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  1. mine had a bit of dirt and some mongrel to it, which did a good job of trying to throw me off. another participant tried to tell me it was a BPC but i wasn't convinced of that either. because of those factors, i had it down as "unaged". pretty excited to see the final result on the aged sticks too!
  2. Pretty good chances assuming 1. It's not a BPC 2. Box press wasn't faked 3. It's not one of the more "obscure" PC/marevas (ryj/hoyo/etc) Leaves a toss up between monte 4 and rgpc
  3. Well played to those who got it right! For me, it was chocolatey and lacked the body and the tanginess that I usually get in BPCs.
  4. of course not. "weapons of mass destruction" was reason enough ..
  5. A180. Pic from when we picked it up about 4 months ago. Much dirtier now.
  6. 2 was definitely stronger for me than 1. 1 tasted close to one of my dailies. no idea what was 2. it would, however, probably turn out that 2 is in my daily rotation and 1 isn't ...
  7. Another tastebud primer. Had a very distinct poo note just now 😂
  8. Priming my buds for #3 .. problem is I don't have any of the other belis!
  9. Is there any difference in taste delivery between the two? I would choose the format that delivers the taste that is more accurate to your intention. If they taste exactly the same, CG for sure. I'm cheap and I don't wanna pay 20% more simply for a more "fancy" shape
  10. Good luck! It looks in beautiful condition too

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