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  1. People aren’t that smart- it’s funny if you read a lot of the criticism people are concerned about the damage to his lungs!! Another classic example of the uneducated trying to tell us how to live our lives and what choices we should be making. Good for Nick Jonas- glad to have him on our team
  2. Have only had the no1 and the Cosacos. Don’t remember the latter much as it was some time ago, but I just had a no1 this weekend and it was very enjoyable. Barnyard, hay, soft sweetness and touch of cream. I usually smoke med and med-full sticks. The first third of the no1 is definitely light but builds to medium towards the final third. Easy, enjoyable, everyday smokes.
  3. So cool- but stuff like this always makes me wonder and question how much we obsess about temp, humidity, and storage conditions in general today. This is beautiful, but obviously not the ideal storage system. How’d they get away with storing sticks for a long period of time? Or did they?
  4. Use to always keep on, but recently found myself taking them off. Some reason I feel like a appreciate the vitola better and can appreciate the feel.... or maybe I’m just making up some b.s. to justify why I’ve been doing it.
  5. Skinnies ARE cool Prez! Where’s the faith haha!
  6. For me the heritage and the (brand) stories/ history are just as important in CC as the flavors, complexities and intermittent frustrations- think plugs, available, storage etc. i started with NC and continue to smoke those consistently. My Father, Oliva, Herrera Esteli id highly recommend for people looking for a wide range and quality smokes that will not leave you disappointed from wandering from the CC rotation.
  7. Not to slightly deviate but on quality control topic..Any thoughts on temperature specifically guys? Temp is always talked about either RH levels but I feel like the main focus is always the humidity. But lately I’ve seen some things online saying temp isn’t that important- except for beetles -obviously as long as it’s relrovely stable and the RH stays in a good spot. I’m storing around 63-64%. But temp seems to hover around 75-76 F during summer months- constantly concerned it’s getting dangerously high
  8. NO MATCHES! Visited a place in Miami this past weekend- while checking out I ask for matches. In unison, the two guys behind the counter exclaimed “no matches!” Not that I care too much- a use a lighter 99% of the time but, never been to a shop without matches (head scratcher)
  9. New to the forum. Smoked a few new ones a couple days ago and just want to say A+ ... pure class. Have been watching vid reviews for a while and now happy to join the rest of the club. Cheers everyone- looking forward to all the great content!
  10. Trinidad fundy - has to be. The first one I had was in a shop in Canada. I owner came up to me when I was halfway through and simple asked how I was enjoying it. My immediate, instinctual reaction was simply to say “this is what a real cigar tastes like.” ahhh, a quick trip memory lane ladies and gents.

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