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  1. If I followed that logic I would be investing in a warehouse soon. Not that I'm complaining.
  2. The minor cracks are definitely cosmetic more than anything, no issues with those at all. The ones that also have peeling wrappers are more of a problem. Just seems like they are a lot more prevalent than they used to be - for me at least.
  3. I've been having a problem with cracked feet in just about all of my shipments of CCs over the last 5 months. They aren't showing up much in dress boxes but mainly happening in all SLBs and singles. For example, I received six Esplendidos in pristine, sealed cardboard packs last week and 5 out of 6 had cracked feet, some with peeling wrappers. Same shipment had some RyJ Churchill tubos and those were all just fine. Also had a box of Siglo IV that had five or six cracked feet on the cigars at the edges of the bundle. It's been happening with more than Cohibas - those are just the ones that stick out the most in my mind. I haven't had any issues with NC cigars in cellophane. This leads me to two questions: What causes cracked feet? All the temp, humidity, pressure changes during transit? Is this normal or am I just extremely unlucky? I've used PerfecRepair cigar glue in the past. Anyone have any suggestions on whether this should be used right away and then just start aging or wait until about to smoke it before trying to repair? Guess that was actually four questions. I'm bad at math tonight.
  4. Based on the ongoing Siglo I thread it looks like it isn't out of the question that UV codes may be missing from some batches of labels. My recent boxes of Siglo I have no code buy my Siglo IV do have the code. However, both have the four squares show up under UV. 🤔
  5. A box of Siglo I bundle slides right in with some room to spare. This Siglo IV fits so tight it's almost impossible to get them back in when tied and even then you need to smush them down to even get the lid to close. Some of the feet were already a little boogered up when it arrived and I can see that it's probably from trying to wrestle the bundle back in the box. if only they would stay in a neat 5x5 square...foiled by physics and geometry once again.
  6. I just received my box of Siglo I with date code REG NOV 18 and none of my bands have the UV code either. The bands do show the four squares over the C in Cohiba under UV though. All the box markings are on par and the cigars themselves look legit from what I can tell. Maybe a batch of bands got out without the code? That's what I'm telling myself anyway.
  7. Do you untie the ribbon or leave it on? Can never seem to get them to line back up in the box if I leave it on, but like the look of it wrapped around the bundle.
  8. only necessary if the boobies you drew were bigger than your wife's.
  9. Since we bought a larger wine fridge my wife seems to have forgotten about the little thermo-electric Cuisinart 8 bottle one stuck in the corner of our counter. Being bored I decided to take it over and see how well it would work as a 3-4 box wineador. Granted it's only 1.7 cubic feet (if that even) so it's pretty tiny. Seems like a fun experiment. To start I plugged the drain hole and put in a 320g, 65% Boveda pack on the top. Might swap that out for some HF beads later. Stuck in an empty wooden cigar box and three hygrometers in different spots. Temp is set to 65°F. After fours days, the temp is pretty steady between 64° and 66°. Humidity in the middle is running 61% to 64% and the bottom is hovering between 64% and 66%...with one big exception. 2-3 times per day the humidity on the bottom will spike upwards of 70% (max I've seen is 74%) for 15-20 minutes and then settle back down to 64-66%. Middle shows some signs of spiking but nowhere near the level the bottom does. I doubt this is due to the TEC running as it only happens a few times per day and it seem like it would need to run a lot more than that to maintain 65° in my 76° house (maybe not). In any case I don't see any signs of condensation or pooling water. Would these short humidity spikes be something to be concerned with for long term storage or insignificant? Was thinking of putting some closed boxes on the bottom and some singles in a tray nearer the top.
  10. My biggest issue with the Bovedas is that two of them are losing connectivity after a few days. Only way to restore them is to pull the battery and re-insert. It's becoming ore of a pain that it's worth. Just got my SP today, we'll see how it does.
  11. Time to resurrect this thread since I'm going through this same dilemma. I've go five Boveda Butlers and when they work they are quite nice for the price when calibrated. I use an old iPhone as a wireless gateway to get remote notifications and that works pretty well also. Now for the bad. They eat batteries like crazy. The low battery alert has never worked. I've had two of them for about 18 months and the other three for less than a month. Two of the five have become very intermittent and fail to remain connected or update unless you pull the battery and reset of the original batch and one of the newer ones. Then they work for a day or two and go back to no connection. I'm starting to fear that I really can't rely on the other three that are still working for fear they will be dead soon enough. They just don't seem very reliable. Going to suck it up and buy one of the SP devices and give it a shot.
  12. Yamazaka and Hakushu 12 are both $99 here too. Ahh, the good old days when it was "cheap".
  13. Nice humidor for the price and it isn't easy to find the XL. Get it at Binny's? Think I just picked up the same one. If you go the route of using new tape try to stick it in place but don't hang the Boveda on it for a day or two to let the adhesive set up and get the full bond strength. If the wood was sealed in that area you would have a hard time beating good old 3M VHB tape which is similar to what you linked but slightly stronger (search Amazon for a million choices). Sadly it doesn't do so well on unsealed surfaces.
  14. Strange. Hakushu 12 has shown up at my local store four times in the last three months. Same with Yamazaki 12 and 18. Seems like they are starting to ship it a lot more frequently not less.
  15. Well, actually the very far suburbs of Chicago. Recently started getting back into cigars after about a 15 year hiatus, but almost exclusively NCs. After moving from Michigan I lost my smoking buddies and the hobby sort of died for me except for an occasional CC on vacation. Even more recently started adding CCs to the collection after I convinced the wife to bring a few back from trips to Peru and Ecuador. Purchasing from duty free shops in the airports is not exactly the most cost effective way to go about it so after some perusing online I was directed here. Seems like a pretty laid back group without a lot of the dong measuring posts other sites are loaded with (or at least I haven't come across any yet). Added bonus of being able to pickup some nice stuff via 24:24 which has already proven to be an addictive race to send emails as fast as possible which I obviously suck at. Fun fact: The last two times I've smoked a CC I've ended up yacking my guts out and sleeping for three hours. Need to get that nicotine tolerance built back up and stop inadvertently inhaling.

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