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  1. Brian okiec

    hello from Vegas

    I am new here but not new to cigars , i am going to cuba in sept for the first time and cant wait
  2. if i keep my cigars between 66 and 67 degrees is there any reason to freeze them prior to storage. Thanks
  3. Brian okiec


    what kind of problems? i bought it to keep the cigars cool like 65 to 67 degrees . with out it being plugged in my house gets up to 78 or so every day here out west.
  4. a few questions, my b&b host asked if i was interested in buying hand rolls from a tabacco farm in the area and that he can get a good price for me, should i take him up on the offer? Also i am told taxi drivers will stop between and havana and Vinales for cigars along the side of the road (hand rolls) if the price is right should i buy from them? how about buying right from the farm? thanks Brian
  5. Brian okiec

    Vinales trip

    What is the best Vinales tour. want one that includes at least two tabacco farms if possible
  6. Brian okiec


    if i plan on keeping my Wineador plugged in should i cover the drain hole and seal up any other holes? thanks Brian
  7. Brian okiec


    Question are there any cuban cigar brands that are made that don't need aging .I mean you go to cigar shop buy the box with this year's date on it and smoke away. Perfect taste.
  8. Black coffee for me with every cigar
  9. Brian okiec

    $500.00 us

    No my bank roll will be larger just curious how everyone would choose. I would try to buy more sticks , I like em all even the peso sticks .
  10. If you only had 500.00 to spend on cigars would you try to get a lot of cheaper cigars or a small amount of top shelf smokes. Thanks

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