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  1. quite sure i haven't even gotten it right more than once 😂
  2. it's not ROTT if it has rested for a more than 24h 😂 on a more serious note, in my personal experience, all arrivals from FOH smoke pretty well in the first 2 days. after that, they go to sleep and the flavour becomes bland for a couple of weeks before waking up again
  3. Thanks for pointing it out. I was not aware of the technicality and always thought that Malaya/Malaysia were used interchangeably.
  4. Had my first ever BPC during 2019 FOH blind tasting comp. Obviously guessed wrong but ended up buying a few boxes since.
  5. That's why I am lazy to do reviews on most weeks cause I need to consciously isolate, identify, think, label all the tastes and it takes me a lot of effort. In fact on reviews I use the 100 point scale (uh-oh, another rabbit hole of debate), while otherwise it's a binary scale of buy again / avoid. I much enjoy simply enjoying the cigars and my evening than actually use my brain.
  6. you are making it even harder to leave the sig2s on the table today
  7. The monte GE and 1966 were one of the first few boxes I bought back when I just started in this hobby. Still have several sticks of each. To this day, these still rank in the top 5 I've ever had. The raw chocolate power of the GE has made way for cream and velvety texture (last smoked about a year ago), while the 66 has gone from strength to strength every time I had one. I plan to smoke each remaining stick of the 66 every time the first digit of my age changes. It will probably be over the hill by the end, but heck, it will be a box to remember. Of the others, only had the Hoyo sho
  8. hmm, correction: some great, most average, some poor. And when I say "average" I really mean "good", if that makes some kind of sense. 😆 "poor" would be comprised 80% of poor construction, while only 20% of the "poors" are down to taste. Right, I have just confused myself. thanks for catching me out!
  9. I don't know all of the R/LEs listed but it seems to me that they are pretty young. My question would be whether these are comparable to the regular prods at a similar age? I feel that it's an unfair comparison if you compared avg-10-yo regs vs avg-5-yo R/LEs. Having said that, I feel that this basically sums up all CCs. Unfortunately we demand more when we pay more. I do still enjoy the hunt though.
  10. Media Luna. Not exactly off the shelf but the best ROTT smoke in the past 2 years
  11. Here you go, just slide it in this direction. Works for me so hopefully it works for you too!
  12. 1 of mine does that as well. I found that for mine, if you look on the inside of the head, you'd find the little stub (wrapped by a spring) that is supposed to push the gas lever of the canister. Sometimes it slides slightly out of position, so I simply push it back into position (usually mine slides towards the nozzle, so I push it back away from the nozzle. I don't have the lighter with me now but I can try to get a pic tonight. Drop me a PM if I forget!
  13. I'm at work and I'm hesitant to click on that link .. I do think that these are pretty plausible taste descriptors - you should see those they use for whisky or other beverages! Having said that, I don't eat grass nor hay, but I have been to many a field where grass have been freshly cut, or a barn where they store animal feed, and these have had very distinct smells. While not having tasted it, and arguably one does not taste a cigar either, it reminds me of that occasion/smell so it would be very plausible to use it as a descriptor! Though to be honest I don't remember hav
  14. Had it many times before, mostly when it was too hot and humid outside with no wind, and I ended up puffing too fast/too hard. I'm sure my personal condition played a part as well. The result for me is almost always cold sweat, dizziness, lots of gas to release, and general weakness/faintness. Once I also got a strong ringing in the ears. Always goes away after around 20-30 mins with lots of water intake. Get it much less these days, as I learn to read the surrounding conditions and recognise the early signs better to adjust my smoking
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