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  1. BRC all the way. JL2 when I’m golfing and I’m out of BRCs
  2. I got carried away with the FOH theme... Names (in no particular order): 1. FOH Nation 2. FOHnnossieurs 3. FOHriends 4. FOHnomics 5. FOH Chats or FOH Banter 6. El Jefe and FOHriends // El Pres and FOHriends 7. FOHreal Czars 8. State of the FOH Questions: 1. How did FOH get it's start? A History of FOH. 2. Did you think FOH would be this successful? 3. Why did you stop autographing PSP boxes? Can we get a box autographed by Ken? 4. Not a question, but I agree with others How-to questions...
  3. Beautiful profile at a VALUE! wow. Woody and medium bodied. When good it could rival a Siglo II when cost is factored in. Am I crazy? RGPC ‘17
  4. Excellently hilarious! Thanks! ive got my foh hat coming in the mail and I’ll be sure to wear it if I ever make it to the local humidor!
  5. @nKostyan your explanations are always super detailed! THANK YOU! I'll check the forum archives and age, humidity and temp ratios.
  6. Yes. @Elpresidente any teachings on codes in the forum archives?
  7. @PointFivePast selfishly, I live in Seattle and I’ll definitely attempt the revival on you behalf! 🤤 I’ll at least settle for any charity boxes you’d like to donate to the Newbie CC organization. Please DM me if you are feeling generous, but I say attempt the revival as it will be just another positive accomplishment to tip the struggle scale to thriving! Cheers!
  8. @nKostyan would appreciate any humidity manipulation tips you have up you sleeve.
  9. Are these the same churchills from the recent 24:24?!
  10. Greetings everyone! I have a dilemma I'm hoping this forum of gurus can help me come to terms with. Before I found this magnificent forum I purchased a box of RyJ Short Churchills elsewhere and the wrappers look much lighter than I am used to seeing. Have others seen variances in wrapper colors from box to box? I know cubans have natural quality variations, but just curious on the variations of RyJ Short Chruchs?

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