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  1. Rafael Gonzalez perlas about 2 years old smoking fantastic.
  2. Lol I understand I was there in Feb, planed trip for Sept , then Oct now maybe 2021 fall.
  4. I bought a box of Belinda tubos at the lCdH in the hotel national in Havana.
  5. I have had some selectos (peso) cigars in my humidor since Sept 19 also put some in Feb 20 , I always bring back three bags (75) every trip. They are not bad, a little age on them and they are good. Best way to get them is to go to Cuba.
  6. If your freezer cools to -2 f or colder, 6 hours is all you need .
  7. Thank you , I will try it at 70% at 65 degrees and see how it goes. Brian
  8. No that is the smoking temp, storage temp aprox 65 degrees .
  9. In the summer it's up to 117 out here and dry. I will take a cigar out of the humidor 63% and 65 degrees lightly spray with distilled water and smoke it. If not sprayed it will crack before I am done smoking it.
  10. I have three humidors, one is at 73% because I live in the desert and cigars that I will smoke within a few weeks I put in there . We run between 1% and 15%rh in the summer.
  11. I have noticed a change in flavour between 63 % and 73%. Is it just me or do cigars taste different according to humidity. Thanks

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