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  1. had to pick that smooth sheen on the CoRo but i think the H. Upmann Royal Robusto looks like a close second
  2. same, pres just posted a story talking about people getting sick from mercury poisoning or something from some fake cubans.
  3. i hate using it but have an electrum wallet for when i need it. seems like every time i use bitcoin the price drops while its transferring and i lose money. can't beat the anonymity of it though
  4. i suck at this, been getting 9 every week except the 5 bomb last week, i'm tied with pres. proud of myself for picking the colts over the chiefs sun night though
  5. haven't had the chance to try them yet but those QdO sound pretty good and seem to be selling like hotcakes, same with the bhk52. i have unfortunately had the chance to try the RyJ anejado and it's hard to argue against that being a big letdown and mistake.
  6. maybe bevis and butthead are in charge of naming them now
  7. sleep in, eat steak and eggs breakfast followed by a good cigar with coffee. take a long nap then go to see a good band at a small venue. end the day with a beef wellington dinner with cheesecake for dessert followed by an amazing cigar with some even better whiskey . maybe pop into a strip club at some point in there too🥰
  8. San Cristobal El Principe LGR_NOV 17 (OFRW) it took me a while to figure out what to choose for this review. was thinking of picking a JL2, Vigia, or a lusi but despite those always being good i don't tend to smoke them very often. i smoke probably a good 2/3 of my cigars in the morning with a coffee. when i smoke in the morning i find myself going for the el principe the most. i like the monte 4 a lot as well but the flavor profile of the principe just goes perfectly with my morning coffee. out of 2 boxes of these i have had i only had a couple that were a little too tight or a little under filled near the foot. these always start off with a creamy leather/earthy flavor that slowly progresses into a creamy coffee flavor with hints of dark chocolate as you go into the 2nd third. the coffee and chocolate flavors seem to get stronger as you go until you get to the last third where it is just full on a creamy mocha coffee. i am never disappointed with these and find them to be a consistent 88/100 every time. couple that with the fact that the tend to be about $5 each and they have quickly become my favorite go to cigar in the morning
  9. 6-10 seems like a good number, would be cool to have 2-3 different price points to choose from
  10. i would join it, already a memeber of privada and rare cigar of the month club which kinda sucks so far. would love to switch out the rare COTM with an FOH COTM
  11. maybe they could train the gorillas to roll cigars, circle of life
  12. at first i was thinking of the little flag holder cup looking thing on a horse's saddle. since that wasn't an option, i guessed blindly and failed miserably
  13. what is the snail's natural predator? bet it's some kind of bird, whatever it is they need to start having tourist bring a couple with them and let them loose
  14. Cohiba Siglo I UNK18 (COHRW) I got a PSP 6 pack of these a while back and have smoked half of them so far. i wish i had gotten a full box of these, the 2 i have smoked up to this point have been an easy 93/100. it seems like the perfect morning cigar to me, light, creamy and the perfect size for a quick 30 min smoke with a cup of coffee. i normally take the cigar out of my wineador at least an hour before i want to smoke it but i was in a rush and wanted to smoke this while i walked. i think it may have affected the burn and smoke because unlike the other two i tried, this one had some issues with the burn. almost the entire first half of the cigar was kinda harsh and just tasted of burnt tobacco instead of the smooth creaminess i got from the first two. after the first half it started to smooth out and became that creamy sweet flavor i got from the others. the only way i can describe the flavor is a slightly sweet cream with an occasional hint of coffee and spice on the retrohale. i would rate this 86/100 lower then the others i have had because of the harshness of the first half and the burn issues. everything else such as the draw, smoke output, and construction were perfect. the issues were probably my fault but maybe i just got one that was kinda off. either way knowing how good these can be most of the time, i would say they are well worth the price for a box. thanks again to Pres and FOH for the RyJ petite corona prize box i got. with that added to the wineador i'm close to being ready to hibernate for the winter.....i think i can fit a couple more boxes in there though😍😍😍

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