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  1. I've had ones that were muted when young, and the flavours became much more pronounced and distinct after some years down. Don't know if this is considered "bland > powerhouse", but fits the theme where I couldn't taste much early on and they became really flavourful later.
  2. Believe I just applied to join the club - am I too late for today? Edit: got approved but cannot join the game
  3. My bathroom is too small and the ventilator isn't strong enough, so after around 30 mins it will become too smoky to a point that it becomes unpleasant. I usually simply smoke in the living room. Good ventilation is key during and after smoking. I leave my windows open overnight and the smell really clears. I also do not have many materials around that absorb the smell. My parents come over all the time and they do not notice any lingering smell (until dad starts lighting up my cigars, that is!). If, however, you want to keep the smoke in a specific room, you can try the kitchen, directly under the ventilation hood. Mine is a lot stronger than the ventilation fan in the toilet, and I suppose there are seldom any absorbent materials in the kitchen either.
  4. The last one I smoked was absolutely transcendent. I think it probably ranked as the 2nd best cigar I've ever had; the complexity and evolution was just amazing. It went from white chocolate to grilled pork and then soy sauce.
  5. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a Christmas sampler but I still have one last party mad which I bought back in March 2018. I thought it was surprising that the prices dropped slightly after the release because I always thought prices only go one way. This is the last one from that box and I would have aged them longer but for a beetle outbreak in the desktop humidor that contained the last 5 or so sticks, so I froze them all and separated them into small batches. Almost all the infested sticks have been smoked bar a bundle of culebras. For this stick, the wrapper looked a bit dry, and there was a little crack in the wrapper, so I rinsed the stick under the tap for a second (wet head can be seen in the picture). After a minute of rest to allow absorption, the cut was fine. Cold draw was perfect, with strong dark chocolate. Upon lighting, there was really good complexity, with dark chocolate, earth, with other hints of paprika, peppers, cinnamon. It was thoroughly full bodied and around 3.5-4 in strength. The smoke was velvety and creamy. Very very good. The burn was good but the cigar doesn't really want to stay alight. The wrapper is not as thin as what would be ideal, so I guess that might be one factor. Suddenly I get a burst of honey, like honeycomb chocolate. Time for a dram of a Bowmore 18. Sherry, peat and chocolate - what a wonderful combo. The cigar continued to display good levels of complexity, with no extra district tasting notes that I could identify other than those earlier mentioned. Overall 89/100. This cigar would have been 91 if not for the lopsided burn that I suspect was a result of uneven bunching. One of the best examples from the box
  6. Very good, elegant, and the youth edges are no longer present. However, flavours did not pop out as much as I would have hoped
  7. Last smoke for 2020 through midnight in to 2021. Happy new year all B/SOTL!
  8. Last smoke for 2020 through midnight in to 2021. Happy new year all B/SOTL!
  9. On the contrary, I'm of the opinion that if US legalised, demand for cubans will shoot through the roof. I believe there are many pure NC smokers who didn't bother trying to diversify but would if it were easily available at their local b&m
  10. Absolutely. Top class smoke with no hint of youth. Strength is around 2/5, and I'll be waiting to see what it will develop into with a few years down
  11. Christmas smoke but cause our family decided to gather on boxing day instead so saved it for now! First time trying, so far so good, creamy with hint of peach. Gf and dad are both getting coffee but I haven't found any.
  12. Coloniales paired with a precious dram of the discontinued Laphroaig 18. Merry Christmas everyone!

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