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  1. Gilligans island Addams family Munsters mcgyver airwolf Different strokes
  2. Is the humidity stable throughout or does it vary from shelf to shelf?
  3. I’ve had a quite a lot like that recently. Where they open up after a perfecdraw but get plugged again mid smoke. 2018 boxes.
  4. Or buying too much on 24/24 and having to survive on ham sandwiches like a hobo.
  5. Depending on the age of the box/stickers and how “good” they were put on, I was able to peel off the labels pretty good with no blow dryer on a box I got in Mexico. I was semi careful. I didn’t bother being careful too much and it came out pretty good. Just wanted the awful mouth cancer photos pasted all over the box gone.
  6. I’m still new but prefer to buy boxes. The ocd in me prefers to have box code dates for tracking and storage. I figure if i don’t enjoy them I hope I’ll like them with age. If not those can be my give away to non smoker friends. I don’t purchase great numbers so it’s not as bad money wise.
  7. I’ve tried but would rather enjoy the cigar experience than devote my energy into weird smoking angles and ash. My longest ashes are done natural.
  8. When’s the court date and what are the allegations against you? I don’t have to put on a monkey suit for once every couple years. I’m good with a pair of Clark’s as well.
  9. I haven’t watched it yet but it’s on my list. Thats kinda the whole point. To take a break from what’s going on. Normally people might catch a movie to escape reality for two hours. Here people get to watch one of the greatest to ever play. For some it might jog some memories of a simpler time in their childhood. For others it might be to find out about the guy that makes their shoes. We can’t watch the news all the time.
  10. Also if you can get a hold of some fox farm soil it’s pretty good and you only need to add a little dolemite lime and some extra perlite along with regular nutrients.
  11. I tried one a couple months ago and it was the same. Mostly that earth and some burnt coffee grounds. What strains are you growing?
  12. I wonder how much of it is the old fear of communism from older politicians. How much is the continued punishment for not following the rules of “do what America wants you to do”. How much is a message to other countries specifically Latin American countries to accept US intervention, coups, and puppet dictators or this could happen to you? How much is no one wants to be the guy to appear soft and ease up on Cuba, though the opposite seems to be happening with North Korea. No one wants to admit the embargo didn’t work to overthrow the Cuban govt. How much is their needs to be a boogeyman close to home to stoke fear at home. And to be honest how much does Florida being a swing state that can win a presidential election have to do with it. Wanting that Cuban American vote in Florida that favors the hardline one issue vote. I just find it hard to believe Cuba is a serious threat to terrorism like other countries.
  13. What % bovedas are you using and how many? I find whatever I use it’s alway 5% below. Even using 20+ 60 gram bags. I’m in California and need it plugged in for high temps for year round.
  14. I had the WiFi 2 two packs in my cigar wineador. But it kept losing signal from the sensors. Despite being less that 10 feet away from the gateway. All gave me issues but a couple seemed to be alway offline. When they worked it was great. Offsite monitoring and graphs. But all to often I had issues. Spent the money and got the sensor push. So far only using Bluetooth. But working good. No need really for the WiFi at this point.
  15. Same thing I thought of reading this perhaps Pepe and his Little Mule could be of assistance.
  16. I’ve wondered the same thing. I don’t get many boxes in so I can afford the time to inspect each cigar for mold or beetle damage. As I usually smoke the damaged ones first. I’ve encountered mold on some and wipe them off and then place in tuppadore quarantine inside my humidor. After settling down I put them in original boxes. I keep those boxes easy to access so I can periodically check on them. Which hurts for the boxes I want to age as I’d rather put them in harder to get back of humidor spots to avoid temptation. But I’m curious to see what other more experienced smokers do and those with larger cabinets of aging stock.
  17. Two packages today. A box of Cohiba Corona Especiales (SOP DIC 19) and a prize pack for Word of the Week. An Upmann #2, Partagas Serie D #5, Montecristo Linea 1935 Maltes, and I believe a Montecristo Petit Edmundo. Thank you FOH.
  18. A R&J Petit Churchill from May 2016 from my daughters birth month after she fell asleep with me in bed. Sitting in the garage next to her old crib listening to the old Woody Guthrie baby songs I played when I was putting the crib together four years and some change ago. Even with everything going on in the world right now, today was damn near perfect. Thanks again to the BOTL and staff here for helping me get this box. Meant the world to me.
  19. Revisiting a Principe after a few more months. Flavor was okay but this one was seriously plugged. Will try again a few months.

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