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  1. I am a newbie as well and enjoying the EOFY sale for CCs to age, but have you found a place to buy aged CCs?
  2. Hahahaha I do need a storage solution pretty quick. I dont have anything for box storing/aging.
  3. Ha! Familiar with Kearny. My sister lives in Liberty. I was a bartender at Fedoras on the Plaza and J Alexanders out south. First job moved me back to NC just by chance-Hallmark
  4. As a salesperson closing my own EOFY, it is nice to find comfort in supporting a team doing the same. Thanks for the education, the deals, and the community FOH. Look forward to trying my recent, and first, CC purchases(all 24:24 from the past few days): Monte 4s, HU2s, and Partagas Ls from tonight. Yall have a quick week! ToddT
  5. Thanks Thirds! Ironically he is Cuban and met him here in KC. Do you still live there? I went to Rockhurst U.
  6. Thanks rhodges! Is that Mr. Dylan? Im a Blood on the Tracks man myself.
  7. Raised in Boone, NC and now live outside of Raleigh. Spent some time in KC and Ohio. Big Browns and Indians fan. My mentor suggested cigars as a great way to relax and enjoy the simple things(forget about work) and really enjoying it. Look forward to expanding my experience. Todd

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