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  1. Replace china and Australia with any other country and your question still stands
  2. would you kindly summarise your tasting notes / thoughts for us? my pleb tastebuds tell me they have become smoother. the "dirty/peaty" taste that i remember when fresh has gone away. would love to hear your thoughts on their evolution
  3. can think of two .. both were actually "within expectation" in terms of flavour but stood out in terms of quality and performance BBF. I don't actually own any and been a while since i had one but was given one recently and the flavours were simply brilliant. Monte Maltes. From a box that I stashed away to ensure that I don't smoke through them too quickly, pulled one out recently and got hit with some fancy chocolate milk. I was thinking the prices were starting to go crazy but if they all smoke like that, these flavours are right up my alley and it's still cheaper than a Cohiba!
  4. Haha, not completely useless but just be prepared to face random gusts that will flip them over. It's just that 80% of the time the rain is light enough that a hoodie will suffice. Like @RDBsaid, pretty mild weather compared to a lot of places
  5. make sure you pack a wind/waterproof hoodie, and warm pants. usually the "rain" isn't that heavy and you can still walk around most of the day. i find that a scarf helps too. if you use an umbrella, be prepared for it to flip inside out!
  6. second for coffee and Monmouth. There is one outlet just next to borough market. be sure to try their chocolate truffles as well! suggest brunch at Wolseley. Goodman has steak in the same quality as Hawksmoor. Barrafina has pretty good tapas and Koya has nice udon. am a fan of the food at Lurra too, and they have a courtyard in the back where you can have a cigar after your meal. For bars, my favourite is Churchill bar and terrace at Hyatt Regency. You can BYOC with a minimum spend of around 30 quid. Their scotch eggs are fantastic too.
  7. I have no experience with WH but from your link it seems just a couple of bottles go up each auction on average, so not sure how specialist they are regarding cognac. I have bought from Whisky Auctioneer, Bonhams, Sotheby's, Christies, and I have noticed a few Cognacs within each Spirit auction (also maybe ~5 bottles/auction), so nothing more "specialist" than WH either. Of those mentioned, I would recommend Bonhams and Sotheby's to check out. It "feels" to me that they have the best prices / clients but I have no evidence to back this claim. Note that the bigger houses may take mor
  8. something about wrong openings (hole) in the dark ...
  9. prez, so in the end, what was the bet and did you win that pineapple?

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