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  1. Judging by the pic this is in Malaysia, the price on the label, RM 56 would suggest this converts to about $13.41 USD per No. 3.
  2. The PR is excellent, especially for the 2 box steal our host provided a few weeks back.
  3. LGR OCT 18 box code placed in the wineador on 7/1/19. Smoked one about a month in and couldn’t really find any of the peanut butter flavor. Hoping it develops though.
  4. Punch for me, maybe I just need to let these Punch 48s rest for a few years.
  5. If give the option would you rather pay for a current year PSP/HQ or 4-5yr aged unknown grade cigar? Same cost or slightly more for the aged. Curious as to which is more important, I understand however if you took a PSP box and rested it for that amount of time you’d get the best of both.
  6. The amount of people who respond to me saying I’m going to Cuba with, “but trump outlawed it” is astounding.
  7. I've really enjoyed the Dumas, great smoke for the age of the one I had.

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