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  1. Any further ageing recommended other than the 90 day rest time?
  2. 1. London - love the diversity and the weather, though the politics there is a joke 2. Machu Picchu - an extinct city, but would love to have the time/money to visit one day
  3. How was it? I found that my box started hitting it's mark around 2 years ago, so unsure of whether it's peaked and I should enjoy it as is, or continue to let it keep aging
  4. Coffee, (bottled iced peach/lemon) tea, neat Scotch, Rum, cocktail if I'm at a bar outside
  5. Romeo #2. Because that's what I could get my hands on for something the same size as mystery cigar #3. No closer to identifying it unfortunately 😂
  6. Felt like my palate was ready / had some time yesterday so I picked it up .. I did not get much spice like you but did get some cedar. Also floral/fruity black tea notes were the overriding taste for a majority of the stick. It was a thoroughly pleasant smoke in my opinion and I'd definitely pick up a box after the reveal.
  7. I'm actually curious to know @El Presidente's thought process behind picking this cigar. Was there a discovery that this box code of upmann 2s taste much like the p2s? Because i noticed or PSP upmann 2s are usually advertised as having a reddish rosado wrapper but my #1 was definitely not that shade! Or maybe that could be revealed after the entire competition is over in order not to compromise the other 4 sticks?
  8. I did buy a few currencies at some point and decided to have good safety for it so got myself a wallet to store them.
  9. Who am I kidding, upon second measurement it should be 129 - Petit Corona size
  10. Just to be sure, it's 142mm / 42 ring? The size of a Monte 3? I will likely smoke mine during the weekend!
  11. If everyone is saying theirs is a dud / bland, they must be correct while mine, being quite flavourful with lots of honey, must be the dud instead.....
  12. Most cigar bars I've been to are private so I'm unable to advise in that regard. Lobster bar in island Shangri La would be a nice bar to smoke at but is not specifically for cigars / have basically no selection / good for BYO. However, a couple of restaurants in central areas would include - Cassio - nice balcony with fantastic Spanish tapas Porterhouse - great selection of steaks, though I do enjoy their weekend brunch. Ask for a seat on the balcony of course!
  13. Upmann 50 Monte double edmundo In particular, any box code to go deep on for ageing purposes?

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