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  1. BRC, unknown code (ordered 4 from the store a while back to taste)
  2. Upmann magnum 50. Flawless burner/draw/construction so far and amazing flavors. I removed the second band
  3. Boli petit corona. Absolute stunner, too bad it's so short *In the middle of nowhere, Georgia for a convention, pic won't load 😞
  4. Cigars - Anything Arturo Fuente. Just don't get it Everything else - News. It has literally zero effect on your life other than giving you a reason to complain. Just live your life. The world and humanity are beautiful, go outside and enjoy them
  5. With very limited CC experience (about 80-100 total CCs smoked), I've only had 3 absolutely bricked hoyo doubles that had to to be chucked even after boring the absolute crap out of them with a perfect draw tool; these were procured from another vendor. All of the stuff I've gotten from FoH has been perfectly smokable (under 4 burn corrections needed, kind of what I consider good construction) with 3 exceptions - upmann no 2 that tunneled but was still nubbed and 2 cracked wrappers (Edmundo and BBF). The cracked wrappers just came in as such but really, that kind of thing just happens. Just buy everything from 24:24. At least that's my *very limited* experience. I store at 65/65 and live in South Florida, where I smoke outside with >60% ambient humidity at all times, fwiw
  6. Will I guess it's my lucky day! Can't wait to see what it is! Thanks much
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I should caveat my post by saying that I have enjoyed most of what I've tried (which is quite a bit) and the stuff I've acquired will be smoked by yours truly, and enjoyed thoroughly at that. I guess for the most part I wanted to voice some frustration with the whole resting/aging paradigm. Then again, I decided to just say F it this afternoon and smoke a PSP RyJ Churchill that's been sitting in the humi for only a couple weeks, and it was really, really delightful. So there is hope yet!
  8. So let me start by saying I've been smoking cigars for quite a while, had a bit of a hiatus for a few years, but have recently delved in hard (say 4-5 months). For all the time I've smoked cigars, I've been a stout Padron fan; I've smoked just about everything they've produced and also the lion's share of NCs out there, with perhaps a few exceptions from what was released in the past 3 years. I've been going hard on CCs since finding a reputable Canadian supplier and, more recently, FoH. I guess I'm writing this post because I have not (yet) had a CC smoking experience that has left me floored, or that has been "transcendental". I've had those experiences with good Padrons (1926 No 1, 50th come to mind). Now it seems just from cursory reading of this forum that CCs are entirely different animals in the sense that they truly do benefit from aging in a way that most NCs don't (be it because of the nature of the tobacco itself or quality issues in the island, whatever the case may be) and so far the oldest box I own that's been properly rested is some E2s from Sep 2018, that smoke great, but again haven't floored me. I honestly don't know if I have a strong point to make, but I guess the best word that comes to mind from my experience with CCs so far is mild disappointment. I am, by nature, not a patient person. I am usually OK with resting boxes for a good 4-6 weeks but beyond that I don't know if I can commit to proper aging of a box or 2 or 10. Not really a money issue, just not a fan of the concept. If you've been in a similar position, how have you reacted? Has your mind changed? As of right now, I'm sitting on about 400 CCs that I've purchased from either here or that other dealer that I look upon with genuine sadness because it feels like if I smoke them soon (which is what I want to do) I'd be experiencing the cigar at below its true potential. Anyway, any comments appreciated!
  9. I'd really like to snag a box of Monte Especiales 1... Hopeful for an appearance!
  10. Invisibility, if only because of the condition. I can wash my pants; I cannot grow taller
  11. Thanks for the input gentleman. Overthinking is my middle name, after all 😂
  12. Working through that newbie sampler. Just checked on USPS and I have 2 special treats coming in today - box of Cohiba especiales and PSP RyJ Churchills. There's no way I'm not trying one of the RyJ ROTT 😏 ROTT Cohiba Corona Especiales from 24:24. Kicking. My. Ass. Definitely needs rest but thoroughly enjoying. Also just got my first 2 boxes from my initial FoH spree, and can I say, I've never seen sticks as nice as these. The PSP RyJ I received look like they've literally been brushed with oil lol.
  13. Pineapple. Makes tasting anything (food included) impossible.

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