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  1. and at the supposed prices I'd probably smoke more Davidoffs (which I consider an actual luxury product) because they hit the same mark over and over like no other brand out there in my experience.
  2. I'll toss my hat into the ring with "already transition a bit more back to Non Cubans" at this price point. If they are going to ratchet the prices up to Davidoff and above levels they will at least need to bring QC in line with Davidoff or it'll be a rare to never enjoyment for me after I burn through my current stock. Personally I think this is a short term strategy if they are indeed shifting focus just to one region. All it takes is a drop off in one region to wipe out their market. Non Cuban has already incubated a solid selection leveraging the USA during the embargo decades. I can see NC eeking their way into non USA hands at a faster clip at this point. Oh man do I miss the days of cheap D4s and affordable Cohiba/Trinis
  3. Friends of Fuente...because at their price hikes (and this stupidness) I'm a little off on their problem. (Kidding I'll prob still pay through the nose for my favorite habanos)
  4. Judging by my local cigar smoking spots I haven't seen much anything remotely looking like a skinny smoked in years. I'm sure if you are going by volume, they are going the way of the dodo
  5. Knowing that save for a few friends (who now live out of country), nobody would probably care about my cigars if I went. I'm pretty sure the lady would bulk sale them to some cigar shop for far too little. Even though I have a detailed catalog it lives among my heavily encrypted digital files. Those all go poof with a deadman switch. Having the unfortunate history of having to deal with estates, I know it's so overwhelming usually even things of value get tossed or liquidated for pennies on the dollar. Just recently when my great aunt passed there was just enough energy to have everyone pick through sentimental stuff, handle some of the big ticket items (jewelry, gold, guns, etc) and basically everything else was sold with the house. I'm sure my modest collection of a few thousand cigars would be a low priority item, even if the value on them *should* be worth considering.
  6. Funny I just had a few cigars over the weekend and a D6 was a standout winner. Only issue is they are just too short. I'd take one in robusto any day of the week, Id say I "prefer" their boldness over the D4 as well
  7. I stick them in the attic. No idea why but has come in handy to rememeber a boxcode i forgot to write down
  8. Already up to nearly $5 in the NYC metro, and seeing reports in CA over $7. I expect it to keep going up. We went from 3.15->4.75 in 2 days.
  9. quite a bit bold for a CC smoker but I love basically anything from Roma Craft. One of the few NC brands I keep stocked
  10. BMP DIC 16. Partgas SD4. It was not only a killer cigar it also was enjoyed outside finally. Took the time to sneak one in on a rare 65F (18c) day when otherwise its been snow, cold and bitter. For me I always found cigars taste best not inside.
  11. Really breaking in the new house with some back to backs. 19' Punch Punch.
  12. I track my wine coolers and tupperware with calibrated wifi data loggers. Im not TOO neurotic about storage conditions sticking to some magical number but mostly they are consistent AND those conditions match a pleasurable smoking experience. I have about ~4-6 years running the same setup with extremely consistent results. With a temp of 68-71F the rh will fluxuate with (tons) of 65% bovedas; about 62-67rh. Realistically...small swings as long as they stay over 59 and below 68 are all stellar. The biggest factor to me has been consistent rh/temp within a handful of degrees over a period of time. Wild fluctuations such as when I had to move, or leaving the doors/lids off for over an hour or 3 can impact the smoke. Cigars at least in my experience are pretty sturdy things, and I've noticed some people can prefer "drier or wetter" cigars. So far my cigars dont really know a lick of difference between 65-67rh as long as its been there for a long time.
  13. I should have jumped a bit on the 19/20 production while it lasted. Oh well, guess these resting sticks will get put to flame while I wait

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