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  1. Is it really a defect or a variation of a natural crop? Unless there’s a pattern of harsh taste between same cigars or something less I’d chalk it up to just being a natural product and environmental conditions.
  2. Was late today to my massage appointment just so I could grab a sampler. Life’s rough. Looking forward to trying one new stuff. The LE’s and the Maduro and Lusi.
  3. I still curse like a sailor. My 4 year old daughter said “fook man” when my fiancé was telling her to get off the iPad and come to bed. It’s cute because their is no school right now. But I told her not to say that again and laughed as soon as she left the room. #1 Dad.
  4. Does he still get “everything” for 100$? Or just a handy?
  5. I think the first thing I’d look for is the stamped numbers. If it’s perfectly lined up it’s fake since they are stamped by hand and supposed to be uneven.
  6. warning NSFW as if the links didn’t provide a clue For those that need one with a peni with a hula skirt. To hell with gender norms. For when a buddy stops by and you need space for two uh cigars.
  7. After my daughter movies and real life hit me different. man on fire john q strangely enough both Denzel movies.
  8. Bought these from FOH a few months ago with some age on them. Decided I would bring a couple up with me on a RV camping trip. Just finished up a long day and finished up dinner. I really wanted to take a nap. But wanted a quick little cigar under the trees and a few minutes to relax. I won’t divide in thirds as it’s such a short cigar. Straight cut and easy draw. Found it to have mild Montecristo chocolate notes. Some coffee and some sweetness that I couldn’t pinpoint. Overall it was a pleasant cigar. I had it in my humidor for for two months after a crazy post covid trip to the states. I think it needed some more down time for acclimation. Looking forward to these in a few months. *no photo as I was trying to give up the phone while camping.
  9. I would add some more Por larranaga, petite Coronas. Maybe a Diplomatico and Vegas Robaina. ERDM Demi tasse and some Punch
  10. I just tried on the shirt for the first time. Does it fit weird for anyone else? Where the shirt meets the sleeves in the back feels kinda tighter. Almost like I’m wearing the shirt backwards. Anyone else or just me?
  11. If I buy some Cohibas does that mean I have to purchase some Goya beans so I support two dictators and cancel them out?
  12. Depending on your wife, I’d say a shorter cigar, wash up and you know um celebrate.
  13. Perhaps very young and green. Give them some time and they should be alright. At the same time smoke sim in a few months to get a baseline.

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