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  1. Love these! Currently smoking for an OGA MAR 12 box that is simply divine.
  2. Nice pick up John. Will you store these outside the carton? It's always been my preference.
  3. Right, so one was an 89 and the rest low 90s.
  4. IIRC, Rob said all the one's he's had rank between 90-93 so far.
  5. Bolivar Tubos no. 1 (OGA MAR 12) LGC MdO no 4 (MUR AGO 13) Bolivar Silver Jubilee (LGR DIC 18) Cohiba Coronas Especiales (REG OCT 18) RASS 50 cab (MSU ABR 19) Honorable mention: Partagas Serie E no. 2 (UAO ABR 19) Partagas Serie D no. 4 (PUS MAR 18) Not very many ER and EL mentioned so far. [emoji102][emoji848]
  6. Same one's I use. Actually cut them in half length wise to make them a better bang for my buck. Lots of people.
  7. Personally, I've never had a single box of cigars that didn't smoke better with 3+yrs on them. At a certain point I realized it's just somewhat of a waste for me. Granted, my collection is at a point where I have plenty in that 3+ range to keep me happy. I still do it on occasion and almost unequivocally end up regretting it, at least a little. **edit to add the 2 Bolivar Silver Jubilee I have smoked are most definitely an exception**
  8. I have a box of ULA JUL 14 that are just divine right now. What a beautiful wrapper! How was it?

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