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  1. I finally smoked a N1 lancero I got some time ago. Interesting smoke for sure. Had another one of these 20 D6s that have been delivering in spades. Not pictured was one of my last Boli N2s
  2. I havent touched any 19/20 stock yet except a Partagas D6 literally right off the truck (box never made it into the house). It was outstanding with just a hint of youngness but a flavor explosion.
  3. With the weather being damn near perfect cigar weather here, I've been having at least 2 a day while the newness is still there. 16 RyJ Cazzy (MASSIVE tunneling, ended up pitching it) 17 Partagas E2 superb as always Davidoff Signature No 2 Padron 1926 80 Years Family Reserve in Natural (These lost that bite I never liked in the naturals after about ~4 years) Very good.
  4. I've smoked all the Behikes I've had (3) to plain seltzer or lemon seltzer. Its my go-to beverage when I want to basically just cleanse the taste instead of pair.
  5. I've found environmental factors can really mess around with what would have been an enjoyable cigar. Even a passing rain shower in theory added to big time burn issues just due to the moisture in the air. While I'm guilty of sometimes posing my cigars for a nice pic, I'd never lay it over top a steaming beverage. For me, it'd be more the worry of the accidental swimming hazard. I take great care/pride in picking out the perfect smoke for the moment, so I wouldn't want to cut it short over some digi-likes.
  6. Literally smoked this right off the truck...they've been in my hands for maybe 25 minutes. Snagged the ugliest stick out of one of the 5-ers I got with a APG MAY 19 code and it was WAY too good. I'd mark it a 90 point cigar all day. A bit...non-cuban-esque on the easy draw but bombs of flavor, with no real harshness I'd attribute to a young cigar. I generally only smoke my cubans with 4-15+ years on them but this called to me. Only issue I can see with these short fatties is the burn time was only a paltry 25 mins. Will it replace my Party Shorts? NOPE. A good change of pace.
  7. I'll smoke less but generally its because I find cold temperatures/low humidity are rougher on the cigars when smoked. Now I got a heater setup in the garage? Nope...firing on all cylinders.
  8. I have probably 20 years worth of cigars at my current smoking rate but I'll probably up that considerably in the near future. I also plan to offload a lot of my non cuban stash either by sell it off or using them as give outs to non cigar smokers. I'm a bit younger than most here so I'm not at a lifetime supply just yet. My plans include amassing a solid rotation of all the classics so I have a constant aged stash. Unfortunately I found I prefer quite some time on a cigar for a lot of marcas so buy and hold seems to be the way to do it remotely economically.
  9. Only 4? I usually bring at least a 5-er of Party shorts and 5tin of HUHC plus some bigger stuff 1. PSE2 2. RyJ Churchill 3. Cohiba Lancero 4. Party Lusitania
  10. Best car? Ford Mustang GT. This car sounded amazing, drove great and was very comfy. Racked up 26k miles in a hair over a year. Took me all over the east coast for work and for fun. Never gave me issues and was a blast! Split on best and worst. Probably the one I owned the shortest. Porsche 718S. Amazingly fast, and an experience every time I drove it. Also sucked as a "car". Also caught too much attention for me. Worst? My Jeep project. It's been my boat on land. Love it when Im using it but constantly pouring money into it, neglecting it, plauged with issues, go back
  11. Well it's not corona related but I did order far more cigars than I need. The girl has noticed I smoke too much now (or was it always and she never noticed).
  12. Was on before for the first time and it was fun. I might see about getting myself on more regularly. Garage setup is doing me favors so rain or shine I'm good to go.
  13. I had these kicking around from a box split I did a bit ago. Had a few but they never left a lasting impression on me...decided this was a good reason to revist. I had kept the worse looking examples as tradition goes. I lit these up on a very lazy, raining day here which I was hoping wouldn't effect burn and luckily it didn't. 1/3 - Blasted me with a bit of pepper/spice? Weird...luckily it went away very quickly and settle down. Dry grass mostly. 2/3 - Oooh this is fun. Partagas sourdough with monte coco. Bits of that grass floating in there. Decided here
  14. Im super excited these PSP Hoyos arrived! I now finally have a 19 box of every Double Corona in current production (and a single or so of every DC from recent past). Cant wait till I can dig into these, they look amazing!

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