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  1. RyJ Chruchill, PSP June 18. Amazing in every way
  2. I remove bands after about the half way point, to allow the stick to warm up and glue to loosen up. Personally, I would be happiest if at least all my box buys would come unbanded as I *hate* cigar bands in general
  3. Tail end of a JL #2 with about 18 months on the box. Perfect construction smooth, toasty tobacco with cream and cedar. Like a stronger, slightly less complex epi 2, but still very enjoyable. Might be time to hit the box with earnest
  4. Libertador from Cozumel LCDH. Unknown date/code. Smooth and enjoyable so far
  5. RASS from 24:24 few months back. Can't remember the code but the stewed fruit thing is real. Surprising in every way!
  6. Great review. I'm working through a box from early 16. Just incredible, all caramel, citrus peel and sweet cedar with one of the best finishes of any cigar I've had. Kudos!
  7. Punch Punch from a box dated MAR 16. Haven't posted in a bit but this guy just compelled me to do it. Citrus caramel the whole way through with absolutely perfect construction and just obscene smoke output. Perfection
  8. I can see your point, however at that price point I'd say a dud is pretty unforgivable.... I'd rather do regular production, as a dud from those is much, much less painful
  9. So just read this week's competition as I was smoking this bad boy so I thought I'd give it a go. Construction - good draw/burn requiring minimal touch ups. 1st third - Big flavor from the get go. Baking spices and coffee are the predominant ones, with cedar underlying the whole thing. Thin smoke with an airy mouth feel. Very enjoyable. 2nd third - Still medium to full bodied flavor, with a strength kick. Coffee becomes the dominant flavor, and I detect some underlying cocoa notes Final third - most of the flavor abruptly drops and all I'm left with is tarry tobacco, probably due to young age. Put it out with about an inch and a half left Very enjoyable smoke overall, up until just past the half way point. Picked this up at the LCDH in Cozumel, and the Mexican government apparently requires the entire box to be covered in warning stickers so the only clue I got as to when this guy was rolled was from the owner who said it was from 2018. Paid about $40 for it, and given the price I'd say this is a hard pass given you can get especiales no 1 for about a third of the price, and these are in my opinion the best monties out there. 87/100
  10. I quit for about 9 years a while back. Mostly due to extremely busy schedule (taking the CPA exam, finishing master's degree, getting married, etc). Just got back on it about 8 months ago, and currently smoking way too much, from my perspective (2 a day on average). In retrospect, that's probably one of the reasons I stopped in the first place, as I genuinely don't like being dependent on nicotine. So now (well, at least when I get back home from vacation lol) I'd like to cut back to 4-5/week. I do react very strongly to nicotine as a lifetime ago I was a 2 pack/day cigarette smoker. So with that said, how do fellow FoHers deal with nicotine cravings when smoking at a level below, let's call it "comfort nicotine levels"? I've found that if I smoke at a level below at least 1 cigar every couple days I don't enjoy them as much, as I just get a massive nicotine buzz that I simply hate and find myself dropping the cigar about the half way point. I'm actually very interested in fellow's thoughts on this!
  11. I have boxes of both, and both are relatively young (about a year of box age each), and as many of you know I'm fairly new at the CC game. With that said, for me BRC is world's ahead of the JL2 I've tried. In fact, I've yet to find the point to the JL2 so the 22 I have left are going to sleep for a while. I do, however, have a palette that favors stronger, fuller flavored sticks.
  12. A nice score from the Cozumel LCDH during our current summer cruise to the Caribbean. Big flavors from this bad boy.
  13. Had a CoRo yesterday that was a bit disappointing so felt like something consistently great. NC time. Padron 1964 diplomatico in natural. Always a classic
  14. Wife out getting her hair done, house all to my self. Time to bust out the big guns. PSP lusi from recent 24:24 after only a couple weeks rest (couldn't help myself). So far so great
  15. So for anyone who may remember, I posted a while ago about how I was generally disappointed with my CC journey so far. I was encouraged to plug along, and honestly after purchasing many boxes from FoH I had little choice. Today I sit having a Cohiba Corona Especial and I'm finally finding the magic. Pure honey and cream, just the most amazing smoking experience with zero rough edges. Maybe they finally rested long enough? Maybe the ones before this one were bad examples? Who knows, but so far this is one of the best smokes I've had. Redemption is at hand!

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