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  1. That answers that. Aged stock it is. I’ll start saving my pennies.
  2. Potentially a stupid question - and not to derail the thread (pls delete if i am) but how often, if ever, do Behikes show up on 2424? I’ve only been following the forum for a month or so. Saw a few boxes on the auction as well, but I don’t think a $1k+ box of stogies is in my budget this year! Curious if they ever pop up on a quarter-box-basis or something similar
  3. Prez-sorry to dig up something so old, but curious if this still exists somewhere on here and if the 100/6mo rule still stood. Cheers! Specifically the trading forum, I saw the auction platform and it’s awesome. Some dream pieces on there for sure
  4. Found a bottle of pappy! That’s a tough one to land in the states
  5. Vicious cycle indeed. I had the opposite problem, bought a new humidor and didn’t have enough good cigars to fill it with! The work begins.
  6. Same! Daily return. My CC is going to catch fire soon if I keep it up
  7. Hello everyone. Been following the forum for a little while, mostly educating myself. Learned a lot. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and enjoying some great cigars

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