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  1. Not really a Beatles guy or a religious person at all. But In My Life and Imagine. And a good version of Amazing Grace.
  2. From the 24/24. Ramon Allones Small Club Corona.
  3. @Hollywood Ninja mine should be here tomorrow and I see this. Might have to fire one off quick. Really looking forward to it after so many recommendations.
  4. They also have reusable silica packets that absorb moisture. They can be put in microwave and defrosted and used again.
  5. Film cameras. I had a entry level Canon SLR but lost it in the divorce. Even though I miss it, I’ll probably go with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.
  6. Do any of you freeze with silica to absorb any water when freezing your cigars. Or would that have an adverse effect on the cigar?
  7. Again not my last purchase just my last delivery. And so it continues... a box of H Upmann #2 was hoping for that Nov 18 box but got an October box.
  8. I’m curious about the Vigia’s after aging a bit. A lot of people aren’t that impressed right now. I’m debating pulling the trigger on a box to try. Also Look up Trevor Wallace White Claw on YouTube. It convinced my fiancé to purchase some. 😂
  9. Not my last purchase just my first delivery from here. ...and so it begins. A box of H Upmann Connie A’s from 24/24 was hoping for the Nov 18 as it’s my birthday but got a Feb 19. Oh well.
  10. Bit the bullet and bought a CHC-Whynter 172BD. Paid 180$ US for an open box unit. Because of that the plastic smell was nonexistent. So I just wiped down with a microfiber towel and distilled water. Wiped down the shelves and drawers with distilled water on day 1 and also put the included plastic container on the bottom with distilled water. Set for 66F. Wiped down again on day 2. Still have the container with distilled water in there so the wood can absorb some more. Added 4 60G Boveda 65%. Day 3 going to probably take the container out and see where the RH levels out. So far everything has been pretty stable during the seasoning process.
  11. I would grab my desktop humidor that has random cigars (NC) including the it’s a girl cigars (rocky patel, Davidoff, alec Bradley, Ashton’s), my father bijou, and davidoff year of the monkey cigars I bought in 2016 for my daughters birth. For the sentimental factor over anything else.
  12. I think a lot of people that partake look for a natural organic product in their medical marijuana while almost every cigarette in stores is treated with chemicals and fertilizers and has so much additives. That my opinion on it but I know a lot of people that smoke both. Perhaps it’s just the people that have that contempt are the loudest.
  13. What non custom aftermarket drawers and shelves are you guys using? I’m looking at a newair cc300 ready to go or a a whynter. CWC-351D. I’ve spotted basically a CWC351D super cheap locally but with only the wine racks. Wanted to get drawers and shelves to fit. Whynter CWC-351D specs 7.1 x12 inches what I see on amazon is 7.5 x 12.5 inches 7 x 12 inches but when I click on the owner manual for the new air it goes to a magic chef refrigerator. So I couldn’t find the specs. Do you have one of these models? Could you link to a shelf and drawer that work for you in it? Thanks.

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