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  1. I have a whynter one. And after seasoning it was all over the place. Once I put cigars in it stabilized and only needed slight changes ex. Adding water to HF beads.
  2. Spending some time camping in a RV on the beach near Santa Barbara, California for my birthday. Listening to some reggae music. Life is good. Smoking a Siglo VI & a Coronas Claro.
  3. A Nov 18 QDO Coronas Claro to celebrate being born on November 18. First one from the box. Finally broke the seal. Cant wait forever to smoke one. Once again enjoying this from next to my campfire at the beach near Santa Barbara California.
  4. Cohiba Siglo VI. MOL May 2020 sitting at the campsite at a beach in California for my birthday.
  5. I’ve been avoiding this place for the last few months. Haven’t been able to smoke and didn’t want to be tempted to buy what I might not be around to smoke. In August of this year I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room because I was projectile vomiting large amounts of blood. Ended up staying in ICU for ten days with no food or water. Turns out it was an esophageal tear. Almost completely gone. The doctor cauterized it and I stayed in the hospital to see if held. If not they’d have to go in through an artery in my leg to cauterize it from there. After being released from hospital I could only eat soft foods. A week after release was told I had 90% chance of kidney cancer. A week after that it was confirmed. Had surgery about three weeks ago to remove the mass. Doctor thinks he got everything. Three weeks after surgery, I was the best man at my nephews wedding. Had my first cigar, a RASCC that was from the month and year he met his wife purchased on FOH auctions at my nephews wedding. Again thank you FOH. So grateful to be able to fulfill my duties and supply the wedding with the meaningful cigars. Fast forward to today almost 4 weeks after surgery on my birthday weekend l am camping at the beach with my fiancé and daughter. This time I’m smoking a Siglo VI I got from the Christmas sampler last year. It bounced around customs in Los Angeles. Went around the world back to Australia three time’s. Each time FOH repackaged and sent it back. Thank you FOH. By the time customs released it, it was slightly banged up. No fault of FOH. As I smoke this cigar I can’t help but think of myself. A little banged up put through the ringer with a few new scars and battle wounds. But still ticking. This cigar is wonderful. And a testament to everything life can throw at us and still come out strong. Though I am not completely out of the woods as I await my six month scan to confirm they got everything. This is the happiest and most positive I’ve felt in the last three months. Spending time with the two most important people in my life down at the beach. Doing the things I used to do. Albeit a little slower as I recover. Having a great cigar I’ve never had the pleasure of smoking before was just a bonus. Maybe I’ll be able to acquire a Behike to celebrate my clean scan in five months. Thank you to FOH for allowing me to smoke this magnificent cigar as a celebration of still being around and more importantly living. Hold your loved ones close, never take life for granted and make sure you try and smoke the best you can afford when you get the chance.
  6. I used to hate the dentist as a kid. He was a rough dentist and I only remember putting novacaine the numbing gel on me. No shots. There was two chairs in the room with a kid in each one that he alternated between. This was 30 years or so ago. The rest of the kids waiting were seated in kids chairs along the wall watching the two kids cry and get worked on. Not the best technique for keeping us calm for sure. I still remember staring at the cat clock with moving eyes and tail. Finally went to another dentist and night and day difference. Technique is way better and his personality and calm demeanor go along way. He explains what he’s going to do and puts you at ease. I used to hate it. But now I actually semi enjoy getting my teeth cleaned. It also helps that his hygienists are all women in their 20-30’s. ??‍♂️
  7. Maybe the “missing” cigars will end up on BondRoberts?
  8. Siglo iii for the third World Championship for the Dodgers in my lifetime. I know it’s just baseball and there’s so many more important things going on right now. But thinking about all the fun games I’ve gone to since the 80’s with my dad, grandpa, and nino right now, man. After being a season ticket holder and watching a heart crushing game 7 by the cheating Astros it feels good to see Kershaw get his and bring a championship to Los Angeles.
  9. I know I see his blemished units and think to myself they are perfect and most people without OCD wouldn’t notice. And the discount is awesome. I live a few minutes away from the events. Once this thing passes I might go to one.
  10. My PLPC the flavors were muddled and less defined in the wet cigar. I’d like to do another test with the same cigar. I think it might work better with a stronger young cigar to help mellow it out.
  11. I don’t have one. But I really like the look of the Project Carbon one. So clean. And his seconds on his site which are so minor make me really appreciate the attention to detail and quality control. My next purchase is a PC case.
  12. Por Larranaga Petite Corona Dry Started with some cookie with a hint of caramel. Not yet the caramel sticks yet since it’s so young. But getting burnt sugar and some lemongrass flavor as well. Get a little pepper toward the second half of 2/3. The pepper compliments the other flavors not overpowering like many NC’s. Look forward to these in years to come. Por Larranaga Petite Corona Wet ran it under the faucet with regular tap water. Started off bitter and metallic. I’m guessing it’s the tap water or maybe in my head. It was difficult getting solid draws in the beginning. It started tunneling. And the burn was super wonky. Thinking it might’ve been the water. After feeling the cigar a bit it seems loose in the middle and tight toward the last third. Now I’m thinking that’s the real reason. Overall I got mostly the same flavors. The burnt sugar, the cookie and light caramel sweetness. The flavors seemed muted a bit and the flavors kind rolled into one rather than each popping out. The pepper started off a little earlier than the dry one. thoughts. I think I would like to try this one again with two new PLPC’s. This time checking for two good specimens to compare. I feel like the construction issue hurt the second one. the flavors on the new one were slightly smoother albeit except for that bitterness and metallic flavor in the beginning of the wet one. Might have to try with bottled water next time. My hunch is the water would help smooth out a young PLPC and that a PLPC is the ideal cigar for this. *photos are from the wet one as the dry one was an ordinary burn
  13. Pretty anti social anyway so I smoke at home in the garage. I’m in Southern California so I usually have to wait until it cools down in the evening year round. There’s a lounge about a 5 minute stroll down the street and I’ve never been.
  14. Is it really a defect or a variation of a natural crop? Unless there’s a pattern of harsh taste between same cigars or something less I’d chalk it up to just being a natural product and environmental conditions.
  15. I still curse like a sailor. My 4 year old daughter said “fook man” when my fiancé was telling her to get off the iPad and come to bed. It’s cute because their is no school right now. But I told her not to say that again and laughed as soon as she left the room. #1 Dad.
  16. Does he still get “everything” for 100$? Or just a handy?
  17. I think the first thing I’d look for is the stamped numbers. If it’s perfectly lined up it’s fake since they are stamped by hand and supposed to be uneven.

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