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  1. Never seen a real or fake cuban in the US retail market. Think more people are getting real cubans (and some fakes) off the internet these days. Even see a few cuban cigar bands sporadically at cigar lounges etc.
  2. About 1200. Both desktop humidors and cabinent humidor are full as of last month or so. Do I buy another to fill? Probably if I keep visiting FOH website:)
  3. Had one shop in Havana give me a reciept and another refuse, both for sealed boxes. Was a little nervous as it was my first trip to Cuba but both were authentic and customs didn't ask for the reciept on departure.
  4. Been smoking cigars for over 20 years, got into cubans less than a year ago. After finding this forum I decided to start aging cigars. Bought a cabinent humidor i never dreamed I'd fill. Well, as of last week its full. Havent counted, but around 35 boxes.

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