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  1. Black coffee 90% of the time and a Mojito the other 10.
  2. Go to the Canadian national exhibition with the family in Toronto. then head over to Hamilton for a Hamilton Tiger cats football game. Then come home and have a Cuban cigar in the backyard..
  3. So if someone gives you an unbanded cigar and tells you it's a Cuban you smoke it then they tell you it's from Mexico, was it a fake Cuban you just smoked or a counterfeit? It's a fake the way I see it. Just my 2 cents,,,I agree about what could be in a fake and would never buy one. But if you have the right hook up, you know cigars are leaving out the back door and being sold for less then the LCDH.
  4. A counterfeit cigar would be a cigar labeled with a band being sold as that brand but another make. Example, a cigar with a Cohiba band but is a peso cigar . A fake would be a cigar being sold as Cuban but is not. Example Someone telling you a cigar is Cuban but it is from another country. Just the way I see it, you might see it a different way. A lot of people talk about buying fake Cubans on the street in Havana. They are not fake they are real Cubans but might be counterfeit Cubans ,might not.
  5. There is a big difference between Fake and counterfeit. I would think lots of counterfeit but few fake
  6. My first Partagas De Luxe ,not bad. It's a little cold this morning in Vegas 66 out. Cup of hot black coffee too.
  7. I have been smoking Cuban cigars now regularly for a few months and just tried a non Cuban . I am turned off by the taste , I think I am hooked on Cubans. Has this happened to anyone else? I just love Cuban Tobacco now .
  8. Smoking a farm roll from vinales , waiting for the hockey game to start. Only in the humidor 3 weeks at 62 percent and 62 degrees. It is wonderful
  9. Just came back from the mail box. Thanks to our host, SCEP looks great. Again I beat the wife to the mail box, she must think I get all my sticks as gifts. Lol
  10. I smoke about one stick a week,so 3 to 5 would be perfect for me.

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