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  1. Now what the USA and Canada requiring a covid test before flying back, it will be tough the travel to Cuba.
  2. Peso cigars are a lot better then most non Cuban cigars I have had. That's why I always bring back about 3 bags(75) of them for next to nothing$.
  3. I disagree, they are better. Just my taste I guess.
  4. Quintero makes two cigars the same size, brevas and nacionales both 5.5x40. Is there a difference or is it just the packaging. They are not the same price .Thanks
  5. I was at the LCDH in TJ a month ago, employees are great. If you pay in cash they will knock a bit off the price. I paid about 2 1/2 times what I would in Cuba. And I brought back sticks to the usa , customs don't care, only concern was where I was and ask what I am returning with. I told them cigars, no problem
  6. Did the price of Cuban cigars go up for export too? Also on the island did the custom rollers up their prices? Thanks
  7. Montecristo Especial #2 , nice election day smoke. Thank you FOH.
  8. I heard so much good about these and picked up two boxes in Havana in Feb 2020. Tried a few and don't see it. Oh well they don't take up much space so will try one in a few months

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