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  1. This is what Cigar Aficionado released on this cigar in 2012 "7 1/4 inches long by 57 ring, with the supple curves and elaborate shaping known to lovers of Salomones. Each is a limited edition, packed in elaborate boxes unique to the brand. Davidoff says the smokes are medium to full in body, made with Nicaraguan wrappers, Dominican binder and a blend of Peruvian and Dominican filler tobaccos. The Toro X has a suggested retail price of $18, while the big Salomon sells for $29.50. Both cigars are made at OK Cigars in the Dominican Republic, under the watchful eye of Hendrik “Henke” Kelner. The Salomones are even more limited, with only 340 boxes worldwide. Each box is an acrylic cube with rubberized accents that contain 64 of the big cigars." Intro For anyone that's been part of privada COTM club for a while you probably had one of these. i got 2 last year and decided now would be a good time to try one. i paired it with a sprite and a couple cow tails i stole from the Halloween bowl 😁 on cold i just got some hay and bread notes, draw was a little tight but opened up about half way through. 1st Third On light up i was blasted with a musty strongly sourdough flavor that reminded me of a sour pale ale. once it got to the full ring gauge the sour dough receded to the background and i primarily got that davidoff earthy mustiness with some cedar and a light floral sweetness. there is no spice or pepper at all, very smooth. 2nd Third The 2nd third really opened up and balanced out. i started getting primarily in the forefront a...i don't want to say creamy nuttiness but can't describe it any other way so feel the need to say no homo after that🤣 along with the musty sourdough, cedar, and floral sweetness lingering in the background. reminds me of a partagas short with davidoff mustiness. the draw really opened up and became perfect at this point, the only issue was an uneven burn that required multiple touch ups. Last Third The end of the 2nd and going into the last third i started getting strong lightly sweet creamy coffee with notes of sourdough and that davidoff mustiness. the flavors brought to mind a monte 2 i smoked recently without the chocolate notes, my favorite part of the cigar. the uneven burn stopped being an issue at this point as well which was nice. Conclusion I really enjoyed this cigar, it had a lot of interesting transitions and well balanced subtle flavors that kept me interested and enjoying the about 2 hour smoke. since it was un-banded privada just named it "one of the best ever" and i would have to agree. i typically don't enjoy non cuban cigars or such large vitolas but i would have to rate this a 93/100 and would probably be a 96/100 if not for the burn issues. This is what privada had in their description for the cigar as well in case your not sick of reading yet.🤣 DESCRIPTION This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to smoke the best of the best in the most limited form. Hailing from Manhattan Davidoff Store Grand Opening, 2012. We have un-banded, Zino Platinum 10 Years. Originally you had to spend $1890 to receive 64 of these but we are fortunate enough to have received an un-banded batch that was never commercially packaged. OMG, Holy Cow. I’m in heaven with this cigar. Cigars like this are why I started the club.
  2. i've seen some do it because they think it's cool being able to smoke 3 cigars at once, i would say majority just don't realize they are supposed to be separated tho, see it on IG a lot. i think they look like turds when separated so that may play a roll for the IG pics too🤣
  3. noticed that too, i was blown away by a box of BSM NOV 19 famosos i got earlier this year. i had only tried a few singles from earlier years but they weren't nearly as good as what i've smoked in this box so far. been my #1 go to the last couple months
  4. UP: VR famosos RYJ exhibicion #4 medio siglo Down maduro #1 monte PE punch punch
  5. Frank Reich the colt's head coach should have been an option 🤣
  6. i find i mostly smoke when watching a movie or a football game and i prefer to watch both at home with the big screen and recliners.😁 some of the lounges in my area also have a cutting fee if you don't buy it from them and i'm not about to pay $10 to smoke one of my cubans
  7. i like the look of the tubos more but i don't like to age in tubos. i feel like the cedar lining gives it too much of a cedar flavor after a few years and they take up too much room. i just keep some old tubes of various sizes i can throw a cigar in if i don't want to use my holder
  8. makes sense to me, they are only talking about up to senior year in high school and i would assume it would be easier to buy tobacco products the older you get. i don't understand why they just automatically assume only kids like flavored products and flavored cigars are only targeting kids though. from what i've seen, kids who smoke typically do it for reasons other than the taste. wonder if they will go after the fruity tasting cannabis strains next, they obviously engineered the plant's taste to get kids addicted to drugs🤔🤣
  9. so glad i didn't move to cali like i had planned to a few years ago🤣 i'm not really a fan of flavored sticks but this sounds like it's gonna screw over all the drew estate acid lovers, which seems like the cigar that gets a lot of people into cigars
  10. i would, that way you can be sure you will have plenty in 5-10 years when they hit their peak. even if you don't smoke them you could still resell them for a profit too
  11. that's just the seller testing the product to make sure it's good enough to sell, some quality customer service there🤣
  12. last one i pitched due to a plug was a punch punch, have the worse luck with them last one i pitched due to flavor was a partagas presidente, tried a couple and couldn't stand them, hoping a few years will help the rest last cigar i nubbed was a VR famosos, was the first one i had tried and i was surprised by how good it was, hoping the rest of the box is the same
  13. if i have already smoked a couple then i prob wouldn't want anything bigger then a robusto and i would want something medium to full. i like dessert chocolate cigars after eating too so maybe a VR famosos, BLR, monte 4, or RA small club

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