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  1. If it's something that I have plenty of, I don't try any and it just goes straight into storage. If it's something that I am buying to keep (expensive box of cohibas for example), I take one out into my dry box for tasting on my next "treat" day while the rest goes into storage If it's a cheap and cheerful I don't have that is supposed to go into my daily rotation, I have one straight away and go slow for the first 60 and rip into them after I generally find rott perfectly fine. However they then go to sleep for 30-60 days and then awake back up 🤷‍♂️ just my non scientific observation
  2. Are you serious now? I'm not gonna have any left by then?! On a serious note, I prefer the Maduro because I love all things dark chocolate. Bitter dark chocolate 🍫! One of the earliest sticks that got me intrigued in cigars was the monte grand edmundo '10 cause it was a full on bar of dark chocolate when young. I was slightly disappointed when it got more refined with age and that also took off the intensity of the dark chocolate
  3. Coming out of a 4 month lockdown in 2 days time. 5 guys and shake shack on deliveroo has been my saviors
  4. pretty much the gateway drug to regular smoking for me. Picked "woody" in the poll but usually it's more "cedar" actually. Do you like Hoyo dE Monterrey Epicure Number 2? Yes Where does it stand in the ranks of the other existing Robusto? (BRC/CORO/CX/D4/E4/SHC etal). I find that I can have it much more often on a regular basis whereas the others need a bit more of time in between .. it was pretty much the first cigar where I went "I can do this every day" Have you noticed a blend/flavour/body change over the years? If so, approximately when? Not exactly sure but I find it less creamy and more baking spice in recent batches. Probably in the past 2 years. It used to be 100% sweet cream How long does it take you to smoke an epicure number 2? 1 hour min and if I'm taking it slow I can go up to 2 hours
  5. During uni if I took a bus home it would pass by that crossing. Always made for a nice fun fact for visitors 🙂
  6. wow 59 votes and up at 91%. gotta be one of the highest scoring cigars vs veguero being one of the lowest
  7. no idea tbh. it was like a minuto size .. which don't correspond with any of what prez listed above so i assume it may have gone out of production
  8. they taste like grass and cardboard to me. some weeks ago a buddy offered to change my opinion on them and gave me a ~20 year old one and it tasted like .. sweet tobacco ..?
  9. every day!!! she calls the dry box her vending machine - insert money and take out a cigar. now i wish i had one of those actual vintage cigar vending machines
  10. It sounds like the typical situation during separation where they blame everything under the sun except for themselves. Suddenly they hate everything about the other including exactly the things they loved before. To answer the original question, fortunately for me, she doesn't just "occasionally" smoke with me; she actually smokes more than me 🤣
  11. Loved the original batch of nudies. Needless to say, went deep on this second batch. Also intrigued by the idea of having similar blends but different wrappers. Once upon a time I wondered how much taste a wrapper contributes to a cigar's taste and I read an analogy on this forum - it's like Bolognese + Parmesan on top. It may not contribute to a lot of the taste but it definitely changes the dish to a noticeable extent. On to the cigar. Wrapper looks oily. Some veins running through. There is a stem noticable after cutting. Draw is fine but I still try to pull out the stem but it doesn't come out easily so I stopped trying in case I destroy the cigar. I have had around 2 of each of the desnudo and noticed that in general the construction is slightly worse off than the '19 batch. It was actually an extremely high bar so in a way it's not surprising! On the draw, there is a barnyard flavour. A bit of sourdough, but with a bitter chocolate coating on all that. Smoke production on this stick is lighter than usual. There is some light wrapper damage but I don't think that is contributing to the issue. Minimal taste evolution throughout the entire cigar. Burn remains normal throughout. I am mainly appreciating the bitter chocolate, with a tinge of sweetness. The rest of it provides a simple but effective balance to the smoke. I love this. A perfect everyday cigar. 88/100. Minor points deduction for visuals but which did not negatively affect the smoke in any way.
  12. Monte 4 (down to my last 2 sticks in a dud box so I'm forecasting better weather ahead) Plpc J Lo no1 - had my first stick ever and feel that it's a little lighter than the 2. Great start to this box. HU Connie 1 Rass Nudies Maduro Carlota (think these are still not rested enough but expect them to deliver in the latter half of the month)
  13. Prize sampler, should be from a previous quickfire trivia! Thanks team for organising these 😁
  14. Don't think about the gender - just think what would you give to a good mate (male - one you wish to cultivate into a smoking buddy). We often overstate the importance of gender in taste preferences. My +1 smokes every stick I have in my rotation too
  15. almost took the words out of my mouth! PP and the short de punch for me too - but Punch 48 and 898 are both to my liking. Not the biggest fan but I am ok with the churchills, however I simply cannot do the wide churchilles
  16. didn't want to create a new thread so reviving this one - would love to hear opinions on the differences between the two! i am familiar with the 2 and it is part of my rotation but have not tried the 1 so i am wondering how does it compare?
  17. Only reason why the US actually cares about Ukraine is because they need to protect Hunter's business interests
  18. '13 grand epicure for me. Stunning. It smoked better than the 1966 I had earlier this month. This was my 5th stick from the box and bar the first when relatively fresh, the other 4 have absolutely blown my socks off
  19. Death to 2021 on Netflix is a good watch along these lines too
  20. Started in my student days and did not have a lot to spend so mainly bought 1-2 boxes at a time and smoked once/week. Mostly robustos. Would almost always buy a different box to try the next time. Also always bought a box of each EL and those went into my "collection". Now that I have more money, I'm still trying and learning as much as I can. Able to start a bit of a collection now of regular prods beyond those I'll smoke in the near future. 50/50 on PCs and robustos, with some other sizes too. Smoke about once/day now. Still always buy a box of each EL to go into my "collection". Tldr; not much change, just have more money to give myself a bigger collection to have more variety and higher frequency nowadays.

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