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  1. Filled with tobacco or um other stuff? I was walking around Downtown and could smell strong weed every so often during the day. But never once smelled cigar. Good luck. 😉
  2. How new? Have your cigars been in it long enough to have been affected? Where were the cigars before? And what does your hygrometer read? Has your hygrometer been calibrated? Does it match where you set your avallo at?
  3. I would put some cigars in there and some bovedas or your preference and see what happens. The cigars should help stabilize it as well as the bovedas. I have wineador and ran it empty and humidity was in the 80’s. It went down to 62-67 RH. The higher number on the top shelf and the lower number on the bottom. So I keep my NC’s on top and CC’s on the bottom with lower humidity.
  4. These were mixed up in the mail for awhile so they probably need a little longer rest but after waiting I’m so tempted to ROTT one. Will I have the will power?
  5. I use one to quarantine new arrivals and put in freezer before putting in general population.
  6. I’ve been a Laker fan since watching Showtime with Magic, Kareem, And Worthy at my grandparents as a kid. It’s been rough the last few years with some truly awful teams. Something as a Laker fan we aren’t used to. But this year is going good so far. I was expecting more time before we start gelling with Anthony Davis. But I guess when you have guys that are that talented it comes a bit easier. Quite a few players changed teams in the offseason. Curious how the NBA landscape will look a couple months in.
  7. Must be nice to not have kids. 😉
  8. Thanks for the tournament. But also thank you for posting the video.
  9. Marilyn for obvious reasons. Genghis Khan would be interesting. And Bill would be funny. The second option seems interesting though. The discussion with Simone. Asking Jesus wtf happened? But Marilyn trumps everything.
  10. This just happened to me with a NC. Cigar was fine. Nothing spectacular or complex. Then at the end it got super metallic. The fillings in my teeth seemed to go crazy and give off some of it. It was really weird. It was a 4 year old stick. I saw somewhere they mentioned allergy meds could cause it. I don’t know.
  11. Got a free five pack of these when I purchased a Xikar cutter and lighter combo. The cigar itself looked great construction wise and the wrapper looked beautiful. It smelled rich and delicious as I pulled from the cellophane. First third. Started off bland. But after the cigar got going it really took off. Strong chocolate coming through. It almost felt like I ate some chocolate and have that coating on my tongue. Very smooth. Second third. The chocolate continues though I’m detecting some other sweet notes. Hints of graham cracker, molasses, and a tiny bit of banana. Not banana as in a fresh banana or even a strong banana note. More like a banana chip flake was added into the tobacco to just peek out behind the chocolate flavor. Last third. Much of the same. Starting to ease up on the outside sweet notes. More of the chocolate with some pepper coming through. Not overpowering but breaks it up a bit so you can appreciate the chocolate again where as you might have grown bored with the chocolate the entire cigar. Towards the nub started getting hot and had to put it down. Wish it was a bigger vitola because it was a very enjoyable cigar. Smoked this outside and was walking around with a decent breeze or else the burn probably would’ve been perfect. Which makes the ash length even more surprising. Never had to relight. I’m glad I have 4 more. Might try a few singles in various sizes to see if I enjoy those more. Not bad for a freebie and now will probably stay in my rotation. I’m new to reviewing and cigars in general so I hesitate to put a number on here out of fear of giving it too high a number and then discovering cigars that blow this one away. 92
  12. Nice review. Didn’t know the history of them. Also. Don’t forget to add the code to your title.

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