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  1. Has anyone had any experience with these before? I have a whynter unit and have like many of us outgrown it. Looking to purchase another. I need cooling being in Southern California. In the future I might go Avallo but looking at alternatives for the present.
  2. I find CC less than NC for the most part. At least the ones I’d purchase. There’s so many NC’s you could always find a deal on a crappy cigar that isn’t selling and heavily discounted. But I’d rather smoke an average petit corona CC. And go with a lonsdale, Corona, or #2 for a change if I get bored with PC or want a longer smoke.
  3. Always seem to have “plume” on them. *not white mold.
  4. Got this one in the 2019 Christmas Sampler. First time smoking a Qdo. I’ve read that these need time more so than some other marcas. Less than a year but what the hell. This was custard, light pie crust, some light sugar cookie and meringue throughout. Some other flavors intermingled at times but those were the main flavors. It was a perfect easy draw with just enough resistance. First third was custard and cream with some light pie crust. Second third brought out that meringue flavor. Still having that dominant custard and pie crust flavor but that meringue came in to add to the cigar. Last third was more of the same but the light pie crust turned into a richer sugar cookie flavor. At various times I tasted something else. Maybe a hint of syrup or molasses. Can’t pinpoint it. Overall it was a very pleasing flavorful cigar. Light to just under medium. I’d be willing to guess that with some age more flavors will come out and it will be a totally different experience. But I really enjoyed it as a young cigar. I’ll probably end up purchasing a couple boxes. Some for the present some for aging. The only question I have left after this is when to smoke the QDO 54 that came with the Christmas Sampler. 92
  5. Something out of a Cheech and Chong movie. Cutting open a priceless cigar because they ran out of zig zags just to use the wrapper. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. A buddy of mine at work took a drive and went to Baja Mexico over the weekend for seafood a few weeks ago.
  7. Not trying to get political but the “defund the police” is a really poor choice of words to describe it. Its about cutting the budget of police which is usually the largest portion of a city budget and using some of that money to hire teams of social workers, emt’s, drug counselors etc to go out on 911 calls about homeless people and calls for mental health issues. It frees up cops to respond to actual police work and also allows trained professionals to address the other stuff that commonly gets called into 911. It’s not about getting rid of police. Just a little clarification.
  8. Two boxes of Montecristo #2’s with two very different wrappers. Will be an interesting comparison
  9. Montecristo Media Coronas with 3 years on them from 24/24.
  10. Gilligans island Addams family Munsters mcgyver airwolf Different strokes

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