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  1. Every team needs a solid spine, round which you can fit in flashier players. These make up my solid spine; I would trust any of them to take penalties in a shootout. Bolivar Petit Coronas MSU MAR 19 Monte 4 ABO JUN 19 Monte 3 BUM SEP 14 Bolivar Tubos no 1 ULA JUL 15 SCDLH El Principe LGR JUN 18
  2. Absolutely spot on. I’ve only ever had a handful of these, but I think I’ve been very fortunate with the draw on all of them.
  3. All this talk of Coronas Especiales made me want one myself!
  4. Congratulations! That would be my pairing of choice for a celebration, too.
  5. Very good. It’s probably the perfect vitola for me, and the flavours (typical partagas) were pleasingly intense. I will certainly look out for a box.

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