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  1. Hello all, In addition to RASS, Coro, SD4 and Choix Supreme (I have quite a lot of already) just wanted to get input from folks about Robustos/ Hermosos size cigars that you feel are good "everyday" smokes but can also be put down for a long winter's nap (ie. 10+ years). I was looking at SLR Regios, Bolivar Royal Corona and R&J (or maybe another I've not mentioned)? Thanks to all!
  2. 2018 Maker's Mark Private Select (as selected by their tasting panel, Fall 2018). Second photo shows the wood stave combination they went with for the bottle.
  3. Would be curious to see a follow up review of the Cuaba Salomones for comparison. CM
  4. Hello all, As it's quite some time I thought a brief re-introduction would be good. I've been a member for a while but marriage, younger kids, work (and life in general) has understandably taken priority. I live in Ashland, VA just North of Richmond but my family all hail Kentucky (been a bourbon drinker well before it was trendy again to do so). Most weekends are spent chauffeuring family members around but I am getting to a point where things aren't necessarily slowing down but I'm finding a bit more time to enjoy a cigar and start planning a couple cigar/ "guys trip" with budd

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