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  1. RyJ Belvederes 2017, wow, what a pleasant cigar.
  2. Young (8 months), Siglo V this morning. While good, I think time can improve it. Will try another in 6 months.
  3. Cohiba Siglo V UBM NOV 18 (CRW) 43x 6 3/4 Lonsdale Bought this box a few months ago from another source and has been resting since then. 1/3rd Cedar spice on the light, almost harsh through the nose lacking smoothness. It mellowed out and got a burst of coffee with some smoothness, and a muddled twang. I had to slow down to enjoy this cigar, not that I rush my cigars, but this cigar required a slow and meticulous draw to enjoy its taste. Not a problem for me, I continued to sip the cigar and I hit gold. Notable flavors where roasted brown sugar, honey, and earth on a zesty cedary tropical twang. 2/3rd The cigar delivered nutty and grassy flavors, along with earthy minerals and tropical toasted tobacco twang. As I smoked through I got toasted tobacco, burnt brown sugar and zesty tropical oaky twang. Notable flavors where of coffee and zesty orange, grass and tropical zesty twang with a cedar spice off the foot. Last third was zesty tropical twang, with roasted tobacco and nutty earth, aromatic cedar and roasted coffee. My rating for this cigar: 87.5 Construction 5/5 Flavor 5/5 Strength 5/5 Age 2.5/5 This cigar had a rich, zesty and complex tropical taste to it. Good for a slow and relaxing smoke. Notable flavors where the zesty tropical twang, complex notes of earth, grass, and cedar.
  4. So nice, smell and look good. The smell, is like some sweet tobacco nectar.😍 Clearance Upmann No.2, oh yeah I got p2 on the way too, can't wait.🤗
  5. Romeo y Julieta Belvederes UBM JUN 17 (SRW) 4 7/8" x 39 Bought a box of 25 from another source a few months ago dated UBM JUN17. 1/3rd got sweet creamy cedar with a hint of smooth barnyard twang, along with sweet green hay and spice on the finish. Started smooth and mild. Ash held for about an inch and an eight. Notable flavors where of creamy toasted hay, bread, and sweet fruity barnyard twang with a faint spice. 2/3rd I'm really enjoying the cigar at this point and looking forward to another. The cigar delivered, and developed smooth and complex flavors of sweet fruity barnyard twang, creamy toasted tobacco, bread toast, and cedar spice. The cherry tart hit with fragrant barnyard and cedar twang, with a hint of sweetness. The cigar gained richness and depth. Toasty earth, with coffee and sweet barnyard twang, and faint spice off the foot. Medium+ at this point, and strength kicking in, but enjoyable. Notable flavors where of rich toasted bread and earth, with black pepper twang, and a hint of tart fruity barnyard on the finish. Last third gave me sweet cedary barnyard twang, toasty tobacco, rich grassy earth and hay, with creamy spice on the finish. My rating for this cigar: 92.5 Construction 5/5 Flavor 5/5 Strength 4.5/5 Age 4/5 Total 18.5/20 points. I haven't smoked a RyJ in a while, and this cigar certainly sparked an interested in this brand. The cigar had rich complex flavors, and a fragrant aroma, yet creamy and smooth. The best part was the cherry tart, fragrant barnyard and cedar with a hint of sweetness, leather and earth on the finish. Bravo!
  6. Bought this box from another source, but bands are off.
  7. Smoked a Reyes(april 2018) yesterday, didn't make it past the 1st third. Started off ok, some leather, spice, and strength. Went out about 1/3 in and didn't bother with it any more. Today when I smoked a conservas (april 2016), total twang bomb, and took a wiff of the reyes and stunk of ammonia. Will try again in 6 months.
  8. Jose L. Piedra - Conservas TES ABR 16 (RGRW) From a 3 year old box/bundle of 25 that have been resting in my humidor for about 3 months. 1/3rd was sweet creamy milk chocolate twang, with hints of aromatic wood, and a faint savory earthy spice on the finish, sweet, smooth and complex. Notable flavors where a sugary sweetness, creamy and earthy twang, sweet earth, and smooth toasted tobacco with a hint of honey off the foot. Nice, smooth and aromatic. Mild- medium, ash held for about 3/4 to an inch at a time. 2/3rd The 2nd had plenty of complex and creamy toasted tobacco twang, with hints of cocoa, wood, leather, and faint spice. The sweet twang developed into a creamy cedar and leather twang, gaining a depth of dark roasted flavors, rich cream, toasted tobacco, and savory black pepper spice. Flavors got richer with more depth, still very smooth and aromatic with a hint of sweetness on the finish. Medium-full now and strength kicking in, but not quite full bodied. The last third got richer and stronger, with dark and toasty tobacco twang, yet creamy, with earth and cedar and a smooth sweet finish. Medium-full. My rating for this cigar: 90 Construction 5/5 Flavor 5/5 Strength 4/5 Age 4/5 Overall 18/20 These are short filler cigars, but full of flavor and strength🤔. Notable flavors where of sweet, rich and dark twang, and complex notes of earth, wood, and cream.
  9. Partagás Serie P No.2 Tubos Unknown 19 (PBRW) From a 3 pack of tubos, probably 1-2 years old and bought from another source a few months back. 1/3rd was medium bodied, bold but not overpowering, smooth, and complex. Notable flavors of earthy leather with a spicy twangy finish, smooth but potent and flavorful. 2/3rd started with hints of espresso, creamy twang on a toasty tobacco core, and the spice settled down a bit and not as bold as the start. The cigar started getting sweet, sweet barnyard, and creamy twang. Throughout the 2nd I started to get some hints of coffee and powdered cocoa flavors with a faint spice, bread and cedary twangy finish. The ash held for about an inch and a quarter. Around a medium+ at this point and strength kicking in. At the end of the 2nd it got full bodied and gave me full flavored twang, barnyard, nuts, earthy leather with a faint spice on the finish. Full strength at this point. My rating for this cigar: Construction 5/5 Flavor 5/5 Strength 5/5 Age 3/5 Overall 18/20 points. I haven't smoked a Partagás in a few months and this was a very nice Partagás cigar. Notable flavors throughout the cigar include the smooth twang, complex transitions of spice, leather, and earth.
  10. Got some magic in the mail! PSP/HQ Mix Cohiba Magicos from 2018. Thanks.
  11. I like both, young and aged, but mostly prefer aged for most cigars; Because I like how they smoke. A good cigar is a good cigar regardless. Recently smoked several young cigars: hoyo de Monterey dc, Ramon allones gigantes, and Cohiba esplendidos all under 1 year. My favorites are these JLP brevas from 2014.
  12. Clearance Leyendas from 2018, thanks, they look and smell nice.

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