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  1. Hello all! I'd been putting off formally introducing myself because… well I'm not very good at public speaking (British trait?)… but I've just jumped into the 24:24 thread, so I figured an introduction is now officially overdue. I dunno what to say? I like (good) beer, scotch (okay, pretty much just Islay) Whisky, and cigars (although that is something I'm still realising I love). In my 30s now, been a cigarette smoker for far too long (and dabbled in smoking other stuff in my teens(!)), but only really just discovering my real appreciation for tobacco. What else? I dunno! I also like making my own bread and beer (and for my better-half cider). Sour beers are a favourite, I've got a few boxes of bottles of a sour cider being brought into rotation this year and I'm really looking forward to that (brewed with WLP616 if we have any curious brewers reading). Think I've run out of things to say about myself. If I'm not indulging in the usual vices (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol…) then I'm probably programming to some extent. Network/software engineer by trade, if any of you want to containerise your cigars then I am your man (sorry… bad LXC/Docker joke).

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