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  1. Welcome I’m new too from West Virginia.
  2. So I’ve been smoking cigars for about 6 months and have dove in with both feet. I am now starting to get more into Cubans and have never had a cuban I didn’t like. My favorite flavor notes are coco, nuts, some pepper and I don’t mind a little earth. I haven’t been real keen on leather sticks just don’t see to do it with me. Out of the 10 Cubans I’ve had my favorite was a Johnny-O.
  3. Hello all, My name is Chayse I have been smoking cigars for about a year now and have had Cubans from time to time. I am now starting to lean more to Cubans then non Cubans and have been wanting to get more into them. A friend from another site told me to come over here and now I am lol.

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