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  1. I prefer hotels in the eixample area. Make sure your room has a balcony😁. Ballers choice- The One Barcelona. Must try tapas bars- Bar Canete, Cerveceria Catalana. Reservation prior or be there on opening for lunch. For singles- Estanco Duaso, boxes-Andorra. Sunset drink- Cubadust's "1881 per Sagardi" is a fantastic place.
  2. Yes it affects the cigar. Cigars are hygroscopic. Best to smoke a half corona or similar on those conditions or go indoors with a dehumidifier.
  3. Why don't you watch cigar obsession on "how to taste the most flavors from a cigar" on YT. Might help.
  4. +1 on the Diplomatico Reserva. Bought a bottle for the first time & was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the spirit. Haven't paired it with a cigar yet.
  5. My two centavos- I would wait and see. If they do something similar to what Geely is doing with Volvo- I'm all for it.
  6. Just got back from Barcelona yesterday. I tried the LGC exclusivo espana and didn't like it. YMMV. Now the JLo Malecon Andorra- that is another story. Unfortunately that isn't available in Spain. Bought that in Andorra. Tell your friend to monitor developments in Barcelona before going. I missed my flight last Monday because the demonstrators closed the highway to the airport and didn't allow us to enter the terminal. That was an unforgettable experience. On Tuesday while at the airport, I noticed on the board that both AA flights out were cancelled.
  7. Left Barcelona around 8am Monday in a Nisssan Juke. No comment. Driver was a street bike enthusiast😁. Drove well. Countryside smelled of cow manure. Farmers prepping the fields before planting. Got to Andorra del Valle at 10:30 & headed straight to my vendor of choice. bought a box of JLo RE Andorra 2015, Sir Winston & others. 90+ sticks in total. Healthy bill. Had a few hours to burn so walked around, chilled in cafés checking the "lay of the land". People very well dressed. Very safe. The place itself? Meh. Not impressed. I'd stay an hour at most after buying cigars & GTFO. Others before have given tips & all I can add is use wifi to surf & NOT your 4G from other countries. The roaming costs are crazy! PM for particulars. Happy to be back in Barcelona.
  8. Will be in Barcelona next week and booked a trip to Andorra for the day to buy cigars. What would you guys buy assuming a 75 cigar limit or if lucky, a 150 limit? Thanks in advance!
  9. Greetings! My name is Ramon, 56, family man, classic car nut. Been smoking cuban cigars since the late 90's but always willing to learn. Really glad to have found this website. In the few months that I've been lurking, I have learnt a great deal & hopefully, I can contribute to this shared knowledge in the future. I have ordered a couple of boxes from FOH, smoked a few & I have to say that the quality of the cigars is fantastic! I'm a happy camper. Rob, Diana, Liza & Adam, thank you!

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