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  1. Montecristo #1 ASU NOV 18. Pairing very well indeed with a Ron Zacapa XO, I must say.
  2. Thanks very much, everyone. These are from a friend of a friend, and there are - in my understanding - some Oliva, some My Father, and a couple of Davidoff. Probably no more than a dozen in total, but I’d like to give them a proper try. There are probably a couple more, but I can’t be more specific at the moment, as useless as that is. @WABOOM I keep my Cubans at 65, and would be very pleased if I could keep the NCs at the same level. The reason I asked about 69rh is that seems to be the received wisdom according to a good number of other, probably less well-informed, sources. @djrey, if I could keep them at the same level as my Cubans that would be perfect. I could store them I the desktop rather than the tupperdor. As for aging, I’m afraid I can’t be more helpful than the incomplete list above, but can’t imagine aging would do any harm. I always thought a benefit of NCs was that they were smokeable fresh? Thanks everyone, and sorry for the lack of information.
  3. I hope this is OK to post here, but I’ve been given a few NCs and would appreciate some expert advice. I’ve only smoked a couple of NCs before and wasn’t too keen (they seemed very nicotine-heavy) but would like to give these a fair crack of the whip. I’m going to put them in a tupperdor at 69rh (unless otherwise advised). Anything else to think about? Do they need to acclimatise/do they need dry boxing etc? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. This is my first Siglo I; I’m not a big fan of this vitola, but Cohiba is a favourite marca of mine. Let’s see. Construction is excellent; the wrapper is dark colorado with a lovely sheen. Normally I find all cold draws are more or less the same, but here there’s a real note of lemon tea, and the draw is perfect. The first inch isn’t great for me: there’s a quite overwhelming pepper and spice, particularly through the retrohale. After the first inch, the cigar calms down. Notes of grass/hay, citrus, and a sweetness appear, although at first they’re still masked somewhat by the pepper. These flavours gradually edge out the pepper as the cigar develops, and later on there’s a lovely, bracing citrus which I associate with a really good Monte 1 or 3. This is a really sharp note, almost sherbet like. As for the other flavours, they’re a bit muddled; I think this is what more experienced smokers mean when they say a cigar needs more time for flavours to develop. A slightly tannic lemon tea appears right at the end. This was a 40 minute smoke, and exhibited some classic Cohiba flavours, but in my opinion probably needs time. I’ll come back to this box in a few months. It was good but not great at this stage; I suspect there’s considerable potential here. I’ve marked it down for the overwhelmingly peppery opening, but it still gets an 88 from me. I look forward to trying it again in due course.
  5. I got golf lessons for my birthday and hit my first ever golf ball at the end of June. I reckon a 50 cab of Lusitanias should get me through a round!
  6. Car broke down at 5.45 in the morning meaning I missed my work appointment. Terrible start to the day BUT it means I get to have this bonus Montecristo #5 with a coffee in the garden. All’s well that ends well when you smoke CCs!

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