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  1. Also two chicks at the same time? I’d drive up to Yosemite. Grab a bite to eat out there after a long drive. Set up camp. Celebrate with a cigar around the campfire. Make a couple bacon wrapped dogs on the fire. Take a walk with a cigarette partially filled with something else. Come back and relax in the tent and watch the stars and listen to the river and probably miss my gf and daughter.
  2. US The “Murica” 13 cigars in a dress box (one for each of the original colonies.) 60 RG 10” length First band has marca name. Second band just has an American flag on it that’s says regional. Third band yes third band has a musket rifle with an eagle sitting on it embossed in gold.
  3. Obviously hoping for my Dodgers to win it all after a 31 year drought. Yankees and Astros look tough.
  4. I have a couple Davidoff year of the monkeys that I got for my daughters birth. I’ll probably smoke one when she graduates and another when she gets married.
  5. Not really a Beatles guy or a religious person at all. But In My Life and Imagine. And a good version of Amazing Grace.
  6. From the 24/24. Ramon Allones Small Club Corona.
  7. @Hollywood Ninja mine should be here tomorrow and I see this. Might have to fire one off quick. Really looking forward to it after so many recommendations.
  8. They also have reusable silica packets that absorb moisture. They can be put in microwave and defrosted and used again.

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