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  1. So my completely overfilled and bursting wrapper # 5 was a CoRo ... some kind of quality control there. I guessed Juan Lopez, because it had to be a value brand based on the aesthetic. Shame on me, and whomever selected that cigar off the table to become a Cohiba. ?
  2. I am 0/3 but a member of another site sent me his guesses purely based on one picture and he is 3/3 ... I'm wondering if I should change my last guesses!
  3. Visual :: silky wrapper, rolled proper shape & fill Aroma :: Floral, light baking spices Pre-light :: Floral (hibiscus) 1/3 :: Nuts & Hay, no spice really 2/3 :: Grassy, some bitterness, nuts 3/3 :: Peanut butter on the finish Ash was real nice, compact and white. Burn was as good as you could ask for. Retrohale was very easy all the way, and almost no spice present here except at a few times on the front of the tongue.
  4. Smoked in time, just adding my review; Wrapper is textured underneath and veins pronounced, light color Cap is kind of sloppy, and not flat (tapered) FOOT :: Not much, slight sweetness Pre-light draw is stronger sweetness 1 initial bitterness, hay, sweetness there on retro, very light flavor at all Wavy burn, corrected itself. Ash white / grey. 2 No real spice, some nuttiness, ash held until now. Bitterness still very pronounced, not astringent necessarily. 3 some sweetness intertwined with the dominant bitterness. Grassy notes, citrus, still mostly bitter tho
  5. I did smoke this well before the cut-off, just adding my review; light colored wrapper, box pressed, triple cap required a close inspection to verify (thought it was a double cap initially) Aroma is *very* light baking spices Pre-light draw is caramel sweetness 1. Pepper on the tip of the tongue, Cuban twang immediately, citrus, salted popcorn, spice on the tongue (different from earlier noted pepper), retrohale is char and wood (but not charred wood) 2. Ash is grey and whiteish, not the best I've seen but it holds on fine despite being loosely packed. A bit of sourness is coming
  6. This is heavily edited, because this cigar was a complete waste of tobacco. I tossed it after about half an inch because the wrapper was burning separately and the cigar was WAY overfilled. Started to split right up the side as soon as I lit it. Frustrating. Light colored wrapper with some minor flaws / damage, as well as a traditional style (NC) cap ... not the little divot of tobacco missing on a lot of Cubans rolled by experienced hands. Aroma is hay, some slight sweetness Pre-light draw is peanut-brittle and floral sweetness (love)
  7. I guess I'll post my review here instead of just on my other cigar site; Wrapper is thick for a CC, glue spot visible, kind of curved overall shape and uneven Aroma is slight baking spices Pre-light draw is graham cracker, honey First :: Initially bland (past its prime) flavor, but then some spice comes in. Licorice / anise kind of zing in here too. Ash is darker grey in color, kind of loosely packed but actually hangs on well. Second :: wrapper is thick enough it’s burning seperately over the binder, the ash indicates I’m not smoking it too quickly (even, no protrudin
  8. Argh. I guessed Hoyo de Monterrey for # 2, and Por Larranaga PC for # 3 (based on tasting notes, I got caramel) but I knew I'd be wrong because PL almost always are plugged for me and this one was slightly box pressed also. Oh well.

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