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  1. For long term ,say 2 to 3 years what temp do you like for storage and aging. I am new at this wineador storage for Cuban sticks. I have it set at 63 f and 65 rh. I think that is a good starting point and easy to hold at.
  2. Only one cracked out of 11 , just had them in two zip lock freezer bags. The one that cracked looked bad but was smokable and good.
  3. I understand some cigars just don't get better with age. But what cheaper cigars will smoke good the day you bought them with out aging? When I am talking cheap cigars I don't mean pesos I mean a stick under 5 bucks . Thanks
  4. I froze 11 sticks at -2f for two weeks. 5 Sancho , non plus and 6 hoyo epicure#2. All but one are perfect after taking them out . One hoyo has bad wrapper cracking , so I am smoking it now and enjoying it . I ment to freeze them only 12 hours but forgot about them as I was on vacation . I am impressed with the durability of these sticks.
  5. I see most of you open up the box of sticks to look at them , possibly take a photo and put them in humidor. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to just putting them in humidor sealed just the way they were sent to you for a nap till you are ready to smoke one
  6. A good cigar can be smoked today, tomorrow or three years from tomorrow. If your smoking good ones they will be good anytime you light them up.
  7. I am sure it also helps to keep your sticks cool at a temp 65 or less to give you a better chance of no beetles. I freeze now 12 hours at -2f and humidor temp at 65 . But I am new at this and will make corrections as I go. Just my 2 cents.
  8. From talking to others if you can freeze at -2 f , you only need 4 hours , 12 to be extra safe time in freezer to kill everything.
  9. Perfect Saturday morning smoke , about one hour long.
  10. Is there a LCDH at the Parque Central hotel and at the Hotel Seville in Havana?
  11. Works great , life is good with Tim's too in Vegas

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