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  1. I think I got a bit carried away this year. Theme: Trinidad, Trinidad, Trini... If my wife catches wind I'm ____! Fundy and Esmeraldas are the only thing left for the 2020 collection!
  2. Trini coloniales ‘19 with the Mrs. on a little adventure in the mountains
  3. Saturday treats on the lake... RyJ Church and ERDM Choix Supreme Wrapping up the weekend with a lusi... no better ending
  4. 2020 most underrated CC in my collection. This will be a regular rotation for the foreseeable future. '18 ERDM Choix Supreme... consistently smooth, rich cream, touch under medium and not a rough edge in sight. Excellent morning or afternoon outing cigar. I'm hooked.
  5. The Reyes is becoming a regular rotation! I'll defintiely try Glendronach 12
  6. Greetings fellow FOHers! I'm sitting on my balcony enjoying a '18 ERDM Choix Supreme and Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros and couldn't help but wonder... what else could I be sipping on!? So I'd like to put it to you! Share suggestions, I'm looking for a new adventure and I'd like some advice from the community. Best beverage pairing? I'd perfer some rum suggestions but open to anything! Thanks and hope you are all smoking crackers this weekend!
  7. 2018 RyJ Short Church 2016 Siglo II 2008 SLR for the win!
  8. Wrapping up my week with a little treat. 20 miles of running this week, who says you can’t eat you Lusi cake and have it too! And it is tasty!
  9. I got carried away with the FOH theme... Names (in no particular order): 1. FOH Nation 2. FOHnnossieurs 3. FOHriends 4. FOHnomics 5. FOH Chats or FOH Banter 6. El Jefe and FOHriends // El Pres and FOHriends 7. FOHreal Czars 8. State of the FOH Questions: 1. How did FOH get it's start? A History of FOH. 2. Did you think FOH would be this successful? 3. Why did you stop autographing PSP boxes? Can we get a box autographed by Ken? 4. Not a question, but I agree with others How-to questions...

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