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  1. This is my first ever. I’m already livid that they’ve been discontinued. This box won’t last long.
  2. Just smoking a 2019 MSU Bolivar Petit Corona now, and I concur with the positivity on this thread. Not sure it’s a particularly short smoke, though. For a 30-35 minute smoke the Monte Media Corona fits the bill for me; I also like the HUHC, although I haven’t smoked as many of those.
  3. Look forward to these, always enjoy your reviews and the context you provide.
  4. Nice review, thanks for redoing despite the pain. These are favourites of mine when they’re on, but I’ve found them to be quite inconsistent. Sounds like this was a good one!
  5. PLPC TOS FEB 17. I can’t thank this forum enough for introducing me to these.
  6. This 2016 Monte 2 is standing in for an irredeemably plugged Lusitania, and is doing so admirably.

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