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  1. For fine whiskies, I find that chilling reduces the nose by a lot. Dash (or drop) of water, on the other hand, may open up a whole new dimension of flavours, enhance certain aspects, or simply ruin it. Best to use a dropper - you can only add, but not remove! If we're drinking as an aperitif or want a cool summertime drink, a favourite of mine is the Japanese-style highball
  2. I think it's just the sense of scale that we sometimes fail to understand. For example, a can of coca cola would cost say, 50p in a supermarket. But if you go to a restaurant, maybe you'd pay £3 for the same thing. If you go to a fancy bar, maybe you'd pay £6. Sure, you'd complain about the relative price, but you'd probably still do it. Now, multiply your net worth by 2000x, and switch the coca cola with the GRs. You'd (almost) understand why they'd spend money like that!
  3. How much more time do you think it will take? PLPC/PLMC is usually said to peak from 5 years +
  4. Looking at the prices on BR, I feel like I should have bought every single lot on FOH auctions.
  5. it is also my impression that the colo and fundy takes a few years to come into their own, while the LT hits it out of the park immediately
  6. I think there is never any harm in trying out a stick or two - everyone's tastes are different. I have had a box of the Hoyo Anejados - I think at least 15/25 of the sticks in the box were too tight/plugged, but when I did pick one that was constructed fine, the cream and the sweetness was pretty outstanding. I once had a box of the Monte Churchill Anejados, and the final stick was absolutely honeyed chocolate. That was a 90+ point stick for me. Wish I had more of that!
  7. I do love a Church's, but I suppose for a pair of shoes you're rarely going to wear ever, a Clarks will suffice? I once had a pair of Geox and it was pretty okay, except that it didn't last me too long. I am currently wearing a pair from Magnanni. I'd never heard anything of this (Spanish) brand before I bought the pair, but so far they have been doing fine.
  8. 99% of the games I watch involve would be the English premier league. There are a few main reasons for this. 1. Accessibility. It is a lot easier to subscribe to and watch the EPL. 2. Quality. I find that other top European leagues are defined by a distinct gap in quality between their top few teams, and the rest of the league. This is unlike any game in the EPL where anybody can beat anybody. Like for example, QPR went 2-1 up against Man C until .. AGUEROOOOOOOO!!!! Or the unlikeliest of suspects breaking Liverpool's unbeaten run during this season. I think in terms of drama and excitement, nothing beats the EPL. 3. Tactics. I fall asleep watching Italian and Spanish games. They are so tactical and much slower paced. Bundesliga is arguably the closest to EPL in terms of dynamics and box-to-box action. I guess the fact is that you tuned in, and so did millions of others. Elite sports do help to provide entertainment and keep people indoors (hopefully not in crowds), and tide over this terrible period. Games and passion will definitely not be the same as before, but anything to help should count as a positive.
  9. Thank you and @BoliDan and @ElJavi76 for the write-ups, I appreciate it a lot! It is good to know all sides of the story. However for the quote above, I am confused because it is to my understanding that banks or other financial institutions are not allowed to trade with Cuba (or allow anyone trading with Cuba to bank with them), otherwise they risk their USD clearing capabilities. This effectively bans all trade with Cuba. It is a good thing that America is providing Cuba with food for the people, but effectively this is required because America bans anyone else from doing so? Wouldn't this be effectively America being the "terrorist" for pursuing regime change in a foreign territory? E.g. if China tries to take over Taiwan through equivalent actions, it would expect to face international condemnation?
  10. Why would they wish for that if it would be their friends/relatives back on the island who are going to suffer?
  11. I'm curious to understand the American perspective on this topic. As with forum rules, let's try to avoid politics, and stick to the facts as much as we can. I understand that conflict between Cuba and America has stretched back many years, culminating in the Cold War & missile crisis where Russia placed some missiles on the island - it is pretty straightforward to understand why the embargo was being put in place at that time. However, since the end of that conflict, there hasn't been much, if any, provocation (from what I read/know - please correct me if I'm wrong) from Cuba towards America. So why is America still treating them so badly? Why still maintain the embargo? The embargo is surely hurting the Cuban citizens much more than the ruling elite? The two key questions that spring to my mind would be - 1. Is Cuba being punished simply for having a different governing ideology from the Americans? 2. If America claims to be "doing this for the Cuban citizens", how do they envisage the embargo or placing the country on a terrorism list helping the Cuban citizens?

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