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  1. amongst those i pulled out for tonight's smokes, included the PL encantos gifted by @Chucko8 .. the generosity of BOTLs are amazing
  2. I'm in absolutely no way advocating for communism, but compared to the sh*tshow that is happening now .. I would be happy to see real communism in place where everyone gets equal shares. (okay, assume there is some corruption and the govt takes double). It would already mean a lot more for the people, which is what matters to me.
  3. I think ditching corruption would achieve the best outcome. No use going all "land of the free" if the governments still siphon everything for themselves
  4. Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona 2019 (OYMRW2)
  5. First off, apologies for the lack of box code - my Dad brought this single over without the box. This stick was smoked a week ago during the season closer (horse racing). After the first OYMRW, I knew a second review week was coming so I took notes on a larger marque as I smoke the larger sticks much less frequently. If interested, previous review below - As noted previously, I am admittedly a slow smoker. For a DC, I need to know I have a minimum of 3h to slowly savour. The cigar has a little bit of its wrapper hanging loose. Not a big deal, it doesn't affect the
  6. I like it. I turn on the tv any time of the day and there's some sport to watch. Sure, it's not edge-of-your-seat stuff but it's still sport. The only ones I dislike are those that I know that the best athletes are not taking part. Yesterday's basketball match between Fr and US was a legit snorefest. I have no interest in football either even though I'm regularly a football fan.
  7. Didn't do a review but the one I smoked from an earlier box was good enough that I went back to get a couple more! Cocoa, molasses are the flavors I recall. I suspect there are more nuances in the flavor which given time will show themselves. No construction issues in that first example
  8. nawwwww I much prefer the simple band without the need to tell everyone what you're smoking. if you know, you know! Tigers arrived yesterday
  9. the latest box i got (late '20, PSP if i remember correctly) is crazy good.
  10. Montecristo #4 - LEP JUN 16 (OYMRW)
  11. Started this cigar around 21:40. I consider myself an average paced smoker when I'm smoking with others but during my nightly TV smoke I find that I tend to smoke slower. Also since I started smoking daily I have gravitated towards smaller smokes such as PCs, petit robustos, and only reach for robusto+ sizes if I have around 3h to smoke. I've managed to snag some boxes of aged monte 4s on 24:24 over the past year or so. Various box codes, but they have all been consistently good. Rarely any construction issues, flavours good. A beautiful divot on each stick in this box.
  12. Monte 4. Have managed to score various aged boxes from 24:24. Current one I'm smoking through is a '16. QD 50. These are so popular the prices are going up. I need to restrain myself otherwise I will run out. Nudies Carlota. Have probably a dozen left and hoping covid fecks off so we can get new batches. Connie 1. Absolutely love these and still can be had for a reasonable price. Finally, plpc. Still to come of age but some sticks show the occasionally flash of caramel. I get it and I know I'm committing infanticide but at around $6 a smoke there is no better value.

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