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  1. Got this order in just under the wire. Sealed 15ct tubos. Perfect wrappers and the aroma is intoxicating.
  2. I agree. Capa is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoy the habano as well, but smoked the broadleaf about 3 times and didn't care for it.
  3. BIG mail day for me. HdM DC, Coloniales, 2X Media Luna, 2X SCdLH Malaya, RASCC.
  4. April was a busy month and didn't smoke a whole lot, but hands down this OGA SEP 11 LGC MdO no2. Just absolutely stunning.
  5. Esplendidos is my #1 special occasion cigar.
  6. LGC MdO no.2 (OGA SEP 11) What a shame these were axed.
  7. ARS MAR 19 Reyes. I live a busy life(which I am incredibly thankful for) with 4 children and a demanding job, so oftentimes I must forego sleep or put off a chore to enjoy a cigar. This one was worth the sacrifice and so damn good to the last drop. Enjoyed it while chatting with my wife and watching an early spring thunderstorm roll in. How do they pack so much flavor into such a small cigar? Wonderful...
  8. Absolutely stunning CP of El Laguito Espys. [emoji146] of the churchills.
  9. Ex No.4(TES MAR 17) I've smoked one of these each year in their birth month and this year they've really turned a corner. Delicious! Thankful that I've been patient with them and have a majority of the box left to enjoy.
  10. Big fan of almost all of Dion's offerings. Had this Holy Lance from 2018 today. Very tasty with lots of aging potential left.
  11. Checking in on the 50 cab(MSU ABR 19). Good, but still not ready.

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