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  1. Pretty hectic week! I haven't been able to relax, a break away to smoke a stogie in two weeks. Well I'm ending this week with Knob Creek 2001 Limited. This might call for a Luisitania.
  2. Warm up for today's 24/24? John J. Bowman single barrel. This is one of my ATFs
  3. Weller's Special Reserve. Just right for a mellow evening.
  4. I saw someone on FOH post about Five Farms Irish Cream. I found it and tried it and after I did I immediately tossed the Baileys. There's absolutely no comparison!
  5. 2019 bourbon release calendar, always apt to change https://www.breakingbourbon.com/release-calendar
  6. New bourbon releases begin in a few weeks. I have my wish list. The list below is supposedly the best bourbons in 2019. https://hiconsumption.com/best-bourbon-whiskey/
  7. This week I splurged... Padron Family Res 50 Years Padron Serie 1926 80 Years FFOX Little Fat MF Coffin FFOX 20th Oscuro Reseva D' Chateau Coffin
  8. I've been absent due to business travel for most of the summer and see I've missed many great topics, and many offerings on 24/24. Hopefully no more travel this year! My consolation to missing all the 24/24s is shopping for rare bourbons. When I travel, I'm always in these very small, remote towns. As a bourbon collector, I've found this is really the best way to find hard to find bourbons. And small liquor stores don't hike prices 10-fold. This trip I walked into a tiny store and they had three 1.75 liter bottles of Wellers Special Reserve, each at $45.00. I bought two, and will go back tomorrow to see if they received their weekly delivery, and hopefully they'll have Weller's Antique 107 ( I'm not greedy). Since many states will not shop liquor to DC or MD, I also managed to have Weller's 12yo shipped to my hotel. I'm curious what methods do other bourbon lovers use to get hard to find bottles?
  9. Greetings, Is there a thread here where members can post a wish list of CC they want to purchase or trade for? Is that allowed? I've looked around and not been able to find one. Thanks!!!
  10. Selected my stogies and spirits for this weekend. Non-Cubans (don't hold it against me) this time 😎. Ashton VSG, Padron 80th Anniversary and 1964 40th Anniversary Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Angels Envy Finished Rye and Jeffersons Groth Reserve Cask Finished.
  11. Ken I read your Michter's article on Quill & Pad. It is true Michter's is excellent! I have all of their bourbons except the 25yo. I have a cigar/whiskey tasting in October at Maryland Live casino. If you happen to be in in the USA 😁, specifically Maryland, itll be worth it. CIGARS AND WHISKEY PROVIDED
  12. I've seen a trend of younger cigar smokers over the last several years (18-25). This is good, however with these young smokers come bad habits! While at the Civil Lounge, a young group, which included a first time smoker were "teaching" the virgin how to smoke. I sat by, somewhat amused but had to rescue the poor kid when the leader told him to just take puffs until the cigar is gone.... Anyway, maybe an instructional video on proper cutting the different vitolas, cold draw, toasting the foot, lighting, and timing when to puff, etc.

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