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  1. I did this and did not see any dust, but then again I typically inspect cigars I get in the mail and I didn’t notice the holes until a couple days afterwards. It could have been a fresh hole! In any case, I appreciate the response I got here... good to know other people went through it and it’s not the end of the world for my collection. I was worried at first that freezing everything would make my cigars stale somehow.
  2. I’ve been a fan of AVO’s for years! They typically come in the cellos like you’re describing but I’ll definitely keep a better eye on them. I had read a bit about beetles before so I conditioned a separate humidor for the Cubans just to protect the investment - seems that was the right move! I’m freezing my Dominican/Nicaraguan/etc collection now, hoping it was just that one Synchro.
  3. Thanks everyone, stacked everything up in a gallon ziplok and stuck it in the freezer - I’ll move them to the fridge after a week. I appreciate the responses and advice.
  4. I would but it’s 3am in the states and I have a 9:00 meeting 🤦‍♂️ I’m going to drop them in the freezer as a preventative measure, lots of Fuentes and anniversary edition sticks in that box.
  5. I cracked my Dominican humidor today and found this suspect hole on a recently acquired AVO Ritmo. Thankfully I have a separate humidor for my cubans but this has got me panicking a bit. Any opinions on if this is something to be worried about? I isolated it right away, no signs of holes on anything else in the box. Should I watch for a couple days before ::shudder:: freezing my collection?
  6. Hey all, I saw the recent post from Wednesday asking for a definitive guide to aging cigars. As a new-ish connoisseur to cigars (I've smoked for many years but have only recently started to learn more about the finer points of whiskey/wine/cigar tasting) I was wondering if anyone might help a newbie understand *why* we age cigars. I've read a bit about hints of ammonia dissipating after aging for a bit. I'm excitedly awaiting my first sampler, and wanted to learn if I should age them at all before dipping into them? Also, I've read that having a scotch or whiskey with a cigar, while nice, can kill some of your discernment of some of the more complex and subtle notes - is there any truth to this? Thanks! - Rob
  7. Hey all, relatively new to cubans (and the finer points of cigars in general). These were among my top first choices to try out - will aging them reduce the ammonia notes and such? I was attracted to the flavor/notes description as cedar/cream/toast.
  8. Yeah it's crazy, everything from earbuds to hot dogs seems to be a public safety concern down there now. I like upstate, at least in the summer months - lots of beautiful places to have a stick. If you find yourself up near Syracuse or the Adirondack region this summer, be sure to send a PM It'd be great to meet up and have a smoke! My wife would usually partake too but we're expecting currently.
  9. So there's this shop in town that's run by this old hippie that's traveled the world studying under roasting grandmasters... he won't sell to any corporate interests or anything, he has one size only for $2.50 a cup and it's a requirement that he tell you the entire history of coffee every time you visit. Charges $20/lb and it's the best Ethiopian Yergacheffe I've ever had. Can't start my morning without it. Deathwish Coffee is my go-to pre-ground when I'm in a rush.
  10. Nice, a fellow new yorker newbie. I'm in the city and around CT/NJ for business quite a bit. Just ordered a new to cubans sampler myself!
  11. Thanks guys, hoping I get a cohiba and hoyo epicure in the sampler - I read a lot of great reactions to those. I like creamy/almond/spice notes in particular. Any recommendations for my first tries?

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