look at. Call me a fool but I think all the 2019s LEs are great cigars and great young.
  10. I’m ready to see these in the wild. Bring ‘em on.
  11. Pretty sure there's a freemason there now for what it's worth....

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